Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 — Zhang Minghui

Dating was such an important concept that even those with low EQ knew about it. But how was dating done?

Qin Jiran’s SQ Company had begun to garner some fame. However, only a handful of people knew that he was the owner. Most people were aware that the executive manager was a handsome and frivolous man named Zhang Minghui, but that was it.

Zhang Minghui was one of Qin Jiran former classmates, and a current friend. As frivolous Zhang Minghui seemed, he was actually an effective network master who controlled a number of network studios.

“President Qin, hey, hey, boss, can’t you show some consideration and not have such a lovesick expression on your face? A loner like me can’t stand it, okay?” Zhang Minghui had been enduring for so long that he finally cracked. Who told Qin Jiran to space out so many times?

Although Qin Jiran was the owner of SQ Company, he left most of the work to the others. It was rare to see him in the building, as he tended to give instructions through the phone. For once, he was at the company, but he kept spacing out. They hadn’t even finished discussing the official business yet, which seriously irritated Zhang Minghui.

“You can’t stand it?” Qin Jiran raised an eyebrow, feeling disdainful rather than embarrassed.

After all, he fell in love with Su Yanyi at first sight and was extremely loyal, while a playboy like Zhang Minghui was extremely fickle. In that aspect, they were complete opposites, so it wasn’t unreasonable for Qin Jiran to look down on him. However, it was really just a matter of style.

“Boss, are you looking down on me? You didn’t even tell me that you got married, how dare you look down on me? When you were frolicking with your sweetheart, I was over here working my ass off! Where’s your conscience?” Zhang Minghui complained bitterly, though his tone brimmed with undisguised laughter.

“Did you forget to take your medicine?” Qin Jiran shot him a cold glare, completely unabashed. As the boss, it was his duty to find and make good use of other talented individuals. If he had to do things himself, why would he need subordinates?

“Tut-tut, boss, you even know how to tell cold jokes now? Is this due to the influence of sister-in-law?” Zhan Minghui asked in a gossipy way. He really was curious about how Qin Jiran managed to get together with Su Yanyi. What was his secret? And why didn’t he tell him about the marriage? Even someone as conceited as Zhang Minghui was impressed.

Qin Jiran stared at him expressionlessly. His eyes had turned a bit cold, which immediately pushed Zhang Minghui to rein himself in. He sat down obediently and cleared his throat before saying, “Boss, let’s continue talking about work. I think working with the Su company on their tourist resort is a great idea. If we…”

Zhang Minghui proceeded to give a detailed report on his work, but it was obvious that he hadn’t given up on getting the details of Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s love story. Qin Jiran looked at him, eyes flashing. Suddenly, the man asked, “How do you usually chase girls?”

Immediately, Zhang Minghui’s eyes lit up. He answered, “When do I ever need to chase girls? Every time I step out, I get surrounded by all kinds of beauties.”

With his good looks, body, fashion sense, job, and humor, Zhang Minghui was indeed very popular with girls. However, after hearing his response, Qin Jiran chastised himself for being stupid. Did he really just ask a playboy for relationship advice? What kind of joke was that? Yanyi was right to say that he was dumb!

“Get back to work!” He decided to rely on himself instead.

“Ahh, don’t. Let’s keep discussing this. How do I chase girls? Could you be that you want to chase girls too? You can’t do that, boss. You and Su Yanyi are already married. Then again, boss, you don’t seem like a playboy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have looked down on me for so many years. Are you trying to chase President Su then? Chasing her after the two of you got married? Boss, what are you trying to do?” Zhang Minghui asked with bright eyes.

Qin Jiran remained silent and decided that he would rather die than tell Zhang Minghui about his dilemma. If he did, Zhang Minghui would definitely laugh at him.

“Boss, tell me! I’m a veteran at this, so if you have any problems, I can give you advice!” Zhang Minghui persisted.

AdvertisementWhen Qin Jiran fell in love with Su Yanyi and later married her in secret, none of his friends had known. After their marriage was made public, several of them had called to question him, and although he admitted to it, he never went into detail.

“Don’t give any bad ideas.” He really didn’t trust Zhang Minghui, who seriously lacked credibility in relationships.

“Don’t underestimate me, boss. At least, I’ve had a few dozen girlfriends already, so I can easily come up with a ton of different ideas. And if you don’t like my ideas, you can choose to not use them.” Zhang Minghui was curious about Qin Jiran’s relationship problems, but he was extra curious because Qin Jiran’s other half was Su Yanyi.

After all, who in the upper society of City A didn’t know about Su Yanyi? She could be considered the upper society’s princess, though her success with Resplendent Entertainment had caused several people to call her “Queen” instead. It only served to prove how capable and powerful she was.

Who would’ve expected her to marry his Boss Qin? Zhang Minghui refused to be kept in the dark about such sensational news!

Qin Jingran felt somewhat touched, mainly because his date was coming up, and he still had no idea what he was going to do. After all, he had never been on a date before, and he had a feeling that Yanyi wouldn’t like the typical date ideas. He had tried and failed to think of something, so he reluctantly decided to give Zhang Minghui a chance.

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