Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 96.1

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Chapter 96.1 — A Warm Gift

Edited by: Larkspur

Besides working, the most important thing for Su Yanyi was coming up with gifts. While she was considering making a pair of pants as a gift or finding a jade and stone teacher to learn how to carve jade, Ling Tianyue arrived.

“Su Yanyi, are you my friend?!” The moment Ling Tianyue saw Su Yanyi, she pointed at her angrily.

Su Yanyi calmly glanced at Ling Tianyue, not planning to answer her at all. She lowered her head and continued to look at her documents. The more she interacted with this woman, the more she understood this woman’s personality. She was the type that didn’t bother concealing anything once she was familiar with them. In other words, she was ostentatious.

“Hey, don’t ignore me. Or are you guilty? I wanted you to help me pursue Bai Qing. Why did you do the opposite? You’re not a good friend!” Ling Tianyue sat in front of Su Yanyi, staring straight at her. She waited for her to respond.

“I don’t remember agreeing to anything.” Su Yanyi said without raising her head. Help her pursue Bai Qing? It’s not like she was free and had nothing to do. Why would she agree to something like this?

“Even if you didn’t agree, you shouldn’t hinder. Bai Qing said that I had nothing to do with you. Do you know that because you said this, he directly placed me on the list of rejected people to contact? I can’t even enter his office now.”

“If it weren’t for me, you probably would never be able to go in.” Su Yanyi sure had a poisonous tongue.

Ling Tianyue was originally in high spirits. At Su Yanyi’s words, she immediately dropped her head. Did she really need to attack her like this?! She was a woman too, ok?!

“Su Yanyi, you have a poisonous tongue like usual. Can your man bear you like this?” Influenced by Su Yanyi, Ling Tianyue was poisonous too.

“You should ask him.” Poisonous tongue? She always spoke the truth, ok!

“Sigh… hey, do you know that Bai Qing likes you?” Ling Tianyue suddenly changed the topic and mood too.

Su Yanyi finally raised her head this time. She looked at Ling Tianyue and her expression didn’t change. “There’s something wrong with his brain, do you know that?” she said, calmly.

Pfft. Ling Tianyue laughed and couldn’t pretend to be upset anymore. She was deeply interested. “You know this too. He really has a unique brain. It’s funny to talk to him. Do you know that every time I talk to him it’s very hard to hold in my laughter!”

Su Yanyi stared straight at Ling Tianyue. She suddenly felt that she’d made a mistake. Not long ago, she had thought that they had different personalities. One was like the north pole and the other south. But she suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the way this duo’s brains functioned. From a certain perspective, they were alike!

Su Yanyi was itching to ask- Does Bai Qing know how brainless you are?

“Do you need me to tell him what you just told me?” Su Yanyi pondered over this. If Bai Qing knew that Ling Tianyue felt this way about him, she probably wouldn’t even be able to enter his company’s door in the future!

“Hey, don’t be like this. You just can’t stand him and I being together. Or do you have feelings for him too? Is that why you don’t want me to be with him?” Ling Tianyue revealed a look of realization.

“You’re overthinking.” It’s the most difficult to be with someone who was brainless. Whoever wants him, have him! Who would want a disabled man minus a normal state of mind?

“Well, I’m not overthinking. But the problem is that he likes you. This makes my head hurt. Do you think there’s a possibility for us to be compared?” Ling Tianyue looked at Su Yanyi then at herself. They were women of two different styles, like one was from heaven and the other earth. How could they be compared?

“You’re right.” Su Yanyi raised her head and looked at Ling Tianyue with dislike.

“Why do I feel like you dislike me?” Ling Tianyue asked suspiciously.

“Your instinct is more and more accurate.”

For the half-hour that the two chatted, Ling Tianyue had been on the receiving end. When Ling Tianyue was about to leave, she felt like a moron. Otherwise, why would she come over to seek comfort from Su Yanyi? She’s basically asking to be bullied!

After being delayed for half an hour, she finally sent Ling Tianyue off. By now, Su Yanyi had made a decision too. What decision? Naturally, a decision on what to gift Qin Jiran.

This afternoon, Su Yanyi locked herself in the office. Then she carried a little box and got off work early. Kang Zhong was curious and envious. Was President Su preparing another gift for Mr. Qin?

Not only Kang Zhong, but also Pan Yan saw it this time. She couldn’t help but look at Kang Zhong. Not only could this man not be compared to Film Emperor Qin, he couldn’t compare against Queen Su either. Why did she dislike him the more she looked? Could she be influenced by Film Emperor and Queen’s PDA?

Because Qin Jiran was too busy, there was no dinner. When Su Yanyi returned home, she naturally had nothing to eat. She went to the main residence to grab a bite. When she returned to her building, Qin Jiran wasn’t back still.

Su Yanyi looked at the gift, then at the emptiness in the room. She felt her mood worsening!

She had worked hard this afternoon just so she could make a gift for Qin Jiran. She came back in a happy mood, but she didn’t even get to see him. Su Yanyi was really upset by the ‘expectation vs. reality’!

Su Yanyi had never liked waiting. Su Yanyi’s patience was almost non-existent at this time. She had waited for him since she’d gotten back and now it was after dinner. She picked up the box and headed out the door.

After her rebirth, she’d rarely driven. But this time she had no choice. She hit the accelerator and zoomed out the door, knitting her eyebrows.

When Su Yanyi arrived at the set, it was already very late. But the crew needed to film a night scene. The entire cast was here. Guo Zekai held the loudspeaker, hollering something she couldn’t hear. Meanwhile, Qin Jiran was getting his makeup fixed. Liu Liu was doing his magic while Qin Jiran sat with his eyes closed. He didn’t see Su Yanyi walking in. But the other members of the cast did. Even Guo Zekai lowered his voice a bit.

Cough, cough, cough. The Queen suddenly had granted them an audience. This frightened the entire cast. The whole atmosphere dipped into immediate silence!

Liu Liu stopped his action and immediately moved a few steps back, leaving the space for the two. When Qin Jiran opened his eyes, he detected some changes. Yet he would’ve never thought that he would see Yanyi when he opened his eyes.


“Go film. I’m waiting for you.” Su Yanyi nodded, sitting down.

When the filming started, the entire cast was clearly really efficient. The actor who was to film with Qin Jiran paid extreme attention. He was very careful and didn’t dare to make any mistakes.

But even so, Su Yanyi ended up sitting there for an hour and more. Jiang Xiaobin considerately brought her two warm drinks. As Su Yanyi sipped her drink, people couldn’t read her expression. Yet, they were really patient.

This scene was filmed like a live show and was shared and uploaded online. Many netizens and fans found out that Queen Su had visited the set again. However, many fans indicated that they’re used to this PDA!

At the first moment that work ended, before Qin Jiran could even remove his make up, he walked over to Su Yanyi. Of course, there was nothing wrong with his makeup but his ragged theatrical costume gave him a comical touch.

“You have been waiting for a while. We’ll go back right now.” Whenever he thought of Yanyi waiting for him, he felt bad in his heart. He was so upset that he wanted the entire cast to vanish.

“Go and change your clothes.”

Qin Jiran just realized that he had forgotten to change his clothes. He hastily changed it and before he could say anything, he saw Su Yanyi delivering him a box.

Qin Jiran who was very familiar with the box knew what this was immediately. But he couldn’t tell what exactly was inside.

Recalling how he had received underwear and socks, Qin Jiran really didn’t know if he could open this in public.

“Open it and see.” It seemed like Su Yanyi knew Qin Jiran’s concerns.

Hearing Su Yanyi’s words, people gathered around them and looked on in curiosity. Ever since they’d found out that President Su had gifted Film Emperor a gift the last time, they had been dying to know what it was. But up until now, no one was able to get a word out of Film Emperor Qin still. So, everyone was even more curious.

Qin Jiran naturally opened it eagerly. A pair of black woolen gloves appeared in front of everyone. Then they heard gasps from the cast.

If this was a pair of leather gloves or something more complicated, everyone wouldn’t think it was that rare. But it was a pair of simple woolen gloves. They couldn’t help but let their imagination run wild!

“Could this be a pair of gloves that President Su personally knitted?” A certain woman asked with disbelief. Unbeknownst to her, she was voicing everyone’s thoughts!

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