Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 98.1

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Chapter 98.1 — Will You Marry Me?

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Su Yanyi was someone narcissistic. Of course, she could be described as confident and proud. Or perhaps greedy and selfish would be more accurate. She was usually indifferent and everyone knew this. In reality, she didn’t have a good attitude either. It’s just that not many could actually make her angry.

But Su Yanyi felt like she was really angry now. Although she heard the man apologizing, he seemed to have reflected upon himself and even found a pretty good excuse. But this didn’t mean that she wasn’t angry anymore. So Su Yanyi didn’t have the intention of opening the door and forgiving Qin Jiran. Instead, she went to bring out the blankets and decided to sleep in the guest room tonight. Regarding the man outside, when he was tired of standing, he would leave.

Su Yanyi didn’t know if Qin Jiran was tired or not. But after a while, it was all silent outside. Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows and lay on the bed. Her instincts told her that he hadn’t left yet, but she didn’t hear any noises outside. Of course, it might be because the soundproofing had done its job. Overall, however, she felt like he was standing outside still.

Su Yanyi did ask herself if she felt bad. But she quickly sneered at herself. She would let that man stand outside for the night. Why would she feel bad?! She didn’t feel bad at all. So what if he was standing outside?!

By now, it was really late. Su Yanyi felt like it was time for her to rest. But when she closed her eyes and wanted to sleep, she couldn’t sleep no matter what. She felt like the blankets in the room were cold and freezing. It was uncomfortable.

Su Yanyi wasn’t someone who liked to sulk or someone who was too proud to admit her discomfort. So, she quickly stood up and walked to the door. She opened the door and he was indeed standing outside still. With his dropped head, he looked miserable, like a puppy abandoned by its owner.

When this puppy saw Yanyi, he immediately raised his head and his eyes brightened too. With a pleased smile he said, “Yanyi, you’re not angry anymore?”

Unsure as to why, the scene before her reminded her of a puppy wagging its tail at her.

“I’ll sleep in the main bedroom. You can sleep in the guest room!” Although she came out, this didn’t mean that she wasn’t angry anymore! Of course, Su Yanyi wasn’t that angry anymore. Looking at how miserable the man was, Su Yanyi felt it was childish to be mad at him. She had completely captured his heart. Plus, this man would do whatever she told him to. It wasn’t worth being mad at the man because that would mean she was basically mad at herself then!

But although she wasn’t that angry, she could still bully this man. Who let this man look miserable but cute at the same time?

As expected, Qin Jiran was immediately in a sorrowful mood, contrasting his eager one from before. He stood there stupidly, watching as Su Yanyi walked past him. He didn’t even know to stop her.

Stupid! As she walked past Qin Jiran, she helplessly muttered in her heart. While doing so, she decided that if she walked back to her bedroom and this man, even then, didn’t know what to do, then she would actually let him sleep in the guest room!

Thankfully, Qin Jiran wasn’t that stupid. The moment Su Yanyi walked out of the room, he hugged her from behind.

“Yanyi, don’t be mad at me. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. Don’t be angry, ok? Forgive me. You know this. I am willing. No. I have been wishing for this. I’m just too stupid and neglected your feelings. I won’t do this in the future…” Qin Jiran kept on saying sorry to her, talking about his true feelings for her.

Su Yanyi moved her body around, wanting to turn around. The man then just let go of her. Su Yanyi and him stood across from each other.

“You know you’re wrong?” Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows, giving people an overbearing feeling.

“I know!” Qin Jiran sincerely admitted his mistake but looked at Su Yanyi with an extra glint of infatuation in his eyes. His heart thumped quickly as he looked at Su Yanyi who gave off an arrogant and superior imposing aura. He couldn’t help but be attracted to her.

Su Yanyi detected the man’s tint of infatuation in his eyes that was hard to miss. She slightly squinted her eyes and leaned forward. She was much closer to Qin Jiran now, wanting to observe him. She pondered over Qin Jiran’s sudden change.

“What are you thinking about?” She couldn’t make sense of it so she naturally asked him.

Qin Jiran didn’t know how to explain the feeling of infatuation regarding Yanyi. In the end, he could only use his actions to convey his feelings.

Qin Jiran kissed Su Yanyi who was in his arms and then secretly glanced at her reaction. When he saw she wasn’t angry, his eyes flickered. Suddenly, he carried Su Yanyi and quickly walked back to their bedroom.

Su Yanyi allowed the man to do as he wished. There was a faint smile in her eyes. It was rare that this man was smart for once.

Qin Jiran softly placed Su Yanyi on the bed and kissed her gently. He said in an extremely gentle voice, “Baby, don’t be mad at me anymore. It’s getting late. Let’s rest now.”

There was another two days before the rings would arrive. At that time, he would definitely make her his!

Su Yanyi stopped tormenting him. In the end, she stared at him before closing her eyes and resting.

Qin Jiran secretly sighed in his heart. So this is how it feels to coax his wife. Qin Jiran who hugged Su Yanyi to sleep was clearly satisfied.

The night of torment had finally passed by. This was reluctantly a feeling that couples would experience. At least, they seemed more harmonious than before.

Su Yanyi was someone who held grudges. Her revenge on Wang Zhilin was proof. Besides her enemies, of course, people who made her unhappy would be punished too.

After yesterday’s torture, not sure if this helped with Su Yanyi’s inspiration, she made Qin Jiran the fourth gift!

That night when Qin Jiran returned home, he saw a green woolen item in front of him. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

“For you. Try it on.” Su Yanyi pointed at the gift. She had personally made this for him and it took up three hours. She was really pleased with the result. She was just waiting for Qin Jiran to try it on for her.

Qin Jiran carefully saw it and stood there, shocked. He was really speechless.

“Is this a couple’s outfit?” Qin Jiran picked up the clothes and looked at them. He suddenly recalled something from a while ago. When Yanyi had come over looking for him wearing a turtle themed pajamas. He still remembered her cute look clearly.

Su Yanyi choked. Couple’s outfit? She had never thought of this, ok! Even if it was, she wouldn’t pick a turtle. That was basically shaming her sense of fashion!

“Where’s yours? Let’s wear it together.” After Qin Jiran thought this through, he eagerly looked at Su Yanyi.

Turtle outfit! If it was just himself, it was clear that Yanyi was playing with him. But if they wore the outfits together, that would look very cute.

This time, Su Yanyi was shocked. Why did she feel like she had dug a hole for herself to jump into?!

“I didn’t bring the clothes over. Try it first.” Su Yanyi thought about it and suddenly remembered that the outfit was still in their other home’s storage. She was suddenly in a great mood. The outfit wasn’t here so she couldn’t even wear it if she wanted to!

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi then at the clothes in his hands. He admitted defeat and went to the bathroom to change.

When Su Yanyi made this, although she hadn’t thought of couple’s outfit, she had made this according to the turtle outfit she wore in the past. It was a onesie and mostly green with yellow pattern. Actually, it was very adorable. Though she didn’t know how it would look on Qin Jiran.

While waiting for Qin Jiran, she kept imagining how he would look in the outfit. There was a smile in her eyes and she thought that this gifting mission was becoming more and more interesting.

When Qin Jiran came out, he saw Su Yanyi’s smile first. He originally had a stiff face and it wasn’t that he was unhappy but rather shy. This was the first time he had worn something so cute like this. He was uncomfortable.

Su Yanyi was stunned for a second after seeing Qin Jiran. Then she burst into laughter. How could she be her usual indifferent and cold self now?

“Hah…you look so funny. I didn’t think it would look like this on you. Not only are you cute, but you’re basically…” Su Yanyi laughed and pointed at Qin Jiran. Because she was laughing too hard, she stumbled over her words.

“Basically what?” Qin Jiran walked over and held Su Yanyi who was laughing uncontrollably in his arms. Although he felt it was really strange that he was wearing this, seeing how happy Yanyi was, he thought it was worth it no matter what!

“Adorable. You have a cold face but you’re actually so cute. Hah. So funny.” Su Yanyi continued to laugh happily, leaning against Qin Jiran’s arms.

With eyes full of doting, Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi. So what if he was adorable? This was new to him. He accepted this only because it was from Yanyi.

“You — wait. Let me bring the camera over and take a picture of you.” Su Yanyi wasn’t satisfied with just looking at him. She wanted to take a picture to look at it often.

Qin Jiran had a bitter face. If other people had seen him like this, they would definitely tease him to death! But could he reject Yanyi? That was clearly not possible!

He had almost slept in another room because he angered his wife. If he still didn’t listen to her today, he probably would have to sleep in the guest room!

Su Yanyi took the phone from the table and took position. Although Qin Jiran had a bitter face, he was obedient. He did whatever she wanted him to do until she was satisfied.

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