Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 — Favoring the Beauty More

After saying their piece and effectively leaving the reporters flabbergasted, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran withdrew from the conference room.

Following their departure, the reporters snapped to attention and sent their minds into overdrive, coming up with all kinds of headlines to help introduce everything they’d just learned. It went without saying who the main leads would be this time.

The two in question, however, was perfectly unconcerned about what the reporters were cooking up—or, rather, it would be more accurate to say that Su Yanyi alone had her concerns focused elsewhere.

“Why aren’t you happy?” she suddenly asked. The pair had left together and was walking with no specific destination in mind. Qin Jiran really didn’t know what to think anymore, but he reacted quickly nonetheless. Recently Su Yanyi had been acting so weird, he was almost used to it.

“That’s not it.” If anything, he was feeling a bit fed up—not with Su Yanyi, but with how persistent the media was. Unfortunately, he was a public figure, so it was inevitable.

“Then are you happy?” Su Yanyi tried asking in a different way, seemingly intent on prying a certain answer from him.

“… I, should I be?” Qin Jiran asked confusedly as unease crept onto his face.

Su Yanyi blinked, looking at him with something that resembled a glare. Then, she took a sudden step towards him and asked, “You’re asking me if you’re happy or not?”

The two were standing so close that Qin Jiran could smell the unique and refreshing scent wafting from her body. It swept him up in a dilemma; he wanted to get closer, but he also wanted to step back.

“Yanyi, what’s wrong?”

“You should smile when you’re happy. Expressionlessness is a type of illness!”

Faced with such a dull reaction from Qin Jiran, Su Yanyi became visibly ruffled. She’d already exerted so much effort to hold a press conference and was also so forthright when she disclosed their relationship to the public, but why was he still not smiling?

Instead, his expression contained some indifference, as if there wasn’t anything worth being happy about!

The more she thought about it, the more annoyed and disappointed she became. At this moment, her apathetic eyes were becoming unusually fierce. They lit up with a breathtaking radiance.

Qin Jiran, who had just been called “ill,” didn’t notice the insult; he was too busy being held spellbound by her eyes. He couldn’t free himself from them, even if he wanted to.

Yanyi is really beautiful, more so her disposition than her looks. Devastatingly beautiful, overwhelmingly beautiful, matchless, and one-of-a-kind. Just a single glance is enough for her to take over my mind.

“Yanyi…” he murmured, still stuck in a complete trance. Frowning, Su Yanyi wondered why her heartbeat suddenly quickened. She looked at him skeptically, thinking that he was really difficult to understand.

For one, he seemed to struggle with knowing when to smile, and now, he was reacting to her calling him “ill” with such an odd expression. Could it be that he really was ill?

When she thought about how the man had assumed that she was ill, she couldn’t help but think that in comparison, he was iller.

The only thing they were in tacit understanding about was probably how they were both “ill.” Aside from that… they’d have trouble with just writing the words “tacit understanding.”

Every time they spoke, it was like a duck trying to talk with a chicken, causing anyone listening in to feel genuinely concerned.

Kang Zhong coughed. “President Su, Mr. Qin, perhaps it would be better to talk inside of the office? There are many people here.”

The assistant had been playing invisible from the start, but seeing the couple in this state, he couldn’t help but interrupt. Of course, he couldn’t help but want to laugh more. Why was he suddenly thinking that his President and Mr. President were both stupid?

Where did the overbearing President go? What about the cool and handsome Film Emperor? Were all couples this low in IQ? Then would walking with them lower his IQ too? This was too dangerous!

Kang Zhong’s voice naturally drew the couple’s attention. Su Yanyi tossed him a disapproving look. He responded with an apologetic smile and retreated back a step. Nonetheless, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were kindly reminded that there were other people walking in the hallway they were in. Some had gathered to watch the fun. She swept a glance over them and immediately sent them fleeing.

Beside her, Qin Jiran was still in his reverie. She felt that he should be happy, but he wasn’t thinking along the same lines as her. To him, the press conference had been nothing but a response to the scandal. It was work.

Nominally, him and Su Yanyi’s marriage relationship had been recognized, but in reality, he didn’t feel like anything had changed. So, there was hardly anything for him to be happy about.

Su Yanyi, who had failed to earn points, was filled with bitterness. However, when she returned home that night and saw the full course meal waiting for her… as if by magic, her displeasure instantly vanished.

Fine, having food to make up for the lack of points wasn’t bad. It was great, actually. She was indeed a bit hungry.

Seeing her expression relax, Qin Jiran was able to confirm that sure enough, what she liked was his culinary skills!

Then, as he observed her graceful movements, paired with her wolfish eating speed, he couldn’t help but laugh.

This side of her was too cute.

She was stuffing her face with food when she heard the System beep.

Congratulations on accomplishing the task once!

+1 Point.

Progress: 4/10

Please continue working hard!

This feeling of deja vu left her distressed. How come every time, he would laugh while she was eating? Were her eating habits that amusing to him? Did that mean she would be able to upgrade after having a few more meals?

Although being able to get an upgrade made her happy, she felt dejected about the process. However, the method to make Qin Jiran smile was just too unusual, she couldn’t do anything about it!

Qin Jiran, are you aware that you show your appreciation in unusual ways?

“Is the way I eat really funny?” she asked slowly, feeling complicated.

“…” A face full of doubt and confusion was the response she got from Qin Jiran.

Did he laugh?

“Tomorrow, let’s eat together.” For the sake of completing her mission, she sighed in her heart and decided to accept her fate.

“Okay!” He decided to do research on recipes tonight, and then sign up for cooking classes tomorrow.

In order to allow Su Yanyi to eat better, be healthier, and accompany him more for meals, he would withdraw from the entertainment world and pitch himself into the culinary world if he had to.

That night, Qin Jiran completely neglected his script and spent three to four hours researching about all kinds of foods online. Then, he made two phone calls to set up cooking sessions. It seemed that he was seriously intent on switching his career!

There was a saying that went: Favor the country but favor the beauty more. Back then, Qin Jiran entered the entertainment circle to pursue Su Yanyi. He was still the same now. For Su Yanyi, there was nothing he wouldn’t do—including switching careers.

If she liked it, and if it could earn him some of her affections, he would do anything.

VIN: You know, they’d better have a deep ass backstory, because I’m starting to feel a bit doubtful about his insane devotion…

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