Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 66.1

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Chapter 66.1 — PDA

“Xiao Zheng, this isn’t your responsibility alone. Although you’re a policeman, a policeman is still a human, and you could get in danger. Those people are lawless, it won’t end well if you fight with them. You should give up.” The woman pleaded with sad, beautiful eyes.

Fang Ling’er was the well-known Film Empress, and as expected, her acting was impactful and immersive.

“So what if there’s danger? They will be punished for their crimes. I’m not afraid of death, as long as it’s worthwhile.” Qin Jiran was playing the role of an upright and outspoken policeman. In order to investigate the truth of a case, he was willing to sacrifice his own life. It was extremely touching and would give Film Emperor Qin the image of a tough and resolute man once the film was released.

“OK!” Guo Zekai called for a wrap. The two acted well and was able to complete the scene in one try, so he was very satisfied. Working with the Film Emperor and Film Empress was indeed reassuring.

“It’s noon, let’s all take a break. We’ll continue after eating.”

Thanks to Qin Jiran and Fang Ling’er, the crew was able to take a break sooner. Qin Jiran looked at the time and wondered if Su Yanyi would remember to come and bring him food. What if something suddenly came up?

“Brother Qin, come eat. I know you like the takeout from Tianhe Garden, so I ordered it specifically for you.”

“You eat first, I’m not hungry.” He didn’t know if Su Yanyi would come, but he was going to wait nonetheless.

“You should eat some even if you’re not hungry. The filming is going to take a while, you won’t be able to later.” Jiang Xiaobin insisted, taking out the lunchbox.

“I’m not hungry,” Qin Jiran repeated seriously, surprising Jiang Xiaobin. Was Brother Qin feeling unwell today?

He was hesitating about whether or not to ask when he suddenly heard several exclamations of surprise rise up around them. Turning around, he saw that three people had appeared at the set.

Su Yanyi came with Kang Zhong and Pan Yan, mainly because they had been together discussing work matters.

There was no one in the entertainment circle who didn’t recognize their Entertainment Queen, no matter how low of a profile she usually kept. Not to mention, news about her and Qin Jiran had been spreading like fire these days.

She didn’t mind the stares. When she spotted Qin Jiran, she immediately went over as he simultaneously moved forward to meet her. The smile on his face was so dazzling that everyone else felt like they had been blinded.

When did Great Emperor Qin, who was like an iceberg on a daily basis, learn to smile like that? It must be the angle, the angle!

“Yanyi, you’re here.” His warm gaze had not strayed from her since the instant she appeared.

“You’re hungry, right? Let’s eat.” Su Yanyi’s expression was still a little cold, but there was a smile in her eyes.

“Mhm, let’s.” He responded very naturally, as though the man who said he wasn’t hungry just a few minutes ago wasn’t him. Jiang Xiaobin rolled his eyes at Qin Jiran’s immediate change in attitude.

Pan Yan and Kang Zhong helped set the food out. With the addition of the takeout that Jiang Xiaobin had ordered, the meal was truly a lavish one.

Qin Jiran looked at the spread and noticed that Su Yanyi had brought spicy and appetizing Sichuan cuisines over.

The normally quiet Pan Yan suddenly spoke up, “President Su had all of this specially prepared because Mr. Qin likes Sichuan cuisines. So, Mr. Qin, make sure to eat lots.”

The smile on Qin Jiran’s face widened as he turned to look at Su Yanyi with a gaze so gentle that even the onlookers felt like melting.

Under his gaze, her movements became a little unnatural. She picked up her chopsticks and put a piece of spicy chicken in his bowl. “Focus on eating, don’t look around so much.”

He nodded and started to eat, and she didn’t talk again. Kang Zhong and the others also began to eat, but the crew would occasionally glance over at Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran from time to time. The crew chatted in hushed tones about the couple.

“Ai, this PDA. I can’t stand it.” Liu Liu grumbled to himself as he ate and watched. Then, as if he had suddenly thought of something, he quickly took out his phone and aimed his phone at the couple. After taking a series of photos, he posted them on his Weibo.

Underneath the photos, he captioned: Shameless PDA!

Ever since Liu Liu released photos of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran in their couple outfits, his followers count had increased drastically. A lot of his new followers were fans of Qin Jiran, so when the new post appeared, it attracted the attention of numerous howling fans.

[ Great God Liu, where is this? Why is it PDA when Film Emperor Qin is just eating with his crew? ]

[ Upstairs, have you been living under a rock? You don’t even recognize Her Highness? That’s Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin! PDA! So envious! ]

[ Queen Su + Film Emperor Qin = PDA, do you understand now? ]

[ Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin are showing off their love again? Ai, they’re always like this. Why can’t they leave us single dogs alone? ]

[ Is that the filming site? I heard the filming for Film Emperor Qin’s started recently. That means Queen Su went to visit? She seems to be becoming more and more virtuous lately. So enviable! ]

Liu Liu looked at the flying comment box and smiled. The Queen was virtuous? That was funny.

Guo Zekai was also looking over at the couple. He really wanted to go over and get some of their food, but he didn’t dare and could only peek and drool.

Film Empress Fang Ling’er was watching too, but her thoughts were different. She was thinking to stay away from Film Emperor Qin behind the cameras and not spread any unnecessary gossip. Otherwise, Queen Su would definitely ban her from the industry!

Only after the meal had ended and Su Yanyi left with her assistants did the rest of them dare to approach Qin Jiran.

“Jiran, Queen Su came to visit you. Tell us how you feel,” Guo Zekai quipped.

“Why didn’t you ask when Yanyi was here?” Qin Jiran asked in reply.

“Well, I didn’t dare. The Queen is too imposing, I was afraid I would choke on my food if I joined.” Guo Zekai admitted while Liu Liu and Fang Ling’er nodded their heads in agreement.

Jiang Xiaobin had accompanied Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran, Kang Zhong, and Pan Yan for the meal, and after hearing Guo Zekai’s words, he quickly added, “Director Guo is right. I choked several times when I was eating earlier, but because the Queen was present, I was too scared to even say that I choked.”

His bitter expression immediately made everyone laugh, except Qin Jiran. When Qin Jiran glared at him, Jiang Xiaobin immediately shut up. However, the corners of his lips were still twitching.


Inside the city hospital, Wang Zhilin was unable to move, but she was still being updated on the things happening outside. When she saw the photos of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran eating together, she was immediately so angered that she fainted on the spot.

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  1. Film Empress Fang Ling’er is a smart woman. Foresight 8/10. Two points off, because I feel like being banned from industry would be the least of her problems if she messed with Queen’s loyal dog.

      1. That’s why I knocked two points off. For the lack of imagination. She could easily be “banned” from the whole civilization.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    It makes me angry that people feel it’s normal to take pictures of others without their consent, post them & comment too. This casual, blatant invasion of privacy…. I am horrified… The fact that they are celebrities is no excuse! Becoming a celebrity doesn’t mean that you forfeit your basic human rights.

    1. Wow, you definitely brought up an important issue…???
      In real life, it shouldn’t be allowed, but…Yanyi and Jiran are willing to show off their love, so I guess it’s ok? Plus, it even made Wang Zhilin faint!???

  3. Ah, this Wang whatever is so persistent. Can’t she take a hint. UNLIKE ME, WHERE I HAVE MY BELOVED VIN, yours is already taken and doesn’t want you.

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