Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 88.2

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Chapter 88.2 — Sending Gifts Again

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 Right, it really did look nice. The white scarf made Su Yanyi’s snow white skin appear pure and elegant. Qin Jiran thought that his taste was pretty good.

In the next half an hour, Qin jiran and Su Yanyi began to open the gifts. Clothes, pants, shoes, bags, and pieces of jewelry, were all gifts that Qin Jiran had gotten Su Yanyi during Christmas. There were a total of about 30 something gifts he had gotten for her. He had used this chance to give her all the gifts.

Su Yanyi was pretty much pleased with majority of the gifts. Qin Jiran had a great taste and it suited hers as well. Although she disliked a portion of it, knowing that Qin Jiran had prepared this for her, she wasn’t that picky about it.

The last gift was a platinum bracelet in a simple style. A few broken pieces of diamonds were embellished on top. Su Yanyi thought it looked nice.

“Put it on for me.” Su Yanyi placed the bracelet in Qin Jiran’s hands and held her wrist.

Qin Jiran was a little clumsy since he never had to deal with these things. He observed it for a while before he understood and helped Su Yanyi put it on in all seriousness.

Su Yanyi shook her wrist and thought it was ok. In reality, she didn’t really like accessories and rarely wore jewelry. But she occasionally wore bracelets. It felt good.

“Is it pretty?” Su Yanyi asked.

“Pretty.” How could it not be pretty when he had carefully selected it and her snow-white wrist carried the delicate bracelet?

Su Yanyi thought it was beautiful as well. She looked at the bracelet and suddenly had a pretty good idea. Didn’t she need to personally make gifts for Qin Jiran? She could give him some accessories and stuff. Although diamond bracelets weren’t suitable for men, she could still make rings or jade accessories for him.

Once she thought of this, Su Yanyi was excited. She glanced at Qin Jiran’s fingers, unsure if measuring with her hands would be accurate.

Qin Jiran noticed Su Yanyi’s gaze and laughed. He reached over and hugged Su Yanyi. “What are you thinking about?” he asked, curiously.

“I’m thinking about the gifts.” Su Yanyi didn’t hide it from him but didn’t go into the details either. She naturally needed to keep it a surprise.

The gifts were giving Qin Jiran a headache too. But he wondered why, suddenly, Yanyi was enjoying giving him gifts.

“Yanyi, why did you suddenly decide to give me gifts?” Yanyi wasn’t like this in the past. She never prepared any gifts, even for Christmas.

Su Yanyi blinked her eyes and felt it was rather difficult to explain. So, she chose to explain half-heartedly “You’ll know in the future.”

In the future, again? Qin Jiran raised his eyebrows. His belief that Yanyi had some secrets that she was keeping from him, strengthened. Yet, he didn’t dwell on it. He liked and loved her, but he didn’t want to control her. Naturally, it was best if he knew what was going on, but it wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t either. As long as the two of them could be happy forever, so what if they had secrets?

It was a few days since the couple had moved back to the Su Residence now. Both were used to this and even the small golden turtle liked the new home. There were many places that it could stroll off to and it had made two new friends. One was the little bun, Su Nuo, and the other was the little white tiger, Little White. The three would always play together and the small golden turtle loved Little White’s head the most. One could always see Little White carrying the small golden turtle around the Su Residence.

Today, Su Yanyi went to her company while Qin Jiran to the set. Everything seemed normal but sudden news alarmed the two.

Old man Qin, Qin Enci was on his deathbed and under critical care. But there wasn’t much hope and the Qin Family had already started to prepare for the funeral and such. They had all rushed to the hospital and one of them was the lawyer who had made the will for the old man.

Su Yanyi had ordered people to pay close attention to old man Qin already. So, she received the news in the first moments. At the same time, she informed Qin Jiran who remained unperturbed.

“I know. We need to prepare as well.” The moment the old man Qin died; the whole Qin Family would be in chaos. At that time, the Qin Family might not have time to cause trouble for him but it’s always better to guard against. What if the Qin Family was stupid enough to drag him into this muddy water? Don’t blame him for being ruthless then.

Although time was a bit tight and he had limited power, with Yanyi and Su Family’s assistance, the information he had gathered on the Wangs and Qins was no less. As long as the two families made some movements, they would receive the news first-hand. The acquisition of the Wang Family had achieved some considerable results.

“It’s all ready. Those who dared to offend you, I will definitely make them regret!” Su Yanyi’s voice was cold and murderous.

“Yanyi, thank you!” Thank you for being a protector and always protecting me!

“As long as you won’t feel bad.” In reality, if it wasn’t because Qin Jiran was related to them and old man Qin and her own grandfather had some relations, she would’ve handled the Qin Family already. After all, they would only cause trouble for Qin Jiran. Su Yanyi believed that the Qin Family, certainly, wouldn’t let Qin Jiran go. As long as Qin Jiran was still of some use to him, these people would rush over like dog skin plaster!

“I won’t. They have nothing to do with me. Why would I feel bad?” Qin Jiran’s voice was icy as well. He wasn’t someone that would return good for evil. From an orphan to the current him, who knew where he would’ve been buried, had he had a soft heart? How could he have today’s accomplishments?

His heart had been very cold since a long time ago. Only Yanyi could see his weakness.

“Then good.” When the conversation ended, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran started to contact their confidants. They simultaneously upped the surveillance on the Qins and Wangs. The Wang Family had been restless as well. They used various underhanded means to dig people from the Resplendent Entertainment over to their side. Recently, they had even had their eyes on the Su Company and Long Media. They were basically seeking for death.

However, there was something within the Wang Family that was unexpected. Wang Zhirou had actually found a business partner that could reluctantly count as support for their Wang Family. It was an old man who was shy of fifty and wanted to recognize her as an adopted daughter. Yet, it was unclear on the type of ‘adopted daughter’. Based on Su Yanyi’s subordinate’s report, they seemed to be in an ambiguous relationship. On the surface, the Su Family had to be careful of this old man’s status. But in reality, the Su Family didn’t care. Instead, this was another piece of information that she could use against the Wang Family!

Four hours after Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran had received news of old man Qin, he finally couldn’t escape the death call and died in the emergency care. At the same time, the Qin Family started the most violent and intense internal battle. They didn’t even care that outsiders were watching them which came as a shock to the public.

The lawyer had announced the content of the will in front of old man Qin’s mortal remains while still at the hospital. Old man Qin held 70% of the Qin Company’s shares and he had three sons. Who knew how old man Qin had considered this? The first son, Qin Zhenren obtained 30% of the shares while the second and third son both obtained 20% of the shares. The main power in the Qin Company temporarily belonged to Qin Zhenren. Although he held only 30% of the shares, he was still the biggest shareholder in the Qin Company. But whether he could retain his position depended on his capabilities and methods.

Besides the shares, old man Qin wasn’t overly biased. He had divided his cash and immovable properties equally among his second and third son, as well as grandsons and granddaughters. Everyone had gotten something. Yet, this was expected, if only to an extent. No one had mentioned Qin Jiran, so he clearly didn’t get anything.

When old man Qin was in a critical condition, he had wished to see Qin Jiran and had even mentioned giving him some of his inheritance. Clearly, he had wanted to comfort Qin Jiran and have the Qin Family collaborate against him and the Su Family. Old man Qin had worked hard to achieve his goals but at the same time, he was sneaky and deceitful. The moment Qin Jiran was moved by his offer, he would have become the common enemy within the Qin Family and the inheritance he received would only serve as a burden.

But after seeing Qin Jiran, old man Qin had decidedly changed his mind again. Towards the two younger generations who didn’t know what’s good for them and were too stubborn, which made him feel the presence of danger, he didn’t want to leave them any inheritance at all. He even told everyone to be careful of the Sus and the Wangs and other top families. Business was like the battlefield. They must not let outsiders get in between their internal problems and must guard against people taking advantage of the situation.

The old man had said a lot in his will, it was the epitome of blood and tears. It was also the last exhortation to the younger generations. That was an old man’s treachery and ruthlessness and an elder’s affection and kindness.



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