Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 102.3

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Chapter 102.3 — The Playmates

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They were basically part of the Su Family. Three years ago, they heard of Su Yanyi marrying. However, the marriage wasn’t made public. They didn’t seek them out either. As intelligent people, they knew that something was wrong with the marriage, so they weren’t overly curious about the new Brother-in-Law. But it was different now. After they’d made their relationship public, they were very curious about Qin Jiran, this Film Emperor in the entertainment industry!

While the two were chatting, Su Yanyi and Su Yun’s sparring was coming to an end. Although Su Yun was harder to battle against than Su Zhixin, from Su Yanyi’s perspective, it was much easier to deal with her. After all, she had taught Su Yun!

The two women were unrestrained in the battle and their moves were beautiful and graceful. It was thrilling and exciting, but in the end, Su Yanyi threw Su Yun to the ground. She rolled a circle before standing up. She sighed a bit sorrowfully and said excitedly, “You’re worthy of being my Sister. I lost again!”

“Who’s next?” Su Yanyi didn’t say much but looked at the remaining three. She was a bit exhausted right now, but she was still far from being unable to spar. With respect to sparring, the remaining three were her main targets. Defeating the other two were just appetizers to the main course!

Su Jiaojiao walked into the arena under everyone’s gazes. She spoke in a cautious tone. “Young Miss, please advise!”

Su Jiaojiao was the type of opponent who was pretty skilled in all areas and well-balanced. In other words, none of the aspects was lacking. She could easily use up Su Yanyi’s energy, but she wasn’t a match for her either.

After the two fought for about seven or so minutes, Su Yanyi resisted Su Jiaojiao’s kick with her left arm and while she had yet to recover from the shock, kicked her from the side. She fell two to three meters away from her. It seemed like Su Yanyi had won this round.

In reality, if she would’ve persisted for another five or six minutes, Su Yanyi might’ve been able to win without injuring herself. But her strength right now wasn’t as valiant as when she was at her prime. She was forced to end this battle quickly, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to win the next two rounds!

It was a given. Su Yanyi would resort to any means to achieve her goals. However, there weren’t many things that could make her so stubborn. To Su Yanyi who was feisty and wouldn’t admit defeat, when it came to such fights, she was very stubborn.

“I lost.” Su Jiaojiao knitted her eyebrows. After she admitted defeat, she looked at Su Yanyi’s left arm worriedly. She had placed a lot of power in her kick. Young Miss was probably slightly injured. Who knew that even a few years of not seeing each other, Young Miss would still be warlike? She didn’t even care about injuring herself in order to win.

Many people saw this scene. Those who knew Su Yanyi’s personality were worried, but at the same time felt helpless.

Chu Xiaowen and Pang Zhong exchanged a look. In the end, standing across Su Yanyi, Pang Zhong was the next up for battle.

“Young Miss, you still do your best as usual.” Pang Zhong was the oldest in the group and an opponent with the strongest defense. Su Yanyi disliked him as an opponent the most. But their relationship was like hers and Su Yanmo’s. He was older than her by four years and always treated Su Yanyi like a little sister. If there was someone who couldn’t bare to lay a hand on Yanyi, it would be Pang Zhong. Therefore, he would usually be fourth in line and leave Chu Xiaowen last, placing the hope on him to win.

“I can’t allow myself to lag behind you guys too much.” Compared to these people, Su Yanyi knew that she had been living quite peacefully these couple years. Even though she had trained for a short period of time, there was still some difference between her and the group. She was forced to resort to methods that would give her the win at some costs.

“Young Miss must be joking. You’re always the one leading while we are the ones chasing you.”

Pang Zhong was stating a fact. Since they were kids, Su Yanyi, who was the Young Miss of the Su Family, didn’t need to train in a hardcore mode like them. But every time they trained, Su Yanyi always finished first. People saw no hope in catching up to her abilities. She had left behind a host of legends in her training class .

Eventually, Su Yanyi chose the entertainment industry and became a businesswoman under a low-profile. Many found this incredulous and pitiful. They’d always imagined Su Yanyi to be part of the Su Family’s secret powers, but the Su Family always did things far from people’s expectations. They felt helpless.

“Then keep chasing. I will not stop to wait for you guys.” At the same time she finished her words, she had quickly made her move. She ran towards Pang Zhong and punched him, flagging off the battle.

On the viewing platform, all the elders of the Su Family were helplessly discussing about Su Yanyi.

“Who do think this child takes after? She’s been warlike ever since she was a child. Yet, she’s clearly a girl.” Mother Su said worriedly and proudly.

“Like you.” Father Su immediately answered her with certainty. People say that daughters were like their fathers but his daughter wasn’t like him at all. Instead, his daughter was a bit similar to her mother.

“How is she like me? I’m such a polite woman!” Mother Su was unhappy. How could her wild daughter, eager for sparring down in the arena, be like her?! She was very polite and quiet!

“Cough, cough, wife, aren’t you embarrassed by saying this?” Father Su never thought that his wife had anything to do with being polite or quiet!

“Hubby, do you want to sleep in the guestroom tonight?” Mother Su glared at her and Father Su immediately became silent.

In reality, Mother Su knew that her daughter’s pugnacious personality was a bit similar to hers. She wouldn’t admit defeat ever and always wanted to fight for the first place. However, she was much calmer her in methods than her daughter. She used her brain to solve these issues for the most part.

Mother and Father Su were actually quite worried that their daughter might get injured. But it might be because they had seen too much of this before and knew their daughter’s personality, they weren’t overly worried. Instead, they were in the mood for jokes.

Compared to these people, however, Qin Jiran’s expression became gloomy. He tightly held his fists, challenging his endurance and suppressing anger right now.

Who cared what this woman likes? Instead, she had to like fighting with others. This habit wasn’t great at all! Qin Jiran thought this in his heart. He looked at Su Yanyi achingly. Sigh. Loving a woman like her was really fated in his life!

Qin Jiran was in a dilemma. Even though he was worried Su Yanyi might get injured, there was an uncontrollable admiration he held towards a valiant and eye-catching Su Yanyi right now. She was as eye-catching as the first moment he saw and fell in love with her. Right now, Qin Jiran could clearly feel his heart beating rapidly!

Every time Su Yanyi took centrestage, she cast an arrogant gaze at the people, setting Qin Jiran’s heart racing, uncontrollably. He loved a Yanyi like this!

The battle had come to a deadlock. The two had fought for a good quarter hour but there was still no outcome. What made Qin Jiran even more anxious was that the two punched each other so hard that just looking at it hurt him. Su Yanyi had a slim and lean figure so every time she suffered a punch on the arena, it was like a punch on Qin Jiran’s heart. It was also a type of torture to him!

Su Yanyi was extremely exhausted and was losing strength rapidly. Although Pang Zhong didn’t specialize in attacking, she could feel her body aching, especially her fists and her legs. Every time she punched Pang Zhong, it felt like she was hitting a brick wall. This was the reason why she disliked battling him. This man had hard muscles!

Su Yanyi knew that she couldn’t allow this to continue. It was clear that she couldn’t keep up and there was another round after this. Chu Xiaowen was even harder to deal with than him. She must end this round quickly!

Su Yanyi squinted her eyes and looked coldly. She wriggles her wrists and quickly changed her moves!


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