Chapter 28 Part 2

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Li Luo only stiffly stayed still, as he allowed Qin Yu to clean him up for more than half an hour. Once he finished, Qin Yu once again carried Li Luo in his arms, and put him on the couch. He gently held a towel and started to dry Li Luo’s wet hair and body for him. Afterwards, Qin Yu got into the bathtub, and quickly took his bath. He only spent 10 minutes or so time to come back out. He picked Li Luo up and carried him back to the sleeping quarters. When they got inside, he placed Li Luo down on a soft couch that leaned against the wall. Afterwards, Qin Yu picked up a pair of pants for Li Luo and wanted to continue to help him put them on.

Li Luo decisively rejected Qin Yu this time. Just a moment ago, when Qin Yu cleaned up his body, he already wanted to do it himself, but unfortunately Qin Yu didn’t listen to him.

When he looked at Li Luo’s hands that were somewhat trembling, as he slowly put on his shirt and pants, Qin Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of disappointed look.

Of course, Li Luo didn’t see the disappointed look Qin Yu was making as he slightly lowered his head when he put on his clothes. During that period of time, he and Qin Yu did not speak even a word.

No matter what, he was older than Qin Yu and he personally raised him by himself, so he always considered him as a younger brother, nothing more. So, it was impossible for him to treat the person that he considered as brother before the same as a person he loved.

Li Luo’s brain was a mess. He didn’t know since when Qin Yu had such feelings for him.

Li Luo felt the past him was really silly, when he remembered how he and Qin Yu slept together in the same room. What’s more, he even helped him to masturbate. Li Luo had the urge to bite Qin Yu a few times as payment for making him very angry a moment ago, but he couldn’t do such a thing. Li Luo just wanted to cry out a loud “Aaaaa” for a few minutes to express his grief. At this moment he really hoped that he could reverse time, so he could go back to the past and strangle that dense him for not realizing even a bit.

Li Luo always thought Qin Yu was a straight man, as straight as pole. So, he didn’t mind the thing that he was doing with Qin Yu as he thought it was a normal thing. Li Luo truly had to kneel to his past self for how stupid he was.

As a result, at this moment he had to bear with this bitter outcome. All of this was because he had always thought that Qin Yu was a straight man. It never crossed his mind that— the original BG novel that he created would turned into a BL, and the straight protagonist that dominated above all would become bent! Moreover, the person that the protagonist loved was him. Hehe, so exhausted [bye-bye manual].

Qin Yu also knows that Li Luo at this moment still couldn’t accept the change of relationship between them. No matter what, now that he already had Li Luo, he wouldn’t let go, and he had never thought of letting go. Now that he had managed to get a taste of the sweetness of having what he wanted the most, he could no longer return to the past where he could only quench his thirst.

Qin Yu didn’t want to let the palace maids come in and see the appearance of Li Luo. Although those palace maids lowered her heads when they entered his sleeping quarters, and would not take a glance at anything except their work, but Qin Yu still don’t want other people to enter the room that belonged to him and Mucheng. Qin Yu personally pulled away the soiled quilt and sheets on the bed. Opening the door, he handed it over into the young taijian [1] who had been waiting outside the door, and then said, “Directly throw this away. Let the people who were holding the jars and basins serve in the morning ablutions come over. Don’t enter the room. Just knock on the door, Zhen will take it.”

“Yes.” That young taijian docilely agreed in a small voice. He didn’t look at the things in his hands, as he bowed his head and walked away.

After the two men inside finished their ablutions, Qin Yu ordered the palace maid to send over some porridge and soup. Qin Yu arranged a small table in front of Li Luo, and when the palace maid arrived with porridge and soup, Qin Yu took it from them and directly placed it on the table. Li Luo didn’t refuse, after all, his stomach was really hungry at this moment. He need to eat something to replenish his physical strength.

After the meal was finished, Li Luo put down his chopsticks. Li Luo felt his body was much better now, and then tried to find the robe to wear. During this period of time, Li Luo didn’t see Qin Yu give him even a glance. He really didn’t know what to say to Qin Yu, and now Qin Yu also didn’t speak to him.

Originally he thought that as long as Qin Yu became the emperor of Qin country, he would immediately enter the world stage and make an expedition to the seven countries, and then a few years later he would be able to go home. Who would have imagined this kind of thing would have happened, it was simply unacceptable to him.

He didn’t think that, as a straight man, he didn’t even kiss anyone of the opposite sex for his first kiss, and instead gave it to someone of the same sex, he even allowed him to have him.

Li Luo felt heartbreak!

With great difficulty Li Luo put on his clothes properly. In an awkward position he walked to the door and was in process to open it as he wanted to go out.

However Qin Yu immediately came forward and pulled Li Luo’s hand, “Mucheng, where do you want to go?”

Li Luo turned around and looked at Qin Yu, his expression became even more angry. He tightly gripped the hand that wasn’t being pulled by Qin Yu into a fist, and strike his fist to the side of Qin Yu’s face as it slammed into the door. Although he wouldn’t able to exert all his strength in his punch because of his aching body, but with his boxing technique, if it really hit Qin Yu’s face, it would certainly make his face immediately become blue.

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  1. Li Luo has every right to be angry, Qin Yu really should have waited and confessed to Li Luo first and made sure that their feelings are mutual before doing this

  2. Well, imposing your feelings on others without waiting for them to even digest them is never right, so he had that punch coming, well deserved…Gotta educate the kiddo!

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