The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Saint Magus 2.41

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Elvis narrowed his eyes and the color of his pupils changed into dark blue, as he looked deeply at the smiling Li Luo who stood before his own eyes.

Seeing the person who he was worried about really appeared in front of him, even though the rational in his mind reminded him that what he saw now was just an illusion. But even so, Elvis still couldn’t control himself, his mind was also didn’t know why began somewhat muddle-headed, and felt his heart was just like being stabbed by knife as it started to felt very hurt.

This kind of pain was as if his bones were being pulled out inch by inch from his body, and his blood vessels were peeled off little by little, painful until to the depths of his soul.

Elvis felt the sight in the front of him started to blur, what he didn’t know was that his dark blue eyes didn’t know when it had begun to glow with a faint red light, which looked very scary.

As Elvis’ contracted beast, Li Luo clearly felt the sudden change of Elvis’ emotions at this moment. He couldn’t help but looked anxiously toward Elvis who was hung his head low not far away and the expression in his face couldn’t see clearly.

How was this the same thing?

Why was Elvis now, although seemed to be very quiet, but his whole body apparently to be surrounded by pain and madness, and Elvis’ emotions seemed even more unable to suppress than before.

Li Luo blinked once before looked unblinkingly at Elvis, he placed his palms on the transparent barrier in front of him, as he watching Elvis’ trembling figure, before his hands could not help but squeezing tightly, so tight until his knuckles were begin turned white.

Elvis knelt down quietly on the ground, then suddenly raised his face again, those pair of incomparable strange pupils were clearly reflected in Li Luo’s eyes, “If you really leave me, then this world doesn’t have any meaning to me, since it was the case, so what if it was completely destroyed?”

Hey, wait, wait a minute!

This scene and the script seemed a bit different!

Li Luo was so stunned when he saw that kind of Elvis’ blackening appearance, he completely couldn’t understand why Elvis suddenly became like this.

But after hearing Elvis’ words, Li Luo suddenly frozen.

Did Elvis become like this because of himself? But how does Elvis know that he would eventually leave this world?

Li Luo looked at those dark red eyes of Elvis, with dark blue strange pupils in the middle of it. Even though his face looked very calm, but gave off a very dangerous feeling, Li Luo could not help but felt his mouth a bit dry, and his heart also slightly stuffed.

In the last world, after he leaved Qin Yu, he must be like Elvis at the moment, completely blackening can’t be saved.

However, the current him was different from the him at the previous world.

In the previous world, he could not stand Qin Yu’s imprisoned, and he did not realize his feelings, thus he wanted to quickly leave Qin Yu.

But in this world, he has different feelings toward Elvis, therefore he was willing to be together with Elvis, and there was no trace of rejection when Elvis doing those intimate thing to him.

After he completed the task of this world, Li Luo didn’t want to separate from Elvis and leave this world. He wants to live with Elvis until Elvis was old.

However, he did not knew how to explain his origins to Elvis. He did not think that Elvis had long been aware that something was wrong with him, and only never asked him.

Li Luo looked at the red color that gradually invaded Elvis’ pupils, and right away felt very anxious. He can’t let Elvis continuously go on like this, it would be really bad if he didn’t stopped it.

Li Luo didn’t want to let Elvis in life-threatening situation, if that kind of thing really happened, he would definitely felt regret. And looked at Elvis’ situation now, it was very bad, he must make Elvis wake up from the illusion.

After Li Luo made up his mind, he immediately sank into his consciousness, opened the shopping center and browsing the items on its surface at the fastest speed.

At the moment, the progress bar of this world’s task already reached 72%, thus he has two chances to purchase the items.

Because Li Luo had been looked through all the items in the shopping center when he do the purchase before, so this time Li Luo only took a little time to find the item that he need at the moment.

Then, Li Luo used the fastest speed to purchase this item from the shopping center.

When Li Luo opened his eyes, he had a dagger that looked very simple and unadorned in his hand.

The front and back sides of the dagger’s handle were decorated with a red and blue gemstone that seemed to shine brilliantly.

And this dagger, according to the introduction of the items in the shopping center, able to break open any magic arrays, included the barrier that have defensive function.

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