Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 84.1

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Chapter 84.1 — The black gift 

Edited by: Larkspur

All good things must come to an end as did the happy breakfast. Since Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran had to work, they planned on leaving only to be stopped by Mother Su.

“Jiran needs to shoot scenes. It’s understandable that he won’t have time, but your company has Kang Zhong and Mingyang. It’s ok if you don’t go for a day. Stay at home and accompany Nuo Nuo. He likes you, always taking secret glances at you. Don’t act cold and scare him. Don’t you know that you have to treat kids gently?” Mother Su pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand, not letting her go.

Su Yanyi sure was busy but not to the point where she had no choice but to report to the company every day. It’s fine if she didn’t go a day or two.

Su Yanyi looked at Su Yanmo who was in the far distance talking to little Su Nuo. She thought about it before she said, “Hm.”

This nephew who’d suddenly appeared in her life, Su Yanyi liked him still. She should be accompanying her nephew.

“I only have two scenes to shoot this morning and I’ll return when I’m done.” Although he couldn’t bear to leave, it’s too late to change his schedule so he would have to finish shooting his scenes before coming back. Playing with Yanyi and his nephew would’ve been more delightful than shooting scenes.


Mother and Father Su all had something to do and Grandfather Su went back to the base after saying goodbye to his great-grandson. Only the siblings and a clever bun remained in the house.

“Brother, take Nuo Nuo out to play.” After sitting in the house for a while, the three were a bit bored.

Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo had never taken care of a kid, though Su Yanmo had taken care of a young Su Yanyi. But they were similar in age so the feeling was different. It was a bit difficult to play with a child now, but thankfully Su Nuo was obedient and wouldn’t nag or annoy the adults to play with them. As long as they gave him toys, he could happily play by himself.

Little Nuo Nuo wasn’t actually restraining himself but it was rather a habit. His mother, naturally, had to go out to work in order to raise him. Although there was a babysitter to look after him, he played by himself most of the time. Whilst playing, he didn’t take the initiative to play with other people anymore because he knew that no one would want to play with him. Later on, he found out that Mother hadn’t played with him for a long time because she was busy with work so that she could earn money to take care of him. Therefore, little Su Nuo felt better.

But no matter how good a child was, he would want to play outside. Hearing Su Yanyi, little Su Nuo immediately raised his head and looked eagerly at Su Yanmo.

“Where are we going to play?” Naturally, Su Yanmo wouldn’t reject him. The only reason why he was here was just so he could accompany his son longer.

At the question, Su Yanyi’s head began to hurt. Where would they go play? How would she know? She’s not a child! But she couldn’t take little Su Nuo to shoot!

“Where do you want to play?” Su Yanyi asked, not to Su Yanmo but Su Nuo who looked eagerly at her.

Su Nuo’s eyes brightened and looked at his father, noticing that his father seemed to be waiting for his response too. He thought seriously before his expression changed. He seemed to have thought of something, but he quickly hesitated.

He inquired weakly, “Can we go anywhere?”

This was obviously impossible! But Su Yanyi thought that there should be no problem with the place the little bun wanted to go to, so she nodded her head. Likewise, Su Yanmo did too.

“I, I want to go to an amusement park.” Little Su Nuo was a bit embarrassed, saying it in a whisper. He’d wanted to go to an amusement park for a long time now. The parents of his classmates in kindergarten would always take them to play. Every time he heard about this, he would be envious, but he never told his mother of his wish. He knew that Mother was busy so when Aunty asked, he immediately thought of this wish. He had no idea whether Aunty and Father would be willing to take him.

Little Su Nuo secretly glanced at Aunty and Father’s reactions before he lowered his head feeling miserable. They were expressionless and truthfully, he couldn’t tell what they’re thinking about.

“Then, let’s go.” Su Yanyi patted little Su Nuo’s head. How could she reject him after seeing the little child’s eager but nervous look? Su Yanmo naturally had no opinions.

Su Yanmo drove while Su Yanyi sat in the back with little Su Nuo. The trio headed for the amusement park. Although it was winter, there were still many people at the amusement park. After the three walked in once they bought the tickets, they attracted quite a many gazes.

“Wow, the family of three look so similar!” A person with sharp eyes and a simple mind said, looking at the man and woman who brought a child to the amusement park. If not a person with a simple mind, then what were they?! They’re obviously siblings, ok!

Ok, in reality, everyone had ordinary minds. Once this Aunt finished saying her words, numerous people nodded their heads in approval immediately. They seemed to be agreeing with her words.

These tourists and staff weren’t trying to hide anything and because they spoke loudly, the three naturally heard. They thought it was funny, especially looking at her brother’s displeased face which clearly matched hers. Of course, the little bun who looked on eagerly but pursed his lips calmly had quite a resemblance to Su Family. Especially when her brother was young and carried himself like a little adult.

“They’re pretty alike but I feel like they look familiar and that I’ve seen them before.” A girl in her early twenties had a questioning look as she observed Su Yanyi.

At her words, the other boys and girls who came with her immediately sent a careful glance her way. A girl instantly shrieked, “Ah! Ah! Isn’t that my idol? Queen, Queen ah! Heaven ah, I am actually seeing the Queen in the amusement park. What is this, a joke?! Could it be an amusement park from another dimension? Did I walk the wrong path?!”

This girl was clearly uttering nonsense out of sheer excitement. She pointed at Su Yanyi in disbelief.

At the same time, because of her shriek and action, Su Yanyi and the duo attracted more gazes. Many people began to recognize Su Yanyi.

This was Su Yanyi’s mistake. Of course, she didn’t have an apprehension to being a star but didn’t think that she would be recognized wherever she went. Since she wasn’t with Qin Jiran, she didn’t overly dress. All she did, before heading to the amusement park, was wearing a casual scarf which slightly covered her chin. So, it wasn’t an accident that she was recognized.

“It’s really Queen Su but why isn’t Film Emperor Qin by her side? Who is that man? Who is he! How can he stand by Queen Su’s side? This doesn’t make sense!” A fan complained! It was a beautiful scene before that had instantly turned inharmonious.

“Yes, why isn’t she with Film Emperor Qin? And that kid? What does he have to do with Queen Su? Could there really be a problem with the relationship…” This fan was really worried. She was clearly Film Emperor and the Queen’s fan, who’s hoping that nothing happened between the two. Their moods would definitely be ruined.

“You guys are so stupid. Look how similar the man looks to Queen Su. They must be siblings. Don’t you know of the Elder Master within the Su Family? I heard that he’s a powerful figure. Who knew we would meet him here?” This was a calm fan who voiced reason. She knew a lot and revealed the two’s relationships right then. This calmed the surrounding fans down.

“He’s probably the rumored Mr. Su. I saw the news about him in the newspaper and I heard that he was going to marry the Eldest Daughter of the Wang Family. But they divorced not long ago. If I’m not wrong, this kid should be his. Could it be that he had an illegitimate child, so he divorced?” Compared to the previous fan, this one clearly knew more and was better in analyzing the situation. She could become a detective.

Su Yanyi watched as the nosy fans actually analyzed the situation and got most of it right. She wasn’t angry but she held onto little Su Nuo’s hand. She asked, “Scared?”

They were partially surrounded and normally, children would be afraid. So, Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo stood on either side, protecting him.

Little Su Nuo naturally detected the different gazes and they seemed directed towards him, discussing him, Aunty and Father. This was the first time little Su Nuo experienced this and he was a bit uncomfortable. Though, he stood straight and didn’t plan on retreating.

Mother said that boys had to be brave and couldn’t be scared of other people’s gazes and comments. Even if everyone knew that he didn’t have a father, he couldn’t be scared. Not only did he have a father now, but he also had a Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle. So many people liked him, so why should he be scared?

So little Su Nuo straightened his back and shook his head firmly, “Nuo Nuo isn’t afraid. Father and Aunty are here!”

Su Yanyi looked at little Su Nuo in approval. She also thanked the woman who gave birth to little Su Nuo for his brother. No matter the reason, after all, Su Family had obtained such a cute and smart child, with good manners. She should say thank you.

The three didn’t bother with the attention anymore. Although the fans were enthusiastic, they knew the limit and didn’t move too close to disturb them. They looked from a distance and secretly took a few pictures. Of course, there were also some who politely asked if they could take pictures. Although Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo didn’t like this, they knew there was no point in rejecting it. Even if they wouldn’t agree to it, they would leak the pictures. So, they generously allowed them to do as they wished.

In an era where the technology was extremely advanced, within the first ten minutes that people recognized Su Yanyi, tens and even hundreds of messages appeared everywhere on the internet. Especially on famous forums. There were pictures of the family of three from different angles. Oh, Father, Aunt, and Child. This could be considered as a family of three.

Quickly, fans and users from all sorts of places had all sorts of responses. Under Film Emperor Qin’s Weibo, the fans had dominated the comment section.

Qin-Sama, where are you? Searching for Qin-Sama! Why is the man by Queen’s side not Qin-Sama? Even if it’s the brother, he shouldn’t be here. We want to see Qin-Sama!

Although the Queen, Queen’s brother, and the little bun are cute together, why do I think that it’s missing something? Now that I think about it, I found the reason. The Film Emperor is actually not here. How can this be! Film Emperor, please come back! Where did you go?

I can’t believe I couldn’t find the Film Emperor in the picture. Did he not go? Quickly go! The Queen is about to be stolen!

Sigh, I’m so upset that I can’t see the Film Emperor, so I decided to photoshop a Film Emperor onto there. Does he look similar?

While they said this, they uploaded a picture because their wish wasn’t granted.

While under Su Yanyi’s Weibo, everyone was crying!

Queen, how can you abandon the Film Emperor and go to an amusement park by yourself? This isn’t reasonable. (Notice: I purposefully used the phrase ‘yourself’ humph!)

This fan, don’t you think you’re a bit too proud?

The little bun and the Queen are so similar. I’m looking forward to when the Queen would give birth to such an adorable little bun.

Why isn’t the Film Emperor Qin in there? Why is there no Film Emperor Qin?! I really want to cry…Wahhh…

Queen, if the Film Emperor doesn’t appear, I will keep crying…

Begging for the Film Emperor’s appearance!

Ri: I’m going to be doing 1-2x a week for releases since school is starting pretty soon (where did the summer go? *sobs*) and I’m planning to split each chapter into 4 parts after chap 84. Reason being the raws had increased from 9-12k Chinese characters ;-;


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