Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 104.3

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Chapter 104.3 — Worth it or Not?

Edited by: Larkspur

Of course they’re a great match! Could these be the cups the Queen and Film Emperor use? Queen vs. loyal dog? Hahah. They’re so creative!

Match! Of course the cups match! I want to buy the cups too! I want the same styles!

I agree with the person above. Please give us the same cups!

I don’t think any place sells this. Plus, it looks like handmade. Could it be that the Queen and Film Emperor created the cups for each other?

Person above, did you happen to stumble on the truth? I think that’s the truth!

Are the Film Emperor and Queen showing off their love? The paired cups have blinded my eyes!

Queen and her loyal dog? Hahah. The Queen really knows her place. But is Film Emperor really a loyal dog? It doesn’t seem like it to me? Shouldn’t he be cold and detached?

Detached loyal puppy! There’s no need to explain.

I agree with the person above.

Su Yanyi scrolled through her Weibo and saw the comments in the first moments. But she didn’t say anything. Instead, she placed her phone in front of Qin Jiran for him to see.

After Qin Jiran looked through the comments, he immediately understood Su Yanyi. He looked at her and then at the puppy-like cup. His expression turned strange.

Queen and puppy are indeed a match!

“Does it match?” As Su Yanyi watched his expression change to that of realization, she asked proudly.

“Match! Of course the cups match!” Qin Jiran answered straightforwardly. If he dared to say the cups didn’t match, there was something wrong with his brain!

“Then do you like this gift?”

“…I like it. I like it a lot. This is for you. Heh. Looking at it now, we understand each other well.” Qin Jiran nodded and gifted the cup he made to Yanyi. After everyone’s reminding, although he was a bit uncomfortable with the nickname, he felt like the cups were quite matching.

At this time, the system’s voice rang.

Congratulations to Master for completing level three mission once. Another point is added and you now have 26 points. Please work harder, Master!

The two happily went home with their cups. Qin Jiran placed the cup on the bathroom counter, the first thing he did when he went home. After placing the cup on a spot he could see, he looked eagerly at Su Yanyi and said, “Yanyi, place your cup here too. Since it’s paired cups, then we have to put them together.”

Su Yanyi satisfied Qin Jiran’s request generously and then went to the bathroom to shower.

Qin Jiran placed the cups together in seriousness. Then he took pictures on his phone and thought about it. He tapped on the screen several times and uploaded the picture to his Weibo, as well as leaving a caption: handmade couples’ cups!

Of course, when many fans saw the pictures under Su Yanyi’s Weibo, an active group went under Qin Jiran’s Weibo to leave comments as well. Many asked for pictures under his Weibo and then they all requested for Film Emperor Qin to show off love as well.

Qin Jiran had satisfied everyone’s request, especially uploading a series of similar pictures. When he added the caption, it felt like he was showing off love more than Queen Su. He received many cheers and applause.

Of course they’re showing off love now! Their love is blinding my love!

No doubt they have made this personally. I’m so jealous. Tomorrow, I’m going to make my boyfriend make a pair with me!

Although the Film Emperor said they had personally made this, I’m quite curious. Did the two create this together? Or did Film Emperor Qin create this himself? Whose idea did the two designs belong to? I’m so curious!

Curiosity kills the cat. People above, you guys are asking for too much!

From my analysis, the cups were made by two different people. And then after analyzing the two’s personality, I think the cups were most likely Queen Su’s creativity. But the puppy is definitely not Film Emperor Qin’s idea. From this, the cup with the design of a Queen should be Film Emperor’s idea. Therefore, the cup of a puppy should be the Queen’s design. And then the two exchanged their gifts. Analysis complete! Please verify this!

Person above, you know too much! It’s very likely you may be murdered for this information!

When Qin Jiran saw this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The power of the audience was indeed vast. They were even able to guess this!

In reality, not only did the users have vast powers, they were largely impacted by Yanyi and him. He heard that a few days after the Weibo comments, numerous paired cups appeared on the market and internet. Oh, it’s actually couples’ cups. “Couples’ cups” took over the rankings of major search engines, this became a trend.

When Su Yanyi showered and came out, she saw Qin Jiran’s conflicted expression. She immediately took Qin Jiran’s phone and looked at it.

“The fans nowadays are quite interesting.” Su Yanyi calmly stated after she saw it.

“Right, they’re quite interesting.” Qin Jiran agreed and grabbed the towel in Su Yanyi’s hands. He started to dry her hair as it was his job now.

Su Yanyi slightly lowered her head, cooperating with the man’s action. She scrolled through Qin Jiran’s Weibo and thought about it, before liking the comment of the person who discovered the truth.

After that, Qin Jiran’s fans became crazier. It seems like he had agreed with the fan’s interpretation.

She’s worthy of being the Queen. She is quite valiant!

I agree with the person above. The Queen is mighty!

Su Yanyi was in a great mood as she looked through the comments. The corner of her lips curled up and Qin Jiran had taken notice of this scene. She was in a better mood. When Yanyi’s hair was almost dried, he placed the towel down and hugged her.

“Are you very happy today?” Qin Jiran asked gently in Su Yanyi’s ears. He could feel her happiness from her expression.

“Mhm.” Su Yanyi stayed in Qin Jiran’s arms and nodded comfortably. She squinted her eyes like a lazy kitten. Of course, she could probably be a lazy leopard as well.

“Then we can do something happier?” Qin Jiran lowered his voice, sexy and horse. He left hints as he slid his hands over Su Yanyi’s body.

Su Yanyi naturally understand his obvious hints. She turned around and kissed him, giving him his answer.

Since they’re so happy today, they naturally could!


Ri: And…that’s the last chapter I’ll be translating! Thanks everyone for joining me on this journey~


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