Chapter 98 Part 2

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Among the misty green peaks, inside the dense mountain forest, three youths wearing the Clear Sky Sect’s disciples clothes were tracked down a fled deer spiritual beast in front of them.

They were Outer Sect disciples of the Clear Sky Sect, also considered to be outstanding talents elected from all over Tianyun Continent. However, compared with the Inner Sect disciples, who were at the top of the Clear Sky Sect, the treatment was much worse.

But it was not that they don’t have any chance to become an enviable Inner Sect disciples.

Besides, the Clear Sky Sect held the sect disciple selection for the entire Tianyun continent every ten years, and will conduct a trial of survival of the fittest every twenty years.

Even if the person was selected as an Inner Sect disciple because of his innate talent, if they do not perform well in the trial, they may be reduced to an Outer Sect disciple. Therefore, even if they were qualified to be Inner Sect disciples because of their outstanding aptitude, they were advised not to lower their guard just because they have entered the Inner Sect.

On the contrary, if the outside disciple can stand out from the big competition held inside the sect, they will be promoted as an Inner Sect disciple.

These three disciples were cousins who came out of a small clan in the Tianyun continent.

As the three of them were in the same family and were assigned to the same peak, their relationship were pretty good. Every time they come out to complete the tasks arranged by the sect, they were also accompanied by each other.

This time the three of them had completed their task, but found the trace of a deer spiritual beast on the way.

The crystal core of a deer spiritual beast was one of the main raw materials to make a Foundation Building pallet, and because their natural disposition were sensitive and alert, their traces were rarely found in the forest.

So when the three of them discovered this precious deer spiritual beast, their spirit immediately rose up. You know, the value of a deer spiritual beast can be exchanged to three Foundation Building pallets!

And they were exactly three people, and can divide the Foundation Building pallets evenly.

If they get the Foundation Building pallets, as they were now at the great circle late stage of Qi Refining, it was likely that they would be able to successfully breakthrough to Foundation Building stage. In this case, the chance of becoming Inner Sect disciples in the near future were larger.

The three of them, right away, decided to temporarily not go back to the Clear Sky Sect to hand over their task, and started hunting this precious deer which was worth of 120,000 points.

In the midst of their excitement, the three people did not discover that as they were chasing the traces of the deer spiritual beast in front of them, they have deviated far away from the range of Clear Sky Sect’s protection.

The figure of the slender deer was just like an elf jumping in the forest and it’s whole body seemed to be surrounded by a faint layer of mist, which was very dreamy and beautiful.

Although the three of them exerted all their own spiritual power, they were always a little bit farther from this deer. It was as if they were able to touch and grab this beautiful deer in front of them at any time, but in fact they could not catch up.

Just as the three of them chased the deer to a meadow with clusters of dense shrubs, the deer that had jumped in front of them, suddenly disappeared into the air.

The three people’s complexion changed immediately as they looked around with vigilance.

At the moment, even if the three of them were stupid, they could understand that the three of them had fallen into someone’s trap.

But the three of them were very modest and low-key, and they basically had never offended anyone. Who was this person in the end? The kind of person that would use this kind of method to lure the three of them to this place?

But they did not have time to think anymore as a slight breeze blew, carried an unknown light fragrance. This fragrance was faintly discernible, so if you don’t carefully sniffed it, you will not notice it. When the three men were reacted, it was already too late, and their eyes quickly closed as they collapsed softly to the ground.

After a while, at the original quiet space, a charming female voice sounded, “I also don’t know what the Lord was thinking. Making try to control the disciples of Clear Sky Sect, and carefully scout out the news inside the Clear Sky Sect.”

“We can’t guess the Lord’s instructions, we’ll just do it with all our hearts.”

On the meadow, two figures of a man and a woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The woman’s face was very beautiful and moving, every movement were able to charm the hearts of people. The man who stood next to her was wrapped in a black cloak, making people unable to see his appearance clearly.

When she heard the man’s words, the beautiful woman immediately stopped speaking about the subject. Then she smiled softly, and twisted her small waist, before walking gracefully to the three people who fell to the ground and had fallen asleep.

As the woman stood in front of the three youths wearing the Clear Sky Sect’s disciples clothes, she slowly raised her slender and fair hand. At the moment she raised her hand, and a few slender red silk threads appeared from her fingertips.

The woman squatted down, and slowly extended her slender hand with red threads to the three people…

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