Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — A Small Conference

After figuring out the situation, Su Yanyi convened a five-people conference.

Because they had yet to find a replacement for Sun Minyi, Sun Minyi was still working at the company. However, Su Yanyi clearly didn’t intend for Sun Minyi to participate in the conference. Kang Zhong was given the order to block Sun Minyi from entering the conference room, so that was what he did.

The conference members were Su Yanyi’s most trusted subordinates in Resplendent Entertainment. Aside from herself and Kang Zhong, there was also He Mingyang, Cao Yawen, and Zhang Tianze. The trio consisted of the vice-president, the finance director, and the head of human resources respectively.

Together, the five of them made up the decision committee of the company.

The conference lasted for over an hour. Su Yanyi’s propositions surprised the rest of them at first, but that only lasted for a second before they launched into a heated discussion. There were two main points.

One was the suppression and acquisition of the Wang family’s Star Entertainment, and two was the planning and expectations of Qin Jiran’s future developments.

The oldest person in the group wasn’t even forty-years-old yet, which meant everybody at the conference was still young and ambitious. This time Su Yanyi proposed a huge move. It went without saying that the rest were all very excited, and every single one of them planned on making a good game out of it.

Su Yanyi couldn’t be more satisfied with their enthusiasm. The five deliberated together and successfully formulated a perfect acquisition plan.

Afterward, they moved on to talk about Qin Jiran’s future developments. Since everyone in the group was familiar with the entertainment circle, they were able to quickly draw up a plan for Qin Jiran; much to Su Yanyi’s approval, they wanted him to eventually expand to the international market.

All of the official business was finally done and over with.

As one of the only two females in the group, Finance Director Cao Yawen started to gossip. She asked Su Yanyi curiously, “President Su, you’re boosting Qin Jiran so much, could it be that the two of you are actually involved with each other? Has even our President Su’s heart has been touched?”

At that, the others also turned to Su Yanyi, their eyes shining bright with curiosity.

Su Yanyi didn’t falter. Her expression was as cold as always, and her tone couldn’t be more flat as she replied, “He and I are already married, so he’s someone I want to protect. Obviously, I need to boost him.”

As if they’d stepped on a landmine, the others were instantly stunned.

“Married? When? How come we weren’t told anything? Marriage is such a big deal, and yet you hid it from all of us? Ah, you’re so fake!”

Although Su Yanyi was their boss, they’d all worked together for so many years already that Cao Yawen and the rest could be considered close friends of Su Yanyi. Otherwise, how would they dare gossip to about her while she was sitting right in front of them?

Su Yanyi shot Cao Yawen a glance and said calmly, “I’m telling you now. If you want to give a red envelope, now is the time.”

“You want the money when you didn’t even invite us to the wedding banquet? Not giving!” As a finance director, being on the losing end of a bargain was a big no-no for Cao Yawen.

“The wedding banquet hasn’t happened yet. I’ll tell you when it happens.” Hosting a wedding banquet was something she hadn’t consider before, but now she was thinking about it.

She could also take the opportunity to reveal her relationship with Qin Jiran to the public. The advantages and disadvantages of doing so would cancel each other out anyway. However, the one who would be the most affected if they disclosed their relationship was Qin Jiran, so she needed to ask for his opinion first.

“Okay, then when the time comes, I’ll definitely prepare a huge red envelope for you. Tut-tut… Qin Jiran, huh. President Su, tell us how the two of you got together. You fell in love right under our noses, and we didn’t even know about it. Your ability to keep secrets is really impressive. First-rate, I’d say.” Cao Yawen continued to gossip as her mind conjured up the image of two icebergs together.

Tut-tut. She wondered who would freeze to death first. It was actually a bit horrifying to imagine.

Su Yanyi fell silent and didn’t find it necessary to answer the question. After all, she wasn’t in love with Qin Jiran.

Unlike Zhang Tianze, who was relatively calm as he listened silently from the sidelines, at this point He Mingyang couldn’t help but join in, “Tell us quick, how did the Iceberg Film Emperor capture our Iceberg Queen? How do the two of you get along, do you have a common topic? Wouldn’t you freeze each other to death? Ai, why is it Qin Jiran? Don’t they say that in a relationship, both parties should complement each other? Otherwise, it wouldn’t last long. Are you sure you’re compatible with Qin Jiran?”

“You’re the one who’s going to freeze to death. So talkative, you should find yourself another chatterbox later. Then, the two of you can annoy each other to death.”

Unhappiness crept onto Su Yanyi’s face. How could he say that she and Qin Jiran were incompatible?

She thought that Qin Jiran was a great man. His looks and figure were both exceptional, and most importantly, he had genuine feelings for her. The way she saw it, there was no other man out there who was better than him.

Although would be unrealistic to say that she loved Qin Jiran, the way she felt about him was definitely not something that could be described in just a few words. To say that she was simply “touched” would be inaccurate. Sincere feelings were there, more or less.

“Two chatterboxes are still better than two icebergs. Is there even a topic for you two to talk about?” He Mingyang refused to back down.

The number of girlfriends he had gone through was in the three digits, so he was confident in his rich experiences. There was no way he would believe that two icebergs could be together. How cold would that be?

Su Yanyi took a moment to seriously contemplate the question before answering: “Work.”

“Tch, a couple that only discusses work? How boring,” He Mingyang said disdainfully with a knowing tone. To him, Su Yanyi had always been like a flower that grew on the peak of a mountain; she was a valiant woman who would never get married!

And yet here she was, married without any of them knowing. Not to mention, her husband was an actor like Qin Jiran. He Mingyang really couldn’t help but feel shocked, and the thought of how similar the two’s personalities were only deterred him more.

At the same moment, Zhang Tianze also realized that Qin Jiran was just an actor.

He asked worriedly, “Right, is your family supportive of your marriage?” What he really wanted to ask was if they were happy together, but because the question was a rather embarrassing one, he could only ask in a more subtle way.

“They know about it.”

The dense Su Yanyi wasn’t able to perceive the hidden meaning in Zhang Tianze’s words. Cao Yawen, on the other hand, understood and got impatient. Bluntly, she asked, “Who chased who? Do you really like him? Are you happy with him?”

This time, Su Yanyi was naturally able to catch on. She pondered on it but couldn’t find an answer.

Did she like him or not?

Was she happy or not?

To what extent would be considered “like”?

What kind of interactions would be considered “happy”?

Su Yanyi wasn’t sure. She only knew that being with Qin Jiran was relaxing, and she could be herself around him. It was a comfortable feeling, but it probably couldn’t be called “like,” right?

The rest exchanged glances and silently agreed to stop pursuing the matter. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran shared a backstory—that much was obvious. As for the specifics, they would have to watch and observe.

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