Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 — Admiring You

Zhao Lingyu was surprised when he got Qin Jiran’s call, and when Qin Jiran told him he would be attending with his wife, Zhao Lingyu was even more surprised. He immediately gave Qin Jiran the time and location of the class reunion.

The reunion would take place in one week. Because it was a large scale reunion with over a hundred people attending, the venue was set in the banquet hall of a hotel. The hotel belonged to the family of an attendee and some of the other richer attendees helped cover the costs.

That evening, by the time Qin Jiran rushed home, Su Yanyi had already eaten and was viewing flowers in the greenhouse. He ignored the fact that he hadn’t had dinner and went to find her in the greenhouse.

Su Yanyi was fond of plants, mainly because they were stationary and less troublesome than animals. Occasionally, she would visit the greenhouse to look at the flowers. Some were still blooming and others were left with only green leaves, but the place was always brimming with vitality. It was a nice place to go to relax.

Su Yanyi was sitting in a rattan chair, enjoying a cup of grapefruit tea as she read a newspaper and admired the flowers at the same time. She appeared both comfortable and casual. Qin Jiran slowed his steps, as if afraid he would disturb the tranquility of her visage.

The usual her was very beautiful, but in an imposing, lofty, and fierce way that gave off a sense of distance.

The current her was beautiful in a gentle way, captivating him, warming his heart, and making him want to approach and silently accompany her.

Reluctant to disturb the beauty and tranquility of the scene, he stopped walking and just stood there, staring at her.

Although Su Yanyi was still holding the newspaper in her hands, she had noticed the man the second he arrived. When she heard him approach, she’d planned to react a little, but he stopped before she could. That made her wonder, did he somehow not notice her?

After a moment, when she saw that he was still motionless, she finally lifted her head, a slightly unhappy look on her face, and asked him, “What are you standing there like an idiot for? Admiring the flowers?”

“Admiring you,” he responded as he walked over, a deep expression in his eyes. Su Yanyi blinked, and her eyes flashed briefly with something that seemed like… embarrassment?

So, this man was starting to become more straightforward, huh? Looks like she would have to increase her resistance.

Su Yanyi refused to admit that she had been embarrassed just now!

She stood up, raised her head a bit, and asked confidently, “Do I look good?”

Qin Jiran wanted to smile. This proud and self-confident side of hers made her so beautiful that he couldn’t move his eyes away.

“You don’t even have to ask,” because the answer would always be “yes.”

Evidently satisfied with his response, a faint smile appeared in her eyes. Moving on, she asked him, “Has that matter been settled yet? What time? I’ll let Pan Yan free up her schedule a bit.”

After filling her in on the time and location, he said, “Are you sure you want to go? There will be a lot of people, so it’ll be pretty chaotic.”

“It’s fine.”

She just wanted to see Wang Zhilin’s face filled with jealousy. Su Yanyi had not seen Wang Zhilin once since her rebirth. It was about time.

Seeing Su Yanyi like this, Qin Jiran could only give in. He planned to protect her if anything went wrong.

When she noticed his fatigue and that he had not changed into his home clothes, she asked, “Have you eaten? Don’t tell me you haven’t?”

“Not yet, I’m going to go cook something now. What about you? Do you want anything?”

He was thinking about cooking noodles, which would be quick and easy, and perfect for filling up his hungry stomach.

“What will you cook?” Although she’d already had dinner, it hadn’t tasted as good as Qin Jiran’s cooking. As a result, she had only filled up half of her stomach. Hearing him mention cooking immediately made her hungry again.

“What do you want to eat? Anything I can make at home,” he said in a pampering tone. The noodles could wait. Since Yanyi was also eating, he naturally had to make the best food for her.

As she deliberated over the question, she inadvertently noticed his exhausted expression again. She didn’t know why, but it made her anticipation shift to discomfort.

“I haven’t had noodles in a while, so why don’t you cook noodles?” Noodles were quick and easy to cook. This man should eat and then have a good rest.

“You want noodles too? Then I’ll go cook some. What kind of noodles do you want? Is it okay if I make noodles with shredded meat?” The brief change in her expression went unnoticed by him.

Like he’d said, since Yanyi was also eating, he had to make the best food for her. Noodles could also be made to taste delicious, he just had to add some more ingredients. He was certain that Su Yanyi would like it.

“Mhm,” she nodded. Suddenly, she had a thought: this man could probably cook noodles well too.

The two left the greenhouse. Once they were inside the villa, Qin Jiran told her to go take a seat and rest, but she hesitated for a moment and decided to join him in the kitchen instead. Somewhat surprised, he asked, “Why did you come in? Do you want to make coffee? Drinking coffee this late in the day is bad for you.”

He couldn’t be blamed for his speculation because aside from making coffee, she really didn’t know anything else that had to do with the kitchen.

“No, I’m just here to watch.” She suddenly wanted to see how he would look while he was cooking.

Then, she sighed for the nth time. This man was so outstanding; he was skilled both inside and outside of the kitchen. How did her previous self not notice? She’d wasted so much precious time.

Although her blatant stare made him a bit uncomfortable, he quickly jumped into action, pouring water into a pot and chopping up meat and vegetables. Soon, two fragrant bowls of noodles were ready.

They were moved to the dining room table and complemented by a saucer filled with pickled vegetables. The couple sat down across from each other and dug in.

The first one to taste the noodles was Su Yanyi, and as she’d expected, the noodles were delicious. She looked up, very satisfied, to see the man putting chili sauce into his noodles.

One spoonful, two spoonfuls, three spoonfuls… she stared thoughtfully at the reddened noodles.

“You like to eat spicy food?”

Immediately, the System notification sounded.

Congratulations on accomplishing the task once!

+1 Point

Progress: 5/10

Total: 15 Points

Please continue working hard!

When Qin Jiran looked up, he noticed that for some reason, Su Yanyi looked extremely happy. Was his love for spicy foods supposed to make her that happy? But he didn’t remember anything about her liking spicy food…

“I do. Do you want some too?” He shook the jar of chili sauce in his hand.

“I’ll try a bit,” she said. Instead of getting the chili sauce from him, she simply pushed her bowl forward. He scooped a spoonful of chili sauce into her noodles and pushed the bowl back to her.

She didn’t seem very satisfied with the amount he added, but after glancing at the red noodles, she decided to try it first. Her spice tolerance wasn’t very high, after all.

The noodles with chili sauce tasted pretty good, she decided before burying her face in the bowl.

The entire time, Qin Jiran had been observing her. 

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