Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 85.2

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Chapter 85.2 — Change and Check 

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“Don’t you know? Haven’t you seen a picture of the two on the internet? Major forums and websites have been sharing the pictures. According to the rate of forwarding of some pictures, it’s been over ten million times.” Said an actress from Resplendent. Although she wasn’t as famous as Fang Ling’er, she was about to become a B-lister.

“How can you believe things on the internet? Don’t you know what hyping the audience up means in our industry?” An actress who was enjoying the show clearly didn’t believe that Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s relationship was real or that they had a pretty good relationship.

“Humph. President Su isn’t fond of hyping the audience. You think that there is a necessity for her to do that based on her and Qin Jiran’s statuses and reputations?” Although Fang Ling’er was scared of Su Yanyi, in reality, she respected her a lot too. It was all because of Resplendent Entertainment’s training that helped her gain the position she was in right now. The company had fended off numerous people who had impure intentions towards her or those who wanted to suppress her. She was deeply indebted to the company and even though she’d reached this position today, she’d never thought of leaving Resplendent. She knew that there was no other company more suitable for her than the current.

Fang Ling’er admired Su Yanyi’s ability and power. This girl had started to manage the office when she wasn’t even 18. Soon after, she turned it into a leading industry. She understood and respected Su Yanyi more and more as the company progressed. That was something no one could understand. Therefore, when someone wanted to accuse Su Yanyi, she had stood up for her in the first moments.

“Yes. Please be careful of your words. If some news were to spread out, it might not have a good influence. President Su might not want to hear about it either.” Mo Tianjun threatened as well. Of course, it wasn’t really a threat but a warning instead.

It couldn’t help but be said that to the actors of Resplendent’s their company gave off a feeling of home. This wasn’t just because Resplendent had given them a better treatment and better growth prospects, but also because Resplendent had helped and cultivated many of them. Many of the celebrated Film Emperors/Empresses or Music Queens/Kings were groomed right from when they debuted. Then, under the company’s protection, they began to thrive and mature. This is why they had the accomplishments they had today.

Although people would fight within the company, if there was a common enemy outside, everyone cooperated with each other. This created a great camaraderie within the company.

The actress realized that she had said too much. She glared at everyone angrily before she hurriedly left this small group.

“If President Su were to hear this, she’d probably not be able to stay in the entertainment circle anymore.” Mo Tianjin stared at the person’s rear view and said in exaggeration.

“President Su isn’t that petty. It’s not like she is afraid of someone talking about her.” Yet, Fang Ling’er smiled. President Su had powerful means and methods yet would never spend time arguing with an insignificant figure.

They casually chatted for a bit and it was almost time for the event to begin. The celebratory banquet was official starting.

Kang Zhong, who was the main planner had invited a new, young and vivacious woman to be the host. He also invited the Elder Brother from Long Media to be the co-host. The two of them echoed one another and hyped up the atmosphere.

At this time, Kang Zhong contacted Su Yanyi. He said, “President Su, the celebratory banquet is starting. You should come down now.”

“Hm, in five minutes.”

Su Yanyi hung up and looked at Qin Jiran who was waiting for her on one side. She picked up a small box and faintly said, “Let’s go.”

In under five minutes, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran arrived at the banquet lounge. When the person in charge of welcoming, a staff within Resplendent’s Public Relations Department, spotted the President and Film Emperor Qin, he immediately welcomed them. He brought the two into the VIP lounge room and directly to the back-left corner of the banquet lounge. Kang Zhong was already waiting there. From this angle, they could see two-thirds of the lounge. They could basically view the whole scene from here.

“President Su, the seat is ready. Let me bring you over.”

Because Su Yanyi usually kept a low-profile, the celebratory banquet didn’t set a program for Su Yanyi to talk. Though, they reserved her a spot. It was the table at the very center that was decorated with a golden tablecloth. Qin Jiran’s spot was next to hers.

When Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi sat down, they naturally attracted many people’s attention. The reporters who were able to attend the banquet kept pressing the buttons on the cameras, taking pictures of the two of them together.

The celebratory banquet’s programs went by quickly. The hosts didn’t say too much and there weren’t too complicated programs. Rewards were given one after the other. It wasn’t like those typical awards ceremonies. It felt much more casual. After all, it was just rewards given to the people in the company. Although the process was simple, the rewards were practical. It ranged from money to vacations and from houses to race cars. It varied based on each person’s status and progress. There were other sorts of rewards too that brought happiness to everyone. Those who were able to bag a reward on stage all left with a satisfied look. Based on this, the company’s rewards had more benefits than actual awards ceremonies.

People further on bagged much more precious rewards. In the end, it was time to give the Best Actor Award.

“The Best Actor Award this year in Resplendent Entertainment goes to Film Emperor Qin — Qin Jiran. At the same time, not only did he receive the Starlight Best Male Actor Award, but also the best male actor to bag the Starlight Best Male Actor Award with the youngest debut time. Now, let’s welcome Resplendent Entertainment’s President, President Su Yanyi to give away the reward to our Film Emperor.”

When the host was done, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi both stood up and looked at each other. Then, they walked to the stage in mutual understanding and stood in front of everyone.

The host passed the microphones to the two and asked, “Film Emperor Qin, can you tell us how you feel after receiving this award?”

“I am very honored and happy.” Qin Jiran naturally wouldn’t reject but he answered it simply. Although it was just a short six words, it was enough to express his emotions right now. He was really happy but not because he was able to receive just any award, but rather because he could stand along with Su Yanyi here.

“Then President Su, is there anything you want to say since you’re standing here with Film Emperor Qin and you will be awarding him Resplendent Entertainment’s annual Best Actor Award?”

“Continue to work hard. I am looking forward to Jiran being on the awards stage numerous times in the future.” When Su Yanyi said this, she looked seriously at Qin Jiran. What she said right now contained her expectation of Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and nodded his head filmly. He shifted the microphone but said to Su Yanyi in a soft voice. “I will.”

If this was Su Yanyi’s expectation of him, he would do his best to meet it!

“Heh, should I say the man sings and the woman follows, or the woman sings and the man follows? President Su and Film Emperor Qin’s personalities are well-suited to each other. They even talk in simplistic words. It makes it seem like I am talking too much. Now, I’m going to stop talking nonsense and delaying everyone’s time. Let’s welcome President Su in rewarding Film Emperor Qin now.” The host teased the two a bit but didn’t dare to say much. Even if he didn’t say anything, everyone was familiar with the duo’s cold and indifferent personas.

When the host said this, everyone’s attention shifted to the reward. They were eager to see what Queen Su’s reward would be.

A few women and men who had romantic personalities couldn’t help but think that the reward would be a kiss. That way, they could also enjoy the scene.

Su Yanyi calmly delivered the box in her hands to Qin Jiran. She’d finished making that yesterday. Just in case, she even placed this in the system’s storage, fearing that someone might see it.

Qin Jiran calmly took it from her hands, but his eyes were clearly filled with excitement and happiness. This was because Kang Zhong had revealed to him that Su Yanyi had personally made this for him. When he thought of this, he treasured the gift in his hand even more.

“It’s such an exquisite box. What would be inside? Let our Film Emperor Qin open it and take a look, ok?” The host found a suitable time to interrupt the two. In reality, this was also a part of the program. After all, there was no such thing as keeping the reward a secret when this was a celebratory banquet for the people.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi, asking her through his eyes. He felt that he should open it too. His fingers were on the two sides of the box and about to open the box. He was curious what the gift was too.

But in the next moment, there was a pair of slender hands on the box which covered the lid of the box.

“Take a look when you’re home.” Even though Su Yanyi didn’t speak through the microphone, everyone heard her cold and chilly voice. Then, voices of disappointment rang.

“President Su, you don’t need to keep it such a secret. Unless you’re using this opportunity to give Film Emperor Qin a gift of love?” There were some who wanted to watch a show and were brave enough to start shouting.

“Right, President Su. We know of everyone’s rewards so there’s no need in keeping Film Emperor Qin’s reward a secret. No matter what it is, we won’t be jealous!”

“President Su, just let us take a look. We won’t tell anyone else!”

More and more people were creating a nuisance. Yet, Su Yanyi remained unmoving. She didn’t have the intention of giving in at all!

Nonsense! How could she change her mind? If other people found out that she’d gifted Qin Jiran underwear, where would her face go? She wouldn’t need to come out and mingle around in the future then!

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