Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 98.2

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Chapter 98.2 — Will You Marry Me?

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“Yanyi, I didn’t even cook dinner yet. Let me go, please. I’m going to cook.” Seeing that Su Yanyi had finally placed her phone down, Qin Jiran said with a bitter face still.

“Go ahead, go ahead.” Su Yanyi looked at her phone and stopped answering Qin Jiran. She needed to save these pictures and make a photo album for Qin Jiran too in the future.

Qin Jiran walked two steps then hesitated. He asked softly, “Um, can I change my clothes now?”

“This is pajamas. It’s meant to be worn at home. Why change it? Wear it.” Su Yanyi said without lifting her head up. She lowered her head and continued to fiddle with her phone.

Qin Jiran felt a headache rising. Would Yanyi upload these pictures online? In that case, it’d be better if he didn’t go out tomorrow! He would definitely be hounded by paparazzi!

Qin Jiran walked behind Su Yanyi and secretly glanced at her phone. He wanted to see what she was doing.

Su Yanyi wasn’t stupid either. It’s not like she didn’t notice a person standing behind her. She gradually lifted her head to see Qin Jiran’s awkward smile.

“Yanyi, um…are you going to upload the pictures online?” Qin Jiran asked, uncertain. He was quite famous. He was on the headlines every day. With the addition of these pictures, he probably would be the trending topic for the next one month.

“What? You don’t want everyone to see this?” Su Yanyi teased.

“Heh. I’m scared that the fans wouldn’t be able to accept me in these pictures.” Qin Jiran laughed awkwardly.

“Then I’ll keep them for now. If you ever make me angry, I’ll post them.” In reality, she didn’t have the intention of uploading the pictures. How would she be willing to share such a cute and adorable Film Emperor Qin with others?!

Qin Jiran was possessive of Su Yanyi and she felt the same, if not even more!

“How would I dare? I’ll always listen to you, ok?” Qin Jiran felt like he was a henpecked male. Of course, even without this little threat, he was willing to listen to Yanyi completely.

Qin Jiran went to cook. Su Yanyi’s expressions changed as she stared at the pictures. She was wondering if she should make more cute outfits for Qin Jiran to wear. Maybe she could try tiger or panda onesies.

Five days before Chinese New Year, Qin Jiran’s crew finished their last scenes. Likewise, the rings that Qin Jiran had been waiting for a while finally arrived.

After the crew finished their scenes, there was a celebratory banquet. Qin Jiran, being the male lead and the Co-Director, naturally couldn’t be absent. He was reasonable regarding this. Although he eagerly wanted to go home and give Yanyi the gift he had been planning for and wanted to see if she would like it, he endured. He stayed and attended the celebratory banquet with everyone else.

On the celebratory banquet, many went to Qin Jiran to toast. But because he had an important mission at hand tonight, Qin Jiran controlled himself and didn’t drink much. Though with Guo Zekai by his side, despite how much Qin Jiran controlled himself, he couldn’t help but drink a bit too much. In the end, he had to put in a lot of effort to stay awake and go home.

When Qin Jiran arrived at home, it was a bit late. It was already past 10pm but the lights in the living room were still lit. Qin Jiran had a slightly red face and eagerly opened the bedroom door.

Su Yanyi was still awake. She was on the bed looking through a document. Before Yanyi slept, she had the habit of reading or going through documents. That was how she prepared to sleep. When Qin Jiran opened the door, Su Yanyi just raised her head. Seeing the man’s slightly red face and overly burning gaze, Su Yanyi knew that this man was drunk.

“You drank?” Su Yanyi recalled how the man would squint his eyes and smile at her whenever he was drunk. She couldn’t help but look forward to this.

“I just drank a bit, not too much.” Plus, on the way home, he had cleared his mind a bit. Although he was a bit dizzy still, he was ok. Qin Jiran felt like he was in a good state of mind still.

Su Yanyi was a bit disappointed. He clearly hadn’t had too much. Should she make him drink some more?

While Su Yanyi was contemplating if she should get Qin Jiran drunk, he had walked in front of her. From his pocket, he took out an exquisite little box and went down on one knee.

“Yanyi, we’re already married. It’s not really suitable for me to propose right now, but I want to ask the same thing I did last time. Yanyi, are you willing to marry me?” Qin Jiran asked clearly, his eyes were full of sincerity and passion as he lovingly looked at Su Yanyi.

He loved her. He loved her so much and for so long. They were married for three years. Although he treasured their time together, he still regretted that he hadn’t proposed to her despite their marriage. He didn’t help Yanyi wear the ring and didn’t kiss his bride under everyone’s gaze. He wanted to make up to Yanyi. Alas, due to circumstances, it wasn’t too suitable. He thought about it and decided it was time to propose to her again and personally help her wear the ring. Regarding the others’ blessings, he had received them already so it wasn’t really a regret.

Of course, most importantly, there was the promise. He really wanted to hear Yanyi accept this, accept marrying him!

There would be no contract or exchange or benefits. This time, they would be together just for love!

“Why do I feel like you’re talking nonsense?” Looking at the ring in front of her, Su Yanyi said in an unromantic way. Two days ago, she heard about the rings so she wasn’t that shocked. She understood what Qin Jiran was saying. But did she really need to answer this question? Wasn’t her stand clear?

If she didn’t agree, why would she kiss this man? If she didn’t agree, why would she sleep in the same bed as the man? If she didn’t agree, why would she do all of the things she did just so the man would feel better?!

She was naturally willing to. From the moment she had decided not to divorce, she had agreed to everything!

“Yanyi, this time, humour me ok? I know you’re willing to but I want to personally hear you say it to me. Just this one time!” Qin Jiran knew what Su Yanyi was saying, but it was perhaps his stubbornness. They were in a contractual marriage for three years and not only did he feel regret in his heart, but also fear and hesitation. He needed Yanyi to comfort him.

He really hoped to hear the words coming out Yanyi’s mouth!

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s gazes met — one was calm but gentle and the other passionate yet imploring. No matter what, they only saw each other in their eyes.

“Ok, I am willing. I am willing to marry you and be your wife, as you as my husband. If you think this isn’t enough, we can hold the wedding ceremony again and let everyone witness our marriage. We can let everyone know we’re a married couple!”

Su Yanyi didn’t understand Qin Jiran’s thoughts completely because she couldn’t feel his uneasiness and worry. But she could understand at least 60-70% of it. At least she knew how important marriage was to Qin Jiran. This was what was missing in their marriage and something she had neglected too. Since Qin Jiran wanted this, she naturally wouldn’t reject him.

Qin Jiran laughed and smiled happily. He was very satisfied. He knew that Yanyi understood him and accommodated his request.

Qin Jiran took out the ring and held Su Yanyi’s finger. He gently placed the ring on Su Yanyi’s left ring finger. Qin Jiran had especially customized this wedding ring for Su Yanyi. He didn’t choose diamonds to be the center of the ring, but purple jadeite. This represented nobility, grace and enigma. This was the jadeite that was fit for Su Yanyi’s imposing manner the most. Qin Jiran had thought of gifting Su Yanyi a piece of accessory.

At this time, Su Yanyi heard the system’s voice.

Congratulations to the Master for completing level three mission again. Another point will be added. Now you have 24 points. Continue to work hard, Master!

Not long ago, Su Yanyi had gifted Qin Jiran a turtle outfit. Now, Qin Jiran had gifted Su Yanyi the ring. Su Yanyi had naturally completed the mission again. But right now, she wasn’t in the mood to attend to the mission. All her thoughts were placed on the man in front of her.

After Qin Jiran put the ring on her finger, he lowered his head and kissed Su Yanyi’s finger. He said in an incomparably serious voice, “Yanyi, thank you for agreeing. Thank you for willing to give me a chance. I swear that I will love, respect, and take care of you forever. You will be the most blessed woman in this world!”

At this time, Su Yanyi also took out the other ring for him. Although they were a pair, this one had black jadeite on top. It was calm but not ostentatious. It suited Qin Jiran’s sense of fashion.

Su Yanyi held the ring and helped Qin Jiran wear it, though lacking the skills. It was the same spot she placed it on. After she was done, she said seriously, “If we’re going to say thank you, I should be the one thanking. But since we’re a couple, there’s no need to say thank you. Marriage is between two people. I am willing, so I agreed. I will remember your oath and I believe you can do it. I will also try my hardest to learn to love you and feel blessed like you do.”

Right. She should say thank you. Thank you for not leaving my side and thank you for the ultimate care. With him, she could finally experience the feeling of love.

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