Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 — Flowers

“Then talk,” Qin Jiran agreed begrudgingly.

“No problem, but I have to know your situation first, yeah? Boss, why don’t you tell me more about you and sister-in-law?” Zhang Minghui inquired tentatively, his eyes filled with undisguised curiosity.

That was when Qin Jiran started to regret giving him a chance to talk. Was it right for a playboy to be this gossipy?

“Just tell me what you do when you go on a date, the rest is none of your business.” He wasn’t going to tell anyone else about him and Su Yanyi. That was their story, and their little secret. No one else should know about them.

Zhang Minghui pursed his lips and gave up to start pondering seriously over date ideas instead. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to persist, but he knew what kind of person Qin Jiran was. The man clearly wasn’t going to tell him anything, so Zhang Minghui could only speculate on his own.

“There are all kinds of dates. Usually, you would take the girl out to eat, shop, and then you rent a hotel room. But I’m guessing that’s not what you want to do, right boss? Do you want the date to be romantic or thrilling? You can tell me that much, at least?”

Qin Jiran thought about it before responding, “Something special, relaxing, and not messed up.”

He wasn’t a very romantic person, and he didn’t think Su Yanyi was either. He would rather relax than do something thrilling, and he believed she was the same. He thought she would like a date that was special and relaxing.

“Tut-tut. Boss, you’re no fun. Won’t Queen Su think you’re too uptight?” Zhang Minghui looked at Qin Jiran worriedly. He knew that the man was an iceberg, but he hadn’t expected him to be so conservative too! Relaxing? What relaxing? Only old married couples would want that!

This time, Qin Jiran was really choked up. Just the other day, he was deemed stupid by Yanyi, and now he was being called uptight by Zhang Minghui. Could it be that Yanyi thought so too?

When his thoughts reached this point, his expression fell and was imbued by a hint of disappointment. How was he supposed to change his personality?

When he saw the conflicted emotions flicker across Qin Jiran’s face, Zhang Minghui laughed, but after that, he felt a bit envious.

Zhang Minghui thought: If I had my own true love, I wouldn’t play around and be fickle for the fun of it.

Life was just too boring for him. If he could find a love to put his whole heart into, he would be a lucky man.

“Ah, boss. Don’t lose heart, I was just teasing you. Queen Su definitely isn’t an ordinary woman, maybe she likes mature and restrained men like you,” Zhang Minghui consoled, but he really did think that way. Why else would Queen Su marry his Boss Qin? She wouldn’t marry him if she didn’t like him.

Or at least, that was what Zhang Minghui believed. In his mind, Su Yanyi wasn’t someone who would force herself to marry someone she didn’t like.

In reality, the reason she chose Qin Jiran to be her marriage partner was that she appreciated his maturity and restraint, not because she had romantic feelings for him. Of course, his good looks and simple background were important factors too, though, at the time, she didn’t know that he was actually a member of the prestigious Qin family.

Although Qin Jiran remained silent, he did regain some of his previous confidence. However, he noted Zhang Minghui’s words, that he was too uptight.



When Qin Jiran pulled up in front of the company, he was over half an hour ahead of schedule.

Earlier, he called Su Yanyi to confirm that he would pick her up from work. Turning his head, he glanced at the bouquet of roses in the backseat. There were ninety-nine roses in the bouquet, which he admittedly was quite tacky. Even so, his face was red, and his heart was racing with nervousness. Would Yanyi like the flowers? Of course, he knew that she was fond of flowers, but would she like the roses that he got for her?

Maybe he should get rid of them, it would be awkward if she ended up disliking them… but Zhang Minghui had said that every date should have flowers involved, usually one or two to show appreciation, and more on special occasions. The first official date counted as a special occasion, right?

Su Yanyi learned about Qin Jiran’s arrival from Kang Zhong, who actually didn’t know about their date. He only said it in passing when he looked out the window and noticed Qin Jiran’s parked outside. Su Yanyi suddenly lost the mood to continue working and decided to get off work twenty minutes early.

As a result, Qin Jiran was still internally struggling about whether or not he should keep the roses when Su Yanyi suddenly opened the door to the passenger’s seat and got in.

“Let’s go,” she said, fastening her seatbelt. She didn’t say much and instead threw the initiative to Qin Jiran, who jumped in shock.

He looked at her with a stiff expression before stealthily moving his gaze to the backseat. Did she not notice the huge bouquet? Then… should he say something about it?

The keen Su Yanyi immediately picked up on his odd behavior. She followed his gaze and saw the flowers.

Although she was somewhat surprised, her face remained expressionless. “For me?”

“Mhm, do you like it? I saw it in a flower shop on my way here, thought it was really pretty and bought it.” He was too embarrassed to say that he had deliberately stopped by a flower shop to buy the bouquet, afraid that she would think he had poor taste. This was his first time giving flowers to someone.

Like it? She was surprised, but she didn’t really like the roses… However, when she looked at them again, she suddenly felt that they did look rather pretty. But what a pity.

“You should get a potted plant next time. Actually, the seeds are fine too. They’ll last longer.” No wonder her EQ was so low; the man sent her roses, but she responded by saying she wanted a potted plant instead. Really, she wasn’t any more experienced than he was.

For a moment, Qin Jiran was shocked, and then his expression changed to one of regret and delight. He nodded earnestly to show that he was listening. On the inside, he was blaming Zhang Minghui for the failure.

He knew that the guy was unreliable. When Zhang Minghui said to send flowers, Qin Jiran had mentioned Su Yanyi’s preference for potted plants, but Zhang Minghui had laughed at him, saying he didn’t know anything about romance.

But clearly, it was Zhang Minghui who didn’t know anything about romance. If Qin Jiran had gone with his own idea, then the date would’ve started off better.

Hmph. He wasn’t going to believe that playboy anymore. Playboys were completely unreliable!

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