Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 80.3

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Chapter 80.3 — The Christmas Date

Edited by: Larkspur

QOTC: Even if you throw me out, I would follow you still.” – QJR

Ai, in the end, she was actually killed by Wang Zhilin who didn’t even have a brain! She felt that she had died a wrongful death. However, it was the Su family and Qin Jiran that were careless. Although they had people protecting her, because she had been safe for the past two years, they had overlooked this more and more. It didn’t occur to them that Wang Zhilin could collude with a nurse in the hospital and kill her, when the Su Family and Qin Jiran weren’t around.

Given her situation in her past life, to die, was to be free. It was lamentable for her family and Qin Jiran who were still alive. Hopefully, they weren’t that upset. Though after she was reborn, the so-called past life didn’t exist anymore, she still hoped it was the latter so that those who she cared about wouldn’t be so upset.

For a moment, Su Yanyi was in deep thought. Inevitably, it reflected on her face. This was also because she didn’t have her guards up when she was with Qin Jiran. Otherwise, the usual Su Yanyi’s thoughts were inscrutable.

When Qin Jiran saw the change, he suddenly felt that his tone might’ve been a bit harsh. He was unsure if he’d upset her again.

“Yanyi, I…” Qin Jiran wanted to say something only to hear Yanyi say, “Then let’s go. It’s not like I can throw you out.”

That was precisely what Qin Jiran was afraid Yanyi would do. But from what she said, she clearly wasn’t going to. He sighed and smiled, returning to his indifferent but gentle self.

“Even if you throw me out, I would follow you still.” Seeing that Yanyi wasn’t angry, Qin Jiran replied half-jokingly. Of course, it was the truth.

Su Yanyi smiled sweetly. From the immensely imposing man from before, he was back to being the “easily bullied” one again. It could be said that aside from the time he was on-screen, this cute side of his was only for her.

“Do you know where you want to go?” They were almost done with lunch and they needed to decide on a place.

With that question, Qin Jiran’s headache returned. He scrunched his eyebrows, seemingly thinking hard. In the end, he shook his head, “I haven’t thought of one yet.”

Typically, Qin Jiran actually didn’t have any recreational places to go to. If they had had more time, they could have traveled or something. But there wasn’t any nice place at this time.

Advertisement“Then come with me.” Seeing Qin Jiran in a spot, Su Yanyi didn’t want to make it hard for him. She’d thought of a pretty nice place and wanted to bring him along.

“Ok!” Qin Jiran was happy and ate delightfully.

After lunch, Qin Jiran drove as Su Yanyi navigated. The two drove for about half an hour before they reached the place. It was a shooting club named ‘Shadow Wind.’ There were dozens of luxurious cars parked outside. Although it wasn’t too crowded, it was lavish enough. The standard was clearly high.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi got off the car together and immediately a valet was at their service. They went to the front hall and a server came up to them. He wanted to say something but Su Yanyi cut him off, “My surname is Su. Ask your Manager Su to come here.”

If only one of the two sentences were spoken, it wouldn’t have much value. However, it held a deeper meaning when spoken together.

This ‘Shadow Wind’ shooting club was a business under Su Family. The manager was surnamed Su. It’s said, he’s a distant relative of the Sus’. Right now, Su Yanyi had introduced herself as Su. The server instantly made the connection and immediately contacted their manager.

Su Yanyi tugged Qin Jiran and sat down. The club’s spacious front hall rarely saw any people. Those rare ones were mostly servers, but customers were scarce. Naturally, it was quiet. Therefore, not many people paid attention to them. A few servers who stole secret glances found them familiar but couldn’t quite place them for sure.

Qin Jiran guessed, “This is a business under Su Family?”

“Hm. It’s not only a business.” Since Su Yanyi had already brought Qin Jiran over, she didn’t have any intentions of keeping things from him. As a matter of fact, not only was this shooting club a business under Su Family but was also one of their bases in A-City. For several years now, the Su Family had trained many figures. Even Old Man Su would come to this base often to coach. After Su Yanyi married, she hadn’t come here often. So, the servers by the reception weren’t familiar with her.

Manager Su quickly arrived. He was in his forties and looked quite honest, but was someone with skills. On the surface, he was just a distant relative. But on the underside, he was an orphan adopted by the Su Family. He could be considered Su Family’s secret weapon or a henchman.

“Young Miss, you’re here. Why didn’t you call me ahead? This is the son-in-law, right? Hello, I am Su Zexing.” He revealed a really simple smile. Although he knew that this person wasn’t that simple, he had a favorable impression of him. Also, he was respectful towards Qin Jiran.

“Hello, I am Qin Jiran.”

The two shook hands. Although they didn’t appear enthusiastic, they didn’t seem indifferent either.

Su Zexing didn’t mind. In fact, this was not the first time he had seen the son-in-law of the Su Family. Unbeknownst to the son-in-law, he knew a lot about him and understood his personality.

One of the most important businesses that the Su Family was involved in was gathering news and information. Su Zexing was the person in charge of A-City’s information system. Needless to say, he was well-informed. Despite this, there was obviously some information that he’d overlooked, like Qin Jiran’s status. Because of this, those in charge of this had been punished. They were sentenced to extra training.

“Young Miss, Son-in-law, the Old Man is inside training the lads. Do you guys want to see? Or do you want take a go at other things?” Su Zexing didn’t speak plainly because he didn’t know how much the son-in-law knew about this base. He didn’t want to expose anything, so his words were measured. However, Su Yanyi got his drift.

The so-called ‘training the lads’ was clearly referring to those who were in the Su Family. This was the Su Family’s secret. How could outsiders be privy to it? Su Zexing was assessing Qin Jiran’s status in the Su Family when he spoke. He wanted to know whether or not he knew about the secrets.

Advertisement“Then let’s go see grandfather.”

Since Su Yanyi had brought Qin Jiran here, she wanted to tell him about the matters here. Why would she hide this?

When it came to Su Yanyi and the Sus, Qin Jiran was a member of the family. They were gradually divulging their many secrets to him.

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