Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 — Date

“Where are we going?” Su Yanyi asked after a while on the road.

“We’re going to eat first, is that okay with you?” Qin Jiran had taken great pains to plan out the date, and a meal was that he had decided to start it off with. After all, in his eyes, Su Yanyi was a complete foodie.

As expected, her eyes lit up at the mention of food, but then she hesitated.

“I prefer your cooking,” she said seriously.

As the only daughter of the Su family, what kind of delicacies hadn’t she tasted? But her favorite dishes were the ones cooked by Qin Jiran. Maybe it was because her rebirth had changed her tastes, or maybe he was just a really good cook, but every time she ate his food, she would feel like the serving was too small. As a matter of fact, she felt that she had gained some weight recently.

Her words filled Qin Jiran’s smile with warmth and satisfaction.

“Don’t worry, you’ll know when we get there,” he said happily, even more convinced that Zhang Minghui was unreliable. Clearly, he, Qin Jiran, was the most knowledgeable about what Su Yanyi liked and disliked. So, he decided to stop relying on other people for advice.

The two chatted as he drove, and soon, they arrived at their destination: a very well-known seaside restaurant that offered a variety of seafood. The place was unique in that the cooking was completely manual; as in, the customers could cook for themselves.

When Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran entered, they saw that they weren’t the first ones to arrive.

Qin Jiran had to put on a hat that covered up most of his face. Fortunately, the restaurant was spacious and sectioned off into a number of different areas, and the area that Qin Jiran had reserved was the most inconspicuous one. As long as they could finish getting all the food and drinks they wanted in one go, no one would notice them.

The atmosphere was good, and they wouldn’t attract the attention of others. Of course, the most important thing was that they could do the cooking themselves. That was why Qin Jiran chose this restaurant.

Su Yanyi was visibly satisfied with the arrangement. As she walked around, enthusiastically picking out the things she wanted to eat, Qin Jiran followed behind her and helped carry the plates. The entire time, he wore a doting expression on his face.

He handled all of the other preparations while Su Yanyi sat there, watching the man busy about. The fact that he was doing these things for her warmed her heart and filled her with a sense of pride.

Look, she had chosen such an excellent man to be her partner. No wonder Wang Zhilin wanted him so desperately!

What a shame, Su Yanyi thought, that her previous self had failed to cherish him. In this life, however, she definitely wasn’t going to let him go. This man belonged to her, and no one was allowed to take him away.

When she thought of Wang Zhilin, Su Yanyi was reminded of the entire Wang family. Recently, they had been feeling rather good about themselves. Their cooperation with Old Master Qin was unsuccessful, but the fact that they were now acquainted with the Qin family gave the Wang family a fresh burst of arrogance.

However, this kind of arrogance wouldn’t last long. Although all of the dirt Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran had dug up on the Wang family wasn’t enough to crush them, but it was more than enough to get rid of one or two of the members. So, when the time came, who would the Wang family push out to be the scapegoat?

The Wang family often violated the law, but hardly any of the evidence pointed to a specific member. Therefore, as long as they push out a scapegoat, that one person would be charged guilty while the others would be safe. Temporarily, at least.

Of course, Su Yanyi didn’t care about that. After all, her intention was to slowly destroy the Wang family.

When she thought about the Wang family, her expression turned cold, and Qin Jiran noticed. He shot her a questioning look.

“The Wang family,” she said in response. That brought a frown to his face. Evidently, he was also very tired of the Wang family.

“Tomorrow is the class reunion. Wang Zhilin will most likely be there, and she’ll try to stir up trouble.” He hadn’t thought much of Wang Zhilin before, but ever since he found out that Yanyi hated her and the Wang family started to cause trouble for him, he would feel disgusted at even the mention of her name.

“She has a death wish,” Su Yanyi said bluntly.

Last time, her enemies had hidden themselves well, and a moment of carelessness on her part had led to her demise. However, this time her enemies were out in the open, which meant she could kill them whenever she wanted.

Her words were full of murderous intent and aggression, but for some reason, Qin Jiran found that very attractive. In his eyes, she was practically glowing.

It must be mentioned that her confident demeanor was exactly why he fell in love with her. It was as though she stood at the top of the world, so high up that everyone else could only submit to her.

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but reach out, gently grasp her delicate white fingers in his hand, and piously feather a kiss on her skin. He realized what he had done the instant he did it, but it was already too late.

After the kiss, he immediately retreated. His heart threatened to jump out of his chest, and when he looked at her, his eyes were filled with nervousness, worry, and hopefulness.

With their current relationship, could he assume that she would allow him to act on his desires and get closer to her, if even just a tiny bit? Bearing his years of unrequited love, his reverence, and all of his anticipation, he hoped that she wouldn’t reject his kiss.

“Was that okay?” he whispered.

Su Yanyi was somewhat surprised, but she didn’t feel the least bit disgusted. She simply raised an eyebrow, looked into his eyes, and with a slightly arrogant tone of voice, she said: “Of course.”

Since she had decided to stay with this man and agreed to let him into her world, give him her protection, and share her emotions with him, he naturally had all the rights to love her, care for her, and even touch her.

Meanwhile, Qin Jiran was feeling absolutely ecstatic. The beating of his heart was no longer due to nervousness, but to happiness. His hopes had not been let down.

Yanyi, if you answer like this, does that mean I can look forward to more, and that maybe, we can truly have a happy future together?

VIN: It’s a kiss, is it not? :)))

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