Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 64.1

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Chapter 64.1 — The Class Reunion

After seeing off Ling Tianyu, who wanted to chat some more with Qin Jiran, Su Yanyi turned to him and said, “Keep away from that woman!”

Qin Jiran blinked, and his previous indifference melted away. He looked at her with eyes full of laughter and nodded seriously before saying, “Yes!”

She nodded, satisfied.

Kang Zhong watched them and sighed on the inside. Why was it so entertaining to watch these two? But was it alright to discuss something like that so seriously?

“Tell those two to come over. It’s almost time.” Su Yanyi said to Kang Zhong. She happened to notice his strange expression. “What’s wrong? Feeling uncomfortable somewhere?” she asked skeptically.

His expression became even stranger. He felt that out of the three of them, he was the one who was the least “wrong”! But he couldn’t say that. Coughing, he replied, “President Su, I’ll go call them over.” He decided that he should be more lenient towards those in love.

The stylist and makeup artist who arrived were both Resplendent Entertainment’s finest. They came in with two sets of clothes and a makeup box and got to work on Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran.

Although their clothes had been specially prepared, they were actually not very extravagant. Qin Jiran’s suit was a classic black suit, but the hints of silver on it enhanced his dignified temperament and made him seem more fashionable.

Su Yanyi wore a pithy top-and-bottom combo with a medium-long overcoat draped over it. Her top was silver while her pants and coat were black. The coat was also embellished with touches of silver.

After they finished dressing up, they stood together and the sight was almost blinding. Then the onlookers laughed—the outfits were clearly matching couple outfits.

Su Yanyi had come up with the black and silver designs herself. Just as soldiers needed to be armed, Su Yanyi’s intention was to show off to make Wang Zhilin jealous!

“As the saying goes, the man is capable, and the woman is beautiful. But when it comes to President Su and Brother Qin, it’s doubled. What a perfect match.” The stylist was like a lively little girl in a grown woman’s body. She stared at the golden couple with undisguised amazement and envy.

The makeup artist was completely fixated on Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. He said excitedly, “Next up is me. With the couple makeup, President Su and Film Emperor Qin will definitely steal the spotlight!”

Liu Liu was a genius in the cosmetics industry, known for his seductive appearance and remarkable makeup skills. At Resplendent Entertainment, he was regarded as a gold medal makeup artist, and although several agents had tried to take him in as an artist, he always refused. His dream was to become a world-renowned cosmetician.

Since Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were both attractive to begin with, Liu Liu didn’t put any heavy makeup on them. Instead, he focused on enhancing their features and arranging their hair.

It didn’t take long before Qin Jiran was ready. He sat off to one side and gazed at Su Yanyi.

With a cool expression on her face, a straight back, and a slightly raised chin, even when she was just sitting there she made others feel as though she was high above them. Qin Jiran used to feel the same way, but recently he found that there were other sides to her as well.

For example, she was a glutton. She was still cold-faced when she ate, but she moved fast like a tigress protecting her food. If her favorite food was robbed, she would stare. Domineering and lovely.

Occasionally, she was funny; he would never forget how she had looked in those tortoise pajamas. Her cold but uncomfortable expression was so cute. And when she told him jokes with a straight face, he had completely ignored the jokes in favor of gazing contentedly at her.

She was also strong, her fighting style fierce and striking in a way that sometimes made him feel as though she were a female assassin.

There was also her general bluntness, her firm aggression when facing the public, her arrogance when she agreed to let him pursue her, and the hints of tenderness she showed him afterward. In fact, everything she had done was unforgettable, and every side of her occupied the most precious corners of his heart.

How lucky he was to see so many different sides, and how much he looked forward to seeing more.

“What are you thinking about?” The man was staring at her with such a bright gaze that she couldn’t help but ask.

“You. You’re so beautiful, I’d feel pressured if I took you out.” His thoughts couldn’t be described in words, but they could be summed up with “I’m thinking about you.”

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and responded jokingly, “You’re so handsome, I’d also feel pressured if I took you out.”

Whether it was beautiful things and beautiful people or precious things and precious people, they were often coveted by others. Although she was joking, it was true that her man was handsome. However, no matter how handsome or wonderful he was, she didn’t believe anyone would be able to steal him from her. She would ruin anyone who tried.

Having been praised, Qin Jiran turned into a big dog again. His eyes lowered slightly, and he looked very happy. All of his indifference had disappeared, leaving behind an obedient little boy.

When their three onlookers saw this scene, they either rolled their eyes enviously or raised their eyebrows enviously.

Where on earth did this lovey-dovey spring scenery come from? Could it be that the result of two icebergs colliding was the eruption of volcanoes?

Look at that smile, like a dog whose fur had been patted, was that really the same male god who was known for his cool temperament? Hey, do your fans know that you can smile like this? Can we sell tickets for an exhibition?

And look at our domineering president! What “I’d feel pressured”? More like “I would give others pressure”!

Tut-tut, if this couple went out together, they would become the common enemy of the people. Envy, envy, envy!

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