Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 85.1

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Chapter 85.2 — Change and Check 

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It was the Resplendent Entertainment’s annual celebratory banquet. Although it was just an entertainment company hosting a celebration, it was something the entire entertainment circle couldn’t ignore because the invitees were not only Resplendent Entertainment’s actors and actresses but also the companies in different countries. It was the so-called dazzling and splendid day.

Banquets such as these usually have unwritten rules. The higher the status, the later the arrival. Simply put, this meant the A or B list celebs of the host company would arrive first while those from the other companies later. Of course, even before the stars descended, the ever-prepared reporters and fans from all over the country waited with bated breaths at the door. Thus, when the most splendid and dazzling moment arrived, they’d be able to capture the most interesting news.

When the banquet was about to start, the important people within the entertainment circle made their way over. They were all sorts of Film Emperors/Empresses who had received numerous awards and the Music Queens/Kings. Whenever a celeb stepped out of the car, it would cause an uproar. Then, several reporters tugged and pulled one another just to take pictures. It was quite a bustling and crowded scene.

Resplendent Entertainment was well used to these types of happenings and in order to accommodate the reporters, the red carpet had been extended. Therefore, celebrities could comfortably flaunt and garner attention. Resplendent Entertainment’s actors would also walk the same red carpet. Although this was Resplendent Entertainment’s celebratory banquet, many people referred to it as ‘walking the red carpet’. Who let there be more guests here than at the actual award ceremonies?

However, not everyone was willing to walk this red carpet. At least, Su Yanyi didn’t join the crowd. But Qin Jiran walked the red carpet. It wasn’t because he was willing to join the crowd but because he wasn’t already at his office. He had to rush over from the set, stepping up the pace of the filming so that it could be released around the Spring Festival. Ever since Christmas, the whole team had started to work overtime and he, as the male lead and director, got busier.

Despite the rush to come over, Qin Jiran was still the brightest existence; his imposing aura even more evident in the black suit he wore. As he walked over, there was thunderous applause. Reporters who had been interviewing others, all hurried over; taking all sorts of pictures of Qin Jiran, not being stingy in the least.

Though Qin Jiran never stopped walking, he expressionlessly passed through the layers of barriers and straight into the building. Many reporters were disheartened by his action and felt that the Film Emperor wasn’t giving them face. But, so what if he didn’t give them face? As long as they’re still a part of the news media, they couldn’t do anything to Qin Jiran. They couldn’t offend the numerous people who supported him from behind the scenes.

“Did you hear? Someone bought Tiansheng Media.” When the reporters had leisure time, they gathered to chat.

“Why are you bringing this up suddenly? I heard just a bit, but it probably isn’t true. After all, Tiangsheng Media is a powerful company too. How can someone just buy the company so easily?” Another reporter shared his doubts.

“Certainly, there’s a reason why I am mentioning this. You guys know of the Film Emperor who just walked in, right? I heard that he was the one who bought the company.” The reporter who had approached the subject pointed mysteriously at Resplendent Entertainment’s door. It felt like he knew of an unknown secret.

But in reality, if a reporter knew about this too, then it wasn’t a secret really. At least, to those who were well-informed, it wasn’t a secret.

The fact that the event had advanced to this point had nothing to do with Qin Jiran’s side leaking the information. It was because there was no need for concealing it. Although buying Wang Media wasn’t successful, the Wang Family did suffer a lot from this. Qin Jiran had obtained more than half of Tiangsheng’s shares to become the largest shareholder in the company. This also cut off one of the Wang Family’s support in the media world. But the Su Family and the Wang Family had kept the news under wraps, so not everyone knew about it.

The Su Family didn’t feel the necessity to publicize the news It was only a small accomplishment and still a long way from their final goal. The Su Family felt that it wasn’t time for Qin Jiran to be unveiled since he was still in the entertainment circle. When he really planned on entering the business world, it would be more suitable to announce it then.

On the other hand, the Wang Family had lost a lot of faces. So, they naturally didn’t want to announce the news. But how could they really press the news down? News still reached the public.

As more and more reporters joined in, Qin Jiran arrived at Su Yanyi’s office. She was waiting for him.

Resplendent Entertainment’s annual banquet was in the company’s banquet room. The hall which was enough for thousands of people was now filled with guests. Even though it was winter, the guests wore less and less than the previous person that entered. Many wore evening dresses that revealed their shoulders and backs. They were really competing against one another in showing off. It was a dazzling sight. For men, though they dressed much more reserved than women, they weren’t lacking in an imposing manner.

In the banquet lounge, groups of people gathered together. The dozens of round tables in the front were reserved for a select few elites. Ordinary stars sat at the back and those without invitations could only stand at the side. After all, too many people were here.

Of course, people didn’t come to just stand here. The majority came to expand their network and to experience an event like this. Besides the numerous actors, there were many famous directors and screenwriters. Several company representatives and investors were in attendance too. All they needed to do was find one or two people who took an interest in them and perhaps they’d land a spot in the next movie!

Time passed by slowly and only a few minutes were left before the event started. Although many people were still chatting, they would take a look around from time to time. They seemed to be looking for something and some curious people even asked their friends.

“Ling’er, the fact that you’re not paying attention to me is upsetting me. Which handsome guy are you thinking of? Tell me.” A handsome man pretended to look bitter and sad. The person who he was teasing was Fang Ling’er, Resplendent Entertainment’s Film Empress.

“Tianjun, you’ve guessed correctly this time. I am thinking of a handsome man and he’s extremely handsome!” Fang Ling’er was someone who could take a joke. Not only did she not explain, but she also admitted to it calmly. Her serious look even made Mo Tiangjun curious.

Mo Tianjun was a contracted singer in Resplendent Entertainment. He was abroad for advanced studies and only just came back. Because he was famous for his love songs, many fans called him the ‘King of Love Songs.’

“Which handsome guy has captured our Ling’er’s heart?” Tianjun didn’t know that Fang Ling’er had a boyfriend, so he really thought that she was interested in someone.

“Well, I’m not necessarily interested. That handsome man isn’t someone I can casually be interested in.” When Fang Ling’er heard his reply, she immediately retorted while feigning fear.

This made Tianjun smile.

“What’s the reason?” Mo Tianjun asked.

“Because he has a Queen. Just a glare from the Queen is very terrifying. If I were to really take an interest in him, I’d probably have to bid goodbye to the entertainment circle.” Although Fang Ling’er spoke casually, she was actually being serious because this was the truth.

“The Queen? This is similar to a person I know. Are you actually talking about her?” Mo Tianjun stiffened and asked in suspicion. He clearly respected that Queen in his mind a lot.

“It must be her. Besides President Su, who dares to call herself the Queen?” Yet, Fang Ling’er nodded her head seriously and gave Mo Tianjun a definite answer.

“I heard of President Su and Brother Qin being together. Who knew that they would actually get married? After I heard that, I thought it was a joke at first but they openly admitted to this later on. It really scared me then.” Mo Tianjun recalled his reaction when he’s abroad and thought it was funny.

“When I first heard the news, I thought they were joking too. Have you seen two cold people dating? But not only did they openly admit this, later on, I thought the two were a great match. You haven’t seen how the two get along. Heh, they’ll blind your eyes!” When Fang Ling’er said this, she scrunched her nose and seemed to think back to the situation. She was really jealous and wanted PDA with her boyfriend.
But due to her status, it’s better if she didn’t make her relationship public. Otherwise, it would influence her career. This was why she was jealous of Qin Jiran who was able to face the public so calmly. But this was also because Qin Jiran had married Su Yanyi. That woman was valiant to the point no one could be jealous of her. Because she was with Qin Jiran, anyone with eyes would never say that she wasn’t a match for Qin Jiran. This was also the reason why many of Qin Jiran’s fans were at a loss for words.

“The way they get along? Have you seen the two of them? How are they?” Mo Tianjun was curious by the moment. It wasn’t just him but also the few others nearby who were listening to the two speak. Many were Resplendent’s actors, but some were from other companies. Therefore, everyone was interested in what was going to happen next.

There were too many people interested in Qin Jiran, the Film Emperor, and Su Yanyi, the entertainment circle’s Queen’s relationship. Although the two had announced it, no one knew their story. Because no one knew, it increased the urge of finding out!

“Film Emperor Qin and I are starring in a film together. President Su visits him and brings food sometimes. Although I couldn’t see through her expression, she looks at Film Emperor Qin differently. Whenever the two looked at each other … how do I describe this? Oh, it was like they understood each other even without words. They stared at each other, full of emotions. One could tell that they are in love.” Fang Ling’er was vivid with her words and after her description, everyone revealed a look of understanding. But they looked at Fang Ling’er with doubt thereafter.

“Um, is what you’re saying true? Don’t exaggerate that much. We’re not shooting scenes here!” An actor who joined the crowd looked at her, clearly in disbelief.


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