Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 64.3

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Chapter 64.3 — The Class Reunion

Wang Zhilin chose to ignore the fact that she had also caused a lot of trouble for Qin Jiran. In her mind, her purpose was to obtain him and not destroy him. Therefore, even if her actions hurt him, so what? She just had to compensate him once she obtained him.

Wang Zhilin was a very selfish woman. Truthfully, how much did she like Qin Jiran? Probably not even as much as the current Su Yanyi liked him.

When she was in college, Wang Zhilin fancied Qin Jiran because he was handsome. However, at the time she was too busy playing around with other guys, and he wasn’t as dazzling as he was now. That was why Wang Zhilin didn’t do anything back then. Only after Qin Jiran became famous in the entertainment circle did Wang Zhilin truly begin to covet him.

And of course, just the fact that he was Su Yanyi’s man was enough to make Wang Zhilin want him even more. But in Wang Zhilin’s mind, she had known Qin Jiran longer, so she hated Su Yanyi for stealing her man.

Her anger muddled her. One must understand that jealous women were truly terrifying, as they would do anything they could to get their hands on what they wanted.

Wang Zhilin gritted her teeth and went up to Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, blocking their way.  “Su Yanyi, I don’t think this reunion is for you to attend. I don’t remember having someone like you as a classmate,” she jeered.

Seeing Wang Zhilin like this, Su Yanyi only had one thought in her mind: Brain-damaged!

Then she felt a little annoyed. How stupid was she in her past life? She actually fell for this brain-damaged woman’s schemes? How disgraceful!

“I’m a family member. They don’t call me Mrs. Qin for nothing, and this is my husband. Don’t you know him?” Instead of ignoring Wang Zhilin, Su Yanyi chose to rebut her.

Family members were allowed to attend this class reunion. This woman had to be retarded. Moreover, Su Yanyi had also graduated from the same university; however, she didn’t bring that point up because she knew it was the “family member” part that would infuriate Wang Zhilin the most.

“Mrs. Qin? Don’t think I don’t know the truth about your marriage! Should I announce it to everyone right now?” Wang Zhilin raised her voice to draw the attention of the people around them. Then she looked at Su Yanyi with a gloating look as though she had already won.

Su Yanyi found it funny, but her eyes flashed with a cold glint. This annoying woman was always trying to threaten her with the contract marriage.

“Oh? What do you know? How much we love each other? Or how envious you are? Wang Zhilin, what’s the use of your provocation here? At best, it just makes me and Qin Jiran feel disgusted.” She paused and spared her a contemptuous look before continuing and cutting off whatever Wang Zhilin wanted to retort with. “You’re nothing short of a desperate woman who wants to be a mistress, but even if you threw yourself at our doorstep, my man wouldn’t want you. How pitiful!”

After a brief moment of silence, the audience burst into an uproar. They could all hear the disdain and sarcasm in Su Yanyi’s voice, and her blunt words were truly praiseworthy.

In this day and age, who didn’t hate homewreckers? And Wang Zhilin was clearly trying to drive a wedge between the married Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran.

Sure, Qin Jiran was very handsome, and Su Yanyi was very beautiful, and most of them envied this couple. Some people even wished they could be Qin Jiran or Su Yanyi. However, being envious was fine, while wanting to break the couple apart was not!

“Oh, I used to think Wang Zhilin had princess syndrome and was a little stupid, but I didn’t expect her to still be so stupid. She wants to be a mistress? Wow. You really can’t tell from how she looks, huh?” A quiet discussion could be heard from a short distance away.

“What’s more ridiculous is that she’s trying to be a mistress when the man doesn’t even want her. It seems like Film Emperor Qin and Mrs. Qin are really in love with each other. The man is capable, and the woman is beautiful. If I could marry a man like Film Emperor Qin in the future… phew, I could die from happiness just thinking about it.” This girl’s voice was a little higher, so over half of the people in the room heard her, including Wang Zhilin.

Wang Zhilin glared fiercely at the girl, but the girl glared back, completely unafraid. Quite a few people laughed at this, and Wang Zhilin’s expression turned even uglier. However, even though things had come to this point, she still refused to back down.

“What are you laughing at? What do you know? Do you think they’re actually in love? Heh, ridiculous. I can’t believe they have the face to come out and show off their love when it’s all fake. Aren’t they afraid of getting slapped in the face1 when they divorce?” Wang Zhilin gritted her teeth.

Regardless of how much love Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran showed on their faces, Wang Zhilin was convinced that they were just acting. Their marriage would not last a lifetime, and someday they would divorce.

“Our relationship is none of your business, and we don’t need you to harp about it!” Qin Jiran spat. The word “divorce” had caused his expression to freeze over, and his gaze filled with even more disgust.

Did this woman forget to take her medicine? If not for his gentleman attitude and unwillingness to quarrel with a woman, he would’ve thrown her out already. She was polluting the air.

“How are you going to tell us if we love each other or not? Listen to yourself, you’re hilarious.” As Su Yanyi spoke, she pulled Qin Jiran away as though avoiding a contagious patient.

“This woman is sick. Stay away from her so you don’t get infected,” she whispered, but her voice was loud enough for the people around them to hear. They also began to move away from Wang Zhilin, including the men who wanted to pursue her before.

They were not fools without standards. A woman didn’t have to be beautiful, talented, or gentle for them to pursue her, but she couldn’t be brainless and insensitive. If they pursued Wang Zhilin, who wanted to be a mistress, it would be the same as wanting to put a green hat2 on themselves.

Instantly, an area of space was cleared around Wang Zhilin. Everyone looked at her differently, and she was chilled by their reactions.

Shaking, Wang Zhilin pointed a finger at Su Yanyi and said angrily, “Su Yanyi! You’re ruthless!”

“You’re flattering me. I was just telling the truth.”

Wang Zhilin glared at her with eyes full of malice before turning around and leaving in a fit of rage.

Su Yanyi revealed a triumphant smile. This brain-damaged clown wanted to steal her man? Impossible.

Retracting her sneer, she pulled Qin Jiran to a quiet corner and took out her phone. After pressing a few buttons, she sat down.

“What do you want to drink? Is soda okay?” Although he was curious about what she did on her phone, he didn’t ask.

“A glass of wine will do.” Since she was in such a good mood, she thought to have a drink to celebrate.

This was her first post-rebirth meeting with Wang Zhilin. Wang Zhilin was much weaker than she’d expected, but the feeling of victory was still savory and a little addicting.

However, her revenge was not over yet. She had prepared a special gift for Wang Zhilin.


Wang Zhilin was driving. The villa area was in the suburbs, so there weren’t very many vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Because she was angry and her mind was a mess, she drove quickly and didn’t pay attention to the road at all. She was smashing down on the gas pedal to vent her anger.

Su Yanyi, that woman… How dare she! I have to retaliate, I have to!

And as Wang Zhilin was occupied with her thoughts of retaliation, she was unaware that she herself would be retaliated against soon. Very, very soon.

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  2. “This woman is sick. Stay away from her so you don’t get infected,” she whispered, but her voice was loud enough for the people around them to hear. They also began to move away from Wang Zhilin, including the men who wanted to pursue her before.

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