The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Saint Magus 2.26


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

By the time all of the disciples gathered, the more than ten mentors in the front who would accompany them in this first-time competition led the more than one thousand disciples to the huge teleportation array that had already been in the academy for a long time. This teleportation array was different from the previous magic array that transferred the disciples before, as it has a longer transmission distance and able to carry more people.

Because the location of the competition this time was in the city of another country, they had to take a few huge teleportation arrays, before they could reach the final destination.

The patterns of the magical symbols in the huge teleportation array were many in number and complicated, and very time consuming to make, as a result, the magical symbols that made up the teleportation array needed to be maintained every year by a mage.

Li Luo was sitting on Elvis’ shoulder, while the long tail behind him was slowly swaying, his amber cat pupils stared fixedly on Elvis, though through the corner of his eyes he occasionally glanced back and forth between Elvis and Chris for a while, before stretched out his paw, and “pa” slapped the side of Elvis’ face.

Chris that continuously took a peek at Elvis from the corner of her eyes: “……”

Elvis reached out his hand and held Li Luo’s small paw on his face, placed it in his palm and then gently rubbed it, [Don’t make trouble.] Although he was warning Li Luo though divine sense, the expression in his eyes was very gentle and soft.

Li Luo didn’t reply and just looked at him with his round cat pupils, before innocently letting out a “meow” sound.

The corner of Elvis’ lips was slightly raised, he took Li Luo from his shoulder, then placed him in his embrace and began to rub his head and his soft belly with his hand.

Li Luo instantly let out “meow meow meow” sounds, until he finally couldn’t stand it and bit Elvis’ finger a few times with his teeth, only then did Elvis stop “devastating” him, but he did not put him back to his shoulder, still holding him in his arms, Elvis began walking as his eyes continued to look straight ahead.

Li Luo who no longer felt spellbound was nesting quietly in Elvis’ arms, as they joined the others in entering the teleportation array.

The rays of light emitted by this teleportation array were more intense than all the teleportation arrays that Li Luo and Elvis had ever seen, the light that was formed directly became a beam of light before it rushed straight into the sky.

However, due to the long-distance transmission, the time that was used was also much longer than the previous short distance teleportation array. Li Luo felt as if he was wandering inside a sea of lights, and he had become a part of these lights.

This was a very wonderful feeling, he couldn’t feel that he was within Elvis’ bosom, he even couldn’t feel himself, it was as if he was losing all of his senses, and the only thing that could be felt were these rays of light that were all over the place.

This wonderful feeling lasted for ten minutes before Li Luo once again felt the temperature of Elvis’ embrace. Then, in the next moment, he instantly felt Elvis’ hold had tightened up a lot, and took a while before it began to loosen.

After the beam of light that wrapped the teleportation array disappeared, all of the people inside gradually left the range of the teleportation array. However, Elvis was still standing still and did not move, only after a long time passed, Li Luo heard Elvis say in his mind, “Let’s go.”

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    1. Yes, seems like even though ML didn’t remember his past live, his body still remember the fear he felt when Li Luo disappeared~ that heartbreaking scene

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