Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — She’s Worth It

In front of Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran was cautious, steady, and could even be considered obedient. He was not disposed to disagree with her decisions, but that didn’t mean he was without a temper.

When bullied, he would naturally bully back. He hadn’t known who was behind the scandal before, but now he did. At this point, how could he still remain neutral? Besides, Su Yanyi detested Wang Zhilin too. It would be out-of-character for Qin Jiran to do nothing about Wang Zhilin.

Back in university, both Qin Jiran and Wang Zhilin had belonged to the finance department. In addition to finance, Qin Jiran also did management. Even though he ended up in the entertainment circle and became its eminent Film Emperor, he continued to hold firm on the knowledge he’d gained in university.

A long time ago when he earned his first capital, he started on initial capital accumulation and made many investments. Therefore, not only was Qin Jiran well-connected in the entertainment industry, but he was also familiar with a few notable individuals from the business industry.

Qin Jiran returned to his study, where he spent some time making three separate phone calls.

If Su Yanyi was present, then she would’ve realized that the plan he had in mind was actually over 70 percent similar to the plan she herself had come up with to deal with the Wang family.

Maybe this could be considered a sort of tacit understanding?

Although they were both lacking greatly in EQ, at least they could make up for it in IQ.

“Now that we’re done with the formal business stuff, why don’t we talk about some other things? We’re friends, and even though I’m not in the country right now, you didn’t tell me anything about your marriage. You only contacted me because you needed me to do something for you—say, aren’t you going too far?” The man scoffed, making Qin Jiran feel somewhat helpless. He knew the man was going to be like this.

“Zuoshi, all of it happened unexpectedly. It’s too complicated to explain,” Qin Jiran gave an explanation that wasn’t quite an explanation.

He and Zuoshi were high school classmates, and Zuoshi was one of the few close friends Qin Jiran had. However, when university started, Zuoshi went abroad, and the two were not able to see each other often.

EzoicThey still kept in close contact with each other though. Zuoshi was very talented in the computer field and had his own means of getting information, so despite being overseas, he was pretty knowledgeable about the happenings inside of the country. This was why Qin Jiran decided to ask him for help.

Before making this phone call, he had also contacted a very influential underground boss to help him keep an eye on the Wang family.

“What? So Queen Su isn’t your sweetheart? Or should I say that your three years of marriage were all fake?”


In the past, very few people knew about Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s secret marriage, so naturally, very few people had bothered to look into it. However, after they disclosed their relationship, more and more people eventually found out about how long they’d hidden their marriage for. Zuoshi was one of those people.

Out of curiosity, he’d done some investigating and was thoroughly shocked to discover that the couple had been married for three years already. He had just been about to call Qin Jiran and pick a bone with him when the man himself called instead.

“You investigated me?” Qin Jiran’s voice chilled. He didn’t mind Zuoshi investigating him, but this time Su Yanyi was involved, so that made Qin Jiran feel unhappy.

“Don’t be mad. I was just worried about you. Plus, it’s not much of a secret anymore. I was just thinking, being with Queen Su… tut-tut, is it pressuring?” Zuoshi honeyed his tone a bit, but his brooding was still more obvious.

He was not oblivious to who Su Yanyi was. After all, the Su family was an existence that simply couldn’t be ignored, and Su Yanyi herself had long since earned a lofty name for herself. He had a pile of information on her in his database, but it had never occurred to him that a woman like this was married to his own friend.

Su Yanyi.

Countless people called her “President Su,” but in private, most of them referred to her as “Queen Su.”

The latter represented her status in the entertainment circle, and at the same time, it embodied her personality: Strong, decisive, cold, and arrogant. She was truly worthy of her “Queen” title.

Early on when Zuoshi noted her valiant record of achievements, he had wondered: What kind of man would be worthy of such a woman?

Now that he knew Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were together, he didn’t stop to consider if the two were compatible because as he saw it, it was impossible for the two to be together!

Su Yanyi was powerful and cunning. She was extremely self-centered, and women like her were usually without a soft side. They were even less capable of making compromises. In other words, being with Su Yanyi would require a great deal of patience and tolerance, and according to Zuoshi’s understanding of Qin Jiran, Qin Jiran was not that kind of man.

Instead, he was the type to appear cold on the outside while bearing a firm heart on the inside. How could a man like him be suitable for a woman like Su Yanyi?

Thinking about it, Zuoshi couldn’t help but feel complicated and worried for Qin Jiran. Ezoic

“We’re doing very well, don’t worry.” Qin Jiran lightened his tone, understanding that his friend was just trying to look out for him. However, he still gave a very blunt warning nonetheless: “Don’t investigate into our affairs anymore, just ask me directly if you’re curious. Yanyi doesn’t like it when others investigate her.”

“Jiran, how could you prioritize hoes over bros coughI’msorryIcouldn’thelpmyself love over friendship like this! Back when we were in university, don’t tell me the reason you suddenly entered the entertainment circle was Su Yanyi?”

And… He was right.

Qin Jiran’s silence served as tacit agreement, giving Zuoshi —who had just been joking— a huge shock.

“No way. You seriously entered the entertainment circle for Su Yanyi? Are you crazy?” For a man to give up his career for a woman… Zuoshi found it unbelievable, and even more so when the man was one like Qin Jiran. After a brief pause, Qin Jiran gave a firm response, “She’s worth it.”

Su Yanyi was worth it! Entering the entertainment circle for her was nothing—if necessary, he would do anything she wanted him to do.

Unfortunately, she never had anything for him to do. Or, rather, she never needed him to do anything for her. She was so outstanding that it made him feel ashamed. Nothing could be done about it, he could only sit silently in a dark corner and watch her shine.

That was why when he noticed the possibility of her enjoying his cooking, he was ecstatic; when he learned that she had picked out scripts for him, he was determined to put in his all; and when he knew that she needed his cooperation, he stood unhesitantly by her side.

Although all of this might only serve to support the notion that what Su Yanyi felt for him wasn’t love, Qin Jiran was still very satisfied. At least he was doing something for her, right?

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