The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Saint Magus 2.46


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

After hearing Sizel’s suggestion, Elvis swept his eyes around his surroundings. His pupils flashed with rays of light as he replied, “No need, we can rush out of this encirclement.”

Without a single glance to Sizel, he shouted to the back. “Everyone, use your fastest speed to rush out of range of this forest.”

Since their departure from Eda City, the group had already witnessed Elvis’ amazing strength. Few people hesitated when they heard his suggestion and thus, the entire group’s speed greatly increased. The demonic beasts that had originally hidden in the woods were soon revealed.

Elvis drew his sword and held it in his hand on one side. On the same side a demonic beast rushed to him with its large, bloody mouth opened wide. Without looking, Elvis brandished his sword and the sword qi, in the shape of a crescent moon, split the demonic beats into two and continued through the air until it had struck down three or four more demonic beasts that stood on the same line as the first one. Only then, had the attack power of the sword qi faded.

Since Elvis’ group had responded quickly, the demonic beasts were unable to surround this group of people. It only took half an hour for everyone to rush of this dense Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

The black clouds in the sky continued to gather and coalesce at a single point not too far away. The vortex that was originally the size of a small bowl had now grown to the size of an umbrella.

After everyone rushed out of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, a large expanse of lush grew meadows greeted the group. The meadows were surrounded by high, green mountains in the distance. However, a large group of demonic beasts had gathered in the meadow.

The vortex of black clouds hovered in the sky above the meadows. At this time, the group of demonic beasts stared at Elvis’ group as if they were predators staring at prey. In front of the demonic beasts, there were a dozen individuals wearing black cloaks that covered their whole body. From the cloak, a single skeleton hand could be seen uncovered, holding a magic staff that looked like a dry branch.

Li Luo looked at the humanoid creatures in black cloaks standing with the demonic beasts. These black robed creatures were surrounded by black mist and Li Luo immediately recognized them as the skeleton mages from the other world. Additionally, the thick black mask surrounding their bodies indicated that their rank was not low.

Apparently, even if they were able to achieve victory at this time, it wouldn’t be an easy one.

Elvis instructed Eli to stop and then jumped down to the meadow with Li Luo.

The mages and warriors who had followed the two were prepared for battle in an instant, ready to decide the outcome of a battle between them and creatures that were blocking their path.

Li Luo had no hesitation this time, and directly changed into beast form. Out of his oversized clothes, he flexed his sharp claws as cold light glinted off them.

In the next second, countless magical lights flew in the beautiful, vast meadow.

Elvis fought with three skeleton mages alone, Li Luo guarding his side against the demonic beasts that approached them.

The only Saint level mage was occupied by five skeleton mages and, by his side, two Saint level warriors continuously protected him.


It took more than three hours for Elvis and his group to defeat the majority of the skeleton mages and demonic beasts that had besieged them. Many wages and warrior had wounds all over their bodies, both large and small. Several people had fallen into a pool of blood.

At this time, the vortex of black clouds in the sky had grown to the size of a lake. An uncomfortable pressure emerged from the sky, accompanied by the sound of a low dragon cry.

Li Luo brandished his claws and cut off the head of a demonic beast before jumping to the ground and looking up at the sky. The huge whirlpool was rotating at increasingly fast speeds, forming a distorted black hole.

With in the black hole, two curved horns of a gigantic creature emerged and Li Luo immediately called out to Elvis.

Even without Li Luo’s call, Elvis had long noticed the unusual event. He kicked the magical beast beside him, the color of his dark blue eyes growing deeper and deeper until a faint layer of golden color could be seen to flash within.

The Saint level mage who was surrounded by two warriors had also noticed the unusual form emerging from the black hole. Before coming to this place, he and the other Saint Magic Instructor had discussed how they would deal with this situation and they had eventually decided to seal off the transmission array that would allow the demonic beast emperor to descend.

Although Elvis was the one who informed them about this matter and had outstanding innate talent, he was still considered to be too young. The Saint level mages did not include him in the plan.

With the majority of the demonic beasts wiped out, the Saint Magic Instructors had withdrawn and reconvened at the Saint level Mage’s side, lining up in formation. The Saint level mage was in the middle and he lifted up the magic staff in his hand and began to chant. The other people surrounded these mages to ensure that they were not disturbed by other things.

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