Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 86.4

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Chapter 86.4 — Becoming Stupider 

Edited by: Larkspur

When the two arrived at the Su Residence, the little white tiger had already arrived. Right now, the substantially grown little white tiger was lazing on the huge sofa. Although it seemed sluggish it was perpetually in the ‘attack mode’. Meanwhile, little Su Nuo was curiously sitting not far from the little white tiger. He wanted to move closer but was worried, noticing that the adults in the surrounding were laughing.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s appearance had naturally attracted everyone’s attention, including the little white tiger’s. Everyone looked over.

“Very good.” Elder Brother Su looked at the little white tiger and was clearly complimenting it.

“Does Nuo Nuo like it?” Su Yanyi asked Su Nuo as she walked over to the little white tiger. Before it could escape, she lifted the little white tiger up roughly and placed it in front of little Su Nuo carefully. Although the little white tiger was very small, it was still wild. They needed to slowly get along with each other.

“Hm. Nuo Nuo likes. Thank you, Aunty and Uncle.” Rang little Su Nuo’s soft and adorable voice.

“No problem.” Obviously, it was Qin Jiran who was being polite. He liked this nephew more and more.

“Uncle, does the little white tiger have a name? The zookeeper uncle said that it doesn’t have a name yet.” The zookeeper uncle that little Su Nuo was talking about was the caretaker on the island who was in charge of looking after the little white tiger. Now, he had followed the little white tiger to the Su Residence and was setting up a room for it.

“Does he have a name? How about Nuo Nuo give the little white tiger a name? Yanyi…” Once Qin Jiran finished his words, he realized that he’d already given the little white tiger to Yanyi. He looked at her for an answer.

Su Yanyi nodded her head. It was just a name and she wasn’t petty enough to argue with her nephew over it.

“Ah. Can I really? I can give the little white tiger a name?” Little Su Nuo immediately jumped up in excitement.

“Hm. You can come up with one and you guys will be friends in the future.” Qin Jiran nodded his head with certainty.

Little Su Nuo stared straight at the little white tiger and thought seriously about it. His eyes brightened all of a sudden and he said, “How about Little White? It’s so white…”

The name filled the room with laughter.

“His IQ is a bit low.” Su Yanyi said in a whisper.

Qin Jiran looked helplessly at her. Considering a five years old’s IQ, little Su Nuo’s was very high. But Yanyi was displeased with this fact. Perhaps, this was Yanyi’s way of expressing her affection for Su Nuo.

Thinking up to here, Qin Jiran suddenly thought of himself. No wonder Yanyi keeps calling him stupid. Is it because she likes him?

Now, Qin Jiran was bewildered. He looked at little Su Nuo who was disliked for his low IQ then he thought of himself. Were they supposed to be comrades in arms?

While Qin Jiran was letting his imagination run wild, the future ‘fierce big white tiger’ had gained a cute and dumb name: Little White!

“Little White, do you like this name? If you like it, can I touch you? We’ll be friends in the future.” Little Su Nuo started to walk in circles around the little white tiger. His hands shyly reached over, wanting to pat the little white tiger, but he was scared and withdrew his hands even before he could touch it. He was just as cute as the little white tiger.

The little white tiger seemed to be a bit proud and turned its head to the other side, not liking Su Nuo one bit. Do not underestimate the IQ of little animal. Little White and what not, it didn’t want a name like that.

Little Su Nuo was a bit upset and anxious. He walked over with his short legs and faced the little white tiger. In order to look at it directly, he even squatted before the little white tiger. He looked at it in confusion. “You don’t like this name? How about we change it? Do you want to be called Little Little White?”

The Su Family burst into laughter. How could a child be so cute?

“Let’s call him Little White. It’s pretty cute.” Mother Su chose a name between the two. It’s not that she didn’t think the other one wasn’t suitable, but if Little White had kid in the future, it could be called Little Little White.

“Little White is good. Well, Little White, do you like this name?” Little Su Nuo stared at Little White. A pair of feline eyes stared at a pair of human eyes. It was extremely adorable.

“Yanyi, go eat. You haven’t eaten anything yet.” Although it was interesting to watch a kid and a tiger get along with each other, Qin Jiran believed it was more important for Yanyi to eat first.

“Right. Go eat first. The food’s ready.” Mother Su added and looked at Qin Jiran in satisfaction. The Son-in-Law was indeed good at taking care of her daughter.

By the time Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were done eating, they found little Su Nuo and the little white tiger had turned into bosom buddies. They’d even started playing with each other. However, the two of them seemed to like the silence, just sitting quietly next to one another. Little Su Nuo used his short hands to brush Little White’s fur while it slightly squinted its eyes, in a comfortable position.

Meanwhile, the Su Family sat next to each other eating fruits and chatting. However, Mother Su kept staring at Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, as though she had something to say to them.

Su Yanyi noticed but didn’t say anything. Qin Jiran looked at the mother-daughter duo helplessly. “Mother, do you have something to say to us?”

Mother Su’s face immediately revealed a ‘Son-in-Law is good’ expression. At this, Su Yanyi pursed her lips.

“I’ve discussed with Yanmo. Little Su Nuo will be staying within the country. He can live with us and we can take care of him. The residence is very big and when Yanyi and Yanmo would marry, we’d planned on letting them live in the house. You both should know that the two buildings behind were built for the two of you. The interiors of the rooms and whatnot are based on the set-up for a married couple. But back then…so I didn’t mention this. Now, I think it’s suitable for you to return and live here. Why don’t you two consider this?”

Mother Su had been pondering over this for a while. The Su Residence was large but barely anyone lived here. Plus, the two grandchildren weren’t even home, so the elders missed them quite a bit. At that time, the siblings weren’t in a harmonious marriage and the Su Family had its own share of secrets. So, they hadn’t stopped the two from living outside. The situation was different now. Obviously, it would be more appropriate to come back and live together, and certainly more in line with her wishes.

Su Yanyi was surprised at this suggestion but she quickly thought over it. If it was in the past, she naturally wouldn’t have agreed. This was her house and Qin Jiran had never gained her approval during that time. Why would she bring Qin Jiran here? However, things were clearly different now.

“What do you think?” Su Yanyi seemed to have an answer so she asked of Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran, who didn’t seem to have thought of this question, smiled. Yet, he answered solemnly. “You can make the decision. I don’t have any opinions.”

What opinion would he have? No matter whether they lived in their own house or moved to Su Family’s residence, it had nothing to do with him. As long as Yanyi was with him, no matter where he lived, that place would be his home.

“Xiao Yi, come back. You can help me look after Nuo Nuo too.” Su Yanmo urged on. His work kept him from returning home often, so he naturally wished that Yanyi would move back in. Not only could she help him look after their parents but also take care of his son. He’d be at ease when the married couple moved back in. After all, the safety measures for the house were top notch.

AdvertisementEveryone in the Su Family eagerly looked at Su Yanyi. Then, old man Su spoke up too. “Young lady, come back home. It will be livelier here.”

“Then we’ll move back in.” Looking at everybody’s keen gaze, Su Yanyi agreed. She’d moved out of the residence in the past because of Qin Jiran. Now that those problems didn’t exist, she could clearly come back. The Su Family was indeed big, and they would be living in their own building even when they moved back. Though it’s just a building, it’s about the same size as their villa. It’s well equipped since it was built for her to live in once she was married. They’d thought that even after she was married and lived outside, she could come home often. Yet, it hadn’t served its purpose.

Everybody was happy; they gleefully discussed about moving back. The Su Family was decisive and didn’t need to choose a date for them to move. They directly picked tomorrow as the day and since it was only afternoon here, the servants were in charge of cleaning and tidying up the building Su Yanyi was to move in. On the other hand, Mother Su brought Su Yanyi to shop for some necessities. Qin Jiran and Yanmo were in charge of moving, while old man Su and Father Su took care of the child. In a moment, everybody became busy.



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