Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 86.1

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Chapter 86.1 — Becoming Stupider

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Becoming Stupider

As Qin Jiran moved his fingers, the strap securing the robe slowly fell down, revealing the seductive bronze chest.

Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened at the sight and glued on right to the view. Qin Jiran started to feel warm while his eyes turned darker.

“Yanyi, if you keep looking at me like this, I can’t control myself.” Qin Jiran was yet to take off his robe but had revealed half his body. Feeling Su Yanyi’s overly fervent gaze, he finally couldn’t control himself and walked a few steps over, slowly making his way to Yanyi.

“Can’t control yourself? Are you…threatening me?” Su Yanyi didn’t move at all but slightly raised her eyebrows, seemingly attempting to provoke him.

“Clearly not. I’m just stating the truth.” Su Yanyi’s gaze on him was like a blaze, easily igniting him.

By the time he finished speaking, Qin Jiran’s standing right in front of Su Yanyi. While she was still startled, he pushed her down and started to wantonly kiss her!

He really couldn’t control himself!

From the start, this kiss was a bit frantic and lacking the normal gentleness and delicateness from before. Yet, this made Su Yanyi feel more passionate and moved. Her emotions stirred, heart, thumped rapidly, she turned muddled.

She wrapped her hands around the man’s neck and immersed herself in the kiss all the more. Her passionate response made him even more excited. His hands slowly moved around Su Yanyi’s body.

Right now, she was wearing loose cotton pajamas. His movements quickly messed up her clothes, revealing beautiful skin around her neck. Qin Jiran was dazzled by the sight and couldn’t help but change the place he was kissing. He landed numerous soft kisses on her neck.

The intimate action quickly aroused Qin Jiran. His whole body was burning and although Su Yanyi was a bit befuddled, she sensed his change as well. She slightly squinted her eyes and there was a tint of hesitation in them.

Su Yanyi wasn’t a little girl who knew nothing of the world. She understood what would happen if she didn’t stop him right now, which was why she hesitated. Despite her hesitation, Su Yanyi didn’t have the heart to deny him. Instead, she indulged herself in the pleasure Qin Jiran was giving her.

She liked this man! She didn’t reject what this man was doing to her either! They were lawfully wedded couple! Most importantly, she’d chosen to be with this man forever!

Then, wasn’t it normal for them to do the deed? If Qin Jiran wasn’t overly cautious and careful, lacked a noble’s bearings or was unyielding, they might’ve done the deed already. Even if she wasn’t certain that she loved this man during that time, she probably wouldn’t reject him still. Not to mention, their relationship had developed to the point where she was certain of her feelings for the man. Why would she reject him now?

But, just because Yanyi didn’t reject this didn’t mean that the situation would progress. Qin Jiran was extremely good at controlling his feelings. Moreover, alongside his love for Su Yanyi, he respected her as well. No matter his lack of control, he wouldn’t really do anything to hurt Su Yanyi.

So, at the very end, Qin Jiran suddenly rolled off of Su Yanyi and laid on the side of the bed. His chest was rapidly heaving up and down as though he was trying to control himself.

Su Yanyi slowly sat up and looked at him with a complicated gaze. And yet, she too felt helpless.

“I thought my answer was obvious enough.” Su Yanyi said in a hoarse voice. She didn’t reject him which meant she’d consented to what was to follow. Who knew that this man would still stop in the end?

Qin Jiran’s gaze was complicated as well; his pent-up desire clearly visible in his eyes. Yet, reasoning had taken precedence. Likewise, he said hoarsely, “Now is not the time. Let’s wait a bit.”

From the start to the end, he never wanted Yanyi’s body. He was eager for Yanyi’s love. Although his whole body had been desiring to take Yanyi, reasoning told him that now was not the right time. Their relationship hadn’t reached that level. He needed to wait some more!

Qin Jiran believed that their relationship had yet to the level; not because of his love for her, but because Yanyi didn’t feel the same about him.

Although Qin Jiran could feel that Su Yanyi liked him and was slowly progressing to loving him, it was still in the budding phase. The two hadn’t really been together for a long time. They were like couples who’d just gotten together. Although they had feelings for one another, they needed to be together for a while before considering intimacy.

It’s not that Qin Jiran was old-fashioned or because he didn’t want to. His desire to take her had almost drowned all his reasoning but he’d controlled himself in the end. It was all because he held onto this relationship and hoped that Yanyi would truly and deeply love him before they took the most intimate step. Until such time, he absolutely didn’t want Yanyi to feel forced. In addition, he didn’t want this relationship to seem casual or be treated disrespectfully!

“Then, wait until when?”

For a split second, Su Yanyi was angry. She had gotten herself to this point and this man still wanted to wait? Was she lacking in charm? In this moment, even though Su Yanyi was well aware of this man’s feelings for her, she was still angry.

“Until you say that you love me!” As long as one persisted on something, one would have courage. Right now, Qin Jiran was determined and stubborn, with a hue of dominance.

“You want to hear me confess?” Su Yanyi’s voice changed to a dangerous note. She was a bit angry at Qin Jiran’s probing. He had actually said that to her, as though he was threatening her. It was a strange feeling.

“I naturally want to but I hope that you will voluntarily and truthfully say this to me. Yanyi, no matter how long I have to wait, I will wait!” I will wait until you love me just like how I love you!

“How do you know that I don’t love you now?” Su Yanyi’s tone had changed again. Although she wasn’t angry now, she was still a bit miffed.

“Then do you love me now?” Qin Jiran stared into Su Yanyi’s eyes seriously. In contrast to Su Yanyi’s ire, Qin Jiran appeared calm. Yet, if someone were to look carefully, they would notice a tinge of unease and yearning hidden deep within his eyes.

This wasn’t the first time Qin Jiran had asked something similar to Su Yanyi. But he had no idea if her answer would still be the same.

Still, Su Yanyi was hesitant for a split second. If he’d asked her if she liked him, it was certain that she did. But love…

That split second of hesitation didn’t escape Qin Jiran. He was disappointed in his heart but concealed it on the surface. Instead, he smiled warmly and softly kissed the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips. In an indulging tone, he said, “Since you’re not sure, you don’t need to answer. Yanyi, no need to rush. Really. Let’s keep it slow. I believe that one day, you will tell me.”

Even though Qin Jiran was disappointed, he was filled with hope as well. Yanyi didn’t answer immediately. Although her demeanour was that of refusal, it was also a solemn and prudent one. Yanyi was pondering over their relationship and as long as she had the heart to willingly treat their feelings with seriousness, Qin Jiran was extremely happy!

Although he wished for more, he wasn’t really that greedy. Every time he gleaned a bit, it was enough to make him happy. The process of gleaning was a sweet journey in itself. It was filled with happiness and zeal for the future.

“What if you can’t wait for me to say it in the end?” Seeing such a determined and confident Qin Jiran, Su Yanyi couldn’t resist dealing him a blow.

Although Qin Jiran wasn’t beaten down by this, he looked gently at Su Yanyi. “If you won’t say it to me in the end, it means that I haven’t done a good job. Then I will try my best to be better. Then, keep on waiting… keep on waiting…”

“Keep on waiting? For your whole life?”

Su Yanyi was quite satisfied with his, ‘If you won’t say it to me in the end, it means that I haven’t done a good job’ . This man was always so dumb. He was like this even in the past-life and was still the same in this life. If she didn’t love him, he would blame it on himself.

“Hm, the whole life!” A persistent Qin Jiran nodded his head.

“Qin Jiran, have I told you this before?” A glimpse of a smile appeared on Su Yanyi’s face as she inquired.

“Told me what?”

“You’re becoming stupider.” Even so, she liked him even more. Perhaps at this moment, she even felt that she loved him. Although she didn’t love him deeply, she loved him seriously and genuinely. Besides, the love would last for a long time.

“Am I stupid? I think it’s worth it.” Qin Jiran didn’t argue over it because he could tell that Yanyi didn’t mean that he was bad.

Qin Jiran pulled Su Yanyi into his arms while he leaned against the headboard. The two were entangled, the atmosphere turned warm and he said in an extremely soft voice. “Yanyi, I’m stupid only for you. Stupid for my whole life.”

Su Yanyi suddenly had the impulse to cry because of how warm his words were. Her eyes turned slightly red. Just how much did this man love her to do this?

Su Yanyi would forever feel deeply indebted. However, when she spoke, she changed the topic. She asked, “Jiran…”

“What’s the matter?” Qin Jiran instinctively asked when he realized she had something to say.

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