Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 80.1

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Chapter 80.1 — The Christmas Date 

Edited by: Larkspur

The morning of Christmas.

The two were used to morning exercises. Su Yanyi had a vast improvement in her skills; she’s much crueler and harsher. Qin Jiran had improved greatly too and was much fiercer. The two were familiar with each other’s moves. Therefore, they rarely injured each other. Of course, even if it happened, Qin Jiran was the one to get beaten up by Su Yanyi. Qin Jiran definitely didn’t have the heart to hit her.

After the morning exercises, Qin Jiran went to prepare breakfast. Su Yanyi returned to her room to shower and change. Then, she waited for food.

Like usual, the breakfast was rich and abundant. However, because it was Christmas, Qin Jiran had specially prepared an apple pie for Su Yanyi.

“People say it’s a custom to eat apples on Christmas, so I made a few apple pies for you.” While speaking, Qin Jiran packed the apple pies into a meal box so Su Yanyi could eat it while resting at work. This happened almost every day and the food changed every time too.

“Christmas lasts for three days. The first day which was yesterday was Christmas Eve. That’s when we should eat the apple.” Su Yanyi understood this better than Qin Jiran. However, she took the meal box happily and went to work.

Pan Yan had been waiting outside the villa. Once she saw the familiar meal box in Su Yanyi’s hand, she laughed meaningfully. Her face revealed a glimpse of envy. Qin Jiran was really the best choice for a husband with how considerate and detailed he was.

In the beginning, Pan Yan didn’t know that Qin Jiran had made the pastries in the meal box. She thought that the servants of the Su Family had made it. She thought about preparing it in the future since President Su enjoyed eating these pastries.

She happened upon the truth during a conversation with Kang Zhong when he casually mentioned President Su’s preferences. That’s when she found out that Qin Jiran had personally made those pastries. As for how Kang Zhong knew about this, he had personally asked President Su. That was the whole truth. Now, she’s even more envious. From time to time, she would assess Kang Zhong. This man was pretty nice to her but he never personally cooked for her. Compared to Film Emperor Qin, he really wasn’t gentle, considerate, and wise enough.

Kang Zhong was unaware that he was being disliked by the woman he liked because he wasn’t wise and kind enough. Even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t be able to imitate Qin Jiran’s tenacity and his investment of feelings. It’s not because he didn’t love her but there were different ways to love someone. Maybe, there were different intensities of love as well.

At the office, Su Yanyi held the meal box herself. The performing artists of Resplendent Entertainment were used to Su Yanyi like this. As the private eyes spread the news, the entire Resplendent Entertainment knew that the meal box President Su held was personally made by Film Emperor Qin. In it was all sorts of pastries attracting everyone’s shocks and jealousy. Especially women! They all sighed, wondering why they hadn’t found such a considerate man.

Pan Yan and Kang Zhong reported their findings after entering the office. After the two left, Su Yanyi placed her hands on the meal box. In the next second, it vanished. She packed it off into the system’s storage. She didn’t want to hide it but the system had a preservation function that could keep the food fresh. If it wasn’t for the fear of arousing suspicions, she would’ve done so at home already.

In fact, in the beginning, Su Yanyi hadn’t thought of using the system to store food. It was during a random conversation with 001 that she’d found out about this function. But by then, people in the company knew that she brought a meal box to work every day. To avoid suspicion, she placed the pastries into the storage only after she was in her office.

As the clock slowly struck 11, Su Yanyi’s personal phone rang. The screen flashed ‘Qin Jiran’. Su Yanyi looked up at the clock to see it was almost time for lunch.

“Where are you?” Su Yanyi asked. When she had comforted Qin Jiran yesterday, she’d become more open to his ideas. Not only had she agreed to an afternoon date, but had also decided on the time for lunch earlier.

“I’m standing in front of the office. Are you still busy? Don’t worry, I can wait for you in the car.” Qin Jian’s gentle voice rang, without even a bit of indifference. However, this voice belonged only to Su Yanyi.

“Ten minutes.” Su Yanyi said straightforwardly and hung up. There was a pile of files to attend to, but she took her bag and left. She’d never really celebrated Christmas before. The family wasn’t used to this nor had she given it any thought before. If it weren’t for Qin Jiran’s existence, would she have even thought of celebrating Christmas?

Su Yanyi moved quickly and appeared before Qin Jiran in less than ten minutes. Seeing her, he immediately got out and opened the door for her and left the office after Su Yanyi got on.

As this happened in broad daylight, many had taken this scene to their hearts. Even the few reporters who camped by Resplendent Entertainment for news, immediately recorded this moment, thinking there were more things to report now.

They immediately reported the happening to their respective companies. Even so, they couldn’t beat the speed of the internet. Not only did the Resplendent Entertainment have performing artists, but also many employees. There was also another company nearby. It was considered a rather bustling area. Who knew how many people had recorded this extremely eye-catching scene‽ That’s how the internet circulated similar pictures and even videos around, practically all at the same time.

Many users and fans started to shout slogans like ‘showing off love will blind the single people’s eyes’ and such. At the same time, they frantically uploaded pictures and videos. More people knew that Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su were going on a Christmas date now. The fans who wanted to see the two went to the usual hangouts like movie theaters, coffee shops, and all sorts of restaurants. Perhaps they could luck out!

The two, on the other hand, parked the car outside a French restaurant. It was very romantic, especially during Christmas. If it weren’t for their special statuses and reservation, they wouldn’t have been able to find any seats just by walking in.

The two had reserved seats by a hidden corner. They were mindful of their privacy and stature.

“Yanyi, happy Christmas. I hope you like the Christmas gift.” Be it Qin Jiran’s attire or posture, it was formal. It remained unchanged even when he brought out the gift – a piece of accessory inside an embroidered box. Who knew which one he’d picked from the heap he’d bought‽

At this moment, Su Yanyi was stunned. Although on the surface, she received the gift calmly, she still felt a bit uneasy.

She had been thinking about the man gifting her a present but had forgotten about giving one in return. Now that they sat there, there was no gift in sight. What should she do?

Su Yanyi looked around. She’d yet to open the gift yet replied helplessly, “I didn’t prepare a gift. I’ll treat you for this meal. Happy Christmas!”

“…” Qin Jiran was speechless. Should he say ‘there is no need to’ or ‘thank you’ at this point? Why did he feel that Su Yanyi wasn’t any better than the slow-witted person he was? Was it really good to ruin the mood like this?

Of course, these were just fleeting thoughts of complaints. In reality, Qin Jiran was very happy. As long as Yanyi was willing to be with him and accept his gift, he was satisfied. Now that she was willing to treat him out and say ‘happy Christmas,’ how could he not be satisfied?

Qin Jiran laughed happily. He looked at Su Yanyi with unimaginable gentleness. Su Yanyi’s silhouette filled the bottom of his eyes. He was happy, devoted, and deeply in love.

“Thank you.” Qin Jiran softly held Yanyi’s hand and kissed it gently. Qin Jiran was getting more and more used to this intimate action.

Su Yanyi squinted her eyes, smiling. She believed her gift was pretty nice too.

The two ordered dishes. In reality, French cuisine was time-consuming. They paid a lot of attention to the side and main dishes, beverages, and desserts. Although it was pretty tasty, Su Yanyi didn’t like it as much. It was the mood that they were here for.

Yanyi, though, could really ruin the mood sometimes.

“It’s not as good as your cooking. Let’s eat at home in the future.”


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