Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 103.3

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Chapter 103.3 — Fight Together

Edited by: Larkspur

When Yanyi was in combat, she was very brilliant and eye-catching. That belonged to Yanyi’s charm. He felt bad for her but at the same time, he would never do anything to restrain Yanyi’s choices. Instead, he chose to stay with Yanyi and let her do whatever she wished to. That was his dream and hope, as well as his love for her!


“No.” Su Yanyi responded positively. In reality, she didn’t like sparring that much. It was just a childhood habit that carried over as she grew up. But whenever she met her companions or old opponents, there was bound to be a spar. Therefore, it was impossible to stop sparring altogether!


But Su Yanyi had considered a lot of things. In the past, she would never change her thoughts for anyone. In reality, after this period of time, she had changed a lot of her decisions because of Qin Jiran. For example, she went to visit him in the village. In the past, she would’ve never done that or even cooked. In the past, how was she willing to cook? 


Although these were small things, it was a part of their daily lives. Now that she thought of this, these accumulations resulted in a shocking change. 


“Then let’s fight together in the future?” Even though he was rejected, Qin Jiran didn’t mind that much. He knew that she would’ve answered like this. 


“With your skills so far, it’s not enough.” Su Yanyi said this in distaste. Although Qin Jiran’s stamina and speed were ok, he was lacking in experience and diversity of moves. At most, he would end in a tie with Su Zhixin. If he wanted to fight with her, he needed to work harder!


“I will work hard and won’t let you lose face.” Qin Jiran promised.


“Well, let’s see.”


Qin Jiran laughed silently and focused on massaging. Su Yanyi was in pain but it also felt comfortable. Plus, she was a bit exhausted, so she gradually drifted into slumber. 


Once he noticed that she’s asleep, his movements turned gentler. He then laid by Yanyi’s side, brushed the strands of her hair to the side and looked at Su Yanyi’s sleeping face in an incomparably gentle gaze. As he looked at her, he too fell asleep. 


When Su Yanyi woke up, it was already afternoon and almost time for dinner. 


“You’re awake?” Qin Jiran slept lightly so when Yanyi moved, he also woke up. 


“Mhm, I’m a bit hungry.” Su Yanyi moved her body, her soreness was getting worse, but it hurt less. She was too lazy to move but her stomach was protesting in hunger. 


“Do you want to eat here? Or at home?” The moment she woke up, she wanted to eat. How come she acted more and more like a pig now? But how come she didn’t become chubby from eating all the food? He felt no sense of accomplishment at all. 


Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows and pondered. She wanted to eat right away but she also wanted to go home and eat. She was conflicted. 


As Qin Jiran watched her, he wanted to laugh. And he did! His deep voice was pleasant to the ears, the vibration making Su Yanyi who was laying on top of him, go up and down as well. 


She raised her eyebrows and said in a bit of a dangerous tone, “How come I think you’re teasing me?”


Qin Jiran’s laugh sounded even happier, he moved a bit, with  Su Yanyi still in his embrace. He then kissed her. 


In the end, the two decided to go home and eat. The Su Family’s elders had returned already, so they had to go back by themselves. But as they were walking, they saw Su Yun and the others on their way. Then, their way back included five more lightbulbs who forcibly joined. 


“We have been waiting for you guys. Seeing that we haven’t met in such a long time, we thought that sparring wouldn’t be enough. No matter what, we should gather together and have a meal. Right, Brother-in-Law?” The chirpy Su Yun said. 


Qin Jiran was driving so he didn’t say anything but laughed. 


“You guys even came up with an excuse to join us for food?” Su Yanyi said coldly, clearly not welcoming the lightbulbs. 


“I’m just doing this because I miss Elder Sister. It’s very difficult to even see you. What’s wrong with having a meal together? Elder Sister, you can’t be disliking us for disturbing you and Brother-in-Law’s time together, right?” Su Yun’s words always revolved around Qin Jiran, as though she wanted to interact with him some more. After all, she was quite curious. 


“You’re going to cook?” It was said to be simple. But since they’re following her home, weren’t they expecting her man to cook for them?!


“What? I’m cooking? Well, I dare to cook but will you guys dare to eat? Plus, aren’t there chefs in Su Family? Why would it be my turn to cook?” Su Yun laughed awkwardly. She was a noob in the kitchen. How would she know how to cook?


“Humph!” Su Yanyi coldly humped and didn’t bother explaining anything. If anything happened, she would have the chefs cook for them while she ate what Qin Jiran cooked for her. 


They quickly returned home and everyone went straight to the building. It wasn’t their first time at the Su Residence but their first time at the couple’s. Su Yun was very curious and she looked around, not knowing what she wanted to see. 


There was a servant in the building, who, after seeing the arrivals, immediately went to the kitchen to brew tea for the guests. Quickly, the servant came back with a plate of fruits and snacks. 


“You guys can sit down for a bit while I cook.” Seeing that everyone had settled down, he greeted them and planned to go to the kitchen. 


Six people and twelve eyes all looked at Qin Jiran immediately. Su Yanyi instinctively looked over and nodded, motioning that she knew. The other five looked at him strangely and peculiarly. 


There was shock and surprise. They were all suspicious, thinking that they’d heard wrong. They had different expressions on their faces but in reality, they all had similar thoughts that they were trying to express. 


“What did Brother-in-Law say? He’s going to cook? Did I hear wrong?” Su Yun asked, shocked. 


“If you heard wrong, so did I.” Su Jiaojiao said reasonably but looked at Qin Jiran in surprise as well. 


Qin Jiran laughed and didn’t mind everyone’s shocking gazes. He went straight to the kitchen, not wanting to starve Yanyi. 


After Qin Jiran left, the atmosphere became bustling and more enthusiastic. Su Zhixin looked at the kitchen, unsure whether Qin Jiran would hear or not. Then he said teasingly, “Elder Miss, he is worthy of being chosen by you from the tens of thousands and millions of people. He is a good man at home and even knows how to cook. Could this be one of the requirements of being your husband?”


“Elder Miss’ taste is pretty good.” Chu Xiaowen said positively. 


“Mhm.” Pang Zhongwen agreed. Qin Jiran gave him a pretty good vibe. 


Su Yanyi looked calmly as everyone was talking about her, remaining silent. But a proud glint flashed by her eyes. Of course, the man she chose was good! 


While everyone was chatting happily, little Su Nuo arrived too. He walked over with his short legs and the little white tiger followed him, carrying a sparkling little golden turtle on his back. When they entered the room, they attracted everyone’s attention immediately. 


“What a cute kid! This must be Young Master. He’s so cute. Quickly come over here.” 


Those who went to the base were all elders and little Su Nuo hadn’t gone. Su Yun and the others hadn’t seen him before either. Now that they had seen him, they were about to drool at the adorable sight. 


“Hi Uncles and Aunties. I am Su Nuo. You can call me Nuo Nuo. Are you all Aunty’s friends?” Little Su Nuo greeted everyone politely and then blinked his huge eyes, asking curiously. His thoughts right now were: Aunty actually has friends?! That’s so strange. 


Thankfully, Su Yanyi didn’t know what little Su Nuo was thinking otherwise, she would’ve been angry! She’s human too. How come she couldn’t have friends?!


“Little Su Nuo is so well-behaved. I am your Aunt Su Yun. Come over to Aunty and let her hug you, ok?” Su Yun loved kids but in reality, she was also a kid too. She loved to play and fool around. 


Su Zhixin observed little Su Nuo seriously as though he wanted to come up with some conclusions. Towards Su Family’s fourth generation and possibly the future successor, they naturally had to pay attention to their thoughts and words. 


Little Su Nuo had gained everyone’s satisfaction. He was a smart and polite child, making it hard for people to not like him. 


Because Qin Jiran was scared that Yanyi might starve, he cooked quickly. The servant was also by his side, helping him out. Although he needed to cook many dishes for everyone, he picked dishes that were easy to cook and save time. In just under half an hour, he finished cooking eight dishes and two soups. 


Once the table was set, everyone widened their eyes to look at the display before them. Their faces were spectacular, filled with shock and amazement. 


“Of the ten dishes, how many did Brother-in-Law cook? At least half?” Su Yun asked curiously. These dishes smelled great and she was famished. 


“Jiran has cooked them all. I was just helping him out.” Aunt Wang served everyone a bowl of rice and paused when she heard Su Yun, causing everyone to gasp in disbelief. 


Su Yanyi didn’t bother talking nonsense with these people. She grabbed her bowl of rice and started to eat. She was quite famished since she hadn’t even eaten lunch!


After everyone saw Su Yanyi eating, they all eagerly grabbed their bowls and started to eat. In the beginning, they chewed fully and took small bites to taste the dishes. But after they had tasted the dishes, they were quick to go for more. 


Su Yanyi’s eyes sparkled and quickened her pace. She told Qin Jiran to hurry up and eat in a low voice. With these people here, if they were too slow, they may not get to eat to their heart’s content!


Qin Jiran could feel the cheerful atmosphere as they ate. He silently laughed and grabbed some food, placing it in Yanyi’s bowl. The people around the table saw how gentle and considerate he was. They approved of him even more, especially the two women. They thought Qin Jiran was a good man, more and more. 


A handsome, gentle, considerate, man who knew how to cook was a great match for Elder Miss! 





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