Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 89.1

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Chapter 89.1 — Begin the Plan 

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 “Why did you do this? Do you know that because of your doing, the Qin Company’s shares has instantly shrunk by dozens of billions! You can’t even afford that!” Qin Zhenyi told himself to calm down. At the very least, he needed to find out why Qin Jiran was doing this. Once he figured it out, he could retaliate!

“Pay you? Why should I pay you? Don’t you know that my motive is to destruct the Qin Company?” Qin Jiran’s tone became dark and gloomy, as though he really planned to do so.

Qin Zhenyi’s heart trembled. For the first time, he began to seriously consider Qin Jiran’s power and influence. If Qin Jiran really wanted to target the Qin Company, the Su Family would naturally be on his side. Then, would the Qin Family have the ability to face the Su Family’s pressure?

In a moment, Qin Zhenyi thought of a lot of things in his heart. He even imagined the scene of battling it with the Su Family.

In the past, Qin Family wouldn’t be scared of the Su Family. Of course, this was under the precondition that the Qin Family had no real understanding of the Su Family’s powers. After all, many people believed that the Qin and Su Family were both top families in the A City. Their powers were about the same. Naturally, the Qin Family believed so too.

But now, Qin Zhenyi was a bit worried. The Qin Family’s internal strife was overly obvious. If the Qin Family really had to face the Su Family’s attack, they would definitely lose.

“Are you doing this for revenge?” It was clear that Qin Zhenyi wasn’t willing to see this result. According to him, the Qin Family was his- eventually. How would he be willing to let the Qin Family suffer? Needless to say, Qin Family’s greediness and selfishness was carved in their bones!

Qin Jiran was momentarily silent as Qin Zhenyi berated and interrogated him.

Revenge? In reality, this wasn’t really revenge. What did he need to avenge? If it weren’t for the Qin Family who’d caused him troubles, he wouldn’t even remember whose son he was!

In truth, he wasn’t at the helm of everything that happened. It was Yanyi, or to be accurate, Yanyi’s protection towards him!

Because she was protective of him, she disdained the Qin Family. Because she was protective of him, she wanted to make a move on the Qin Family first. How could he not understand this?!

“Whatever you want to say.” Neither did he agree nor deny. It was because he didn’t feel the need to explain himself. He just needed to know some things for himself.

“Are you silently agreeing to this then? Why did you do this? What benefits would it bring you? Don’t you know that you’re hitting someone while they’re down? Do you have a heart?! Your grandfather has just passed away and you decided to do this!” Qin Zhenyi retorted with confidence. However, Qin Jiran found his attitude hilarious.

A son like you won’t even bother with your father’s funeral, so what does this have to do with me who was abandoned by you? And how was that old man worthy of being ‘grandfather’ when he had been scheming the whole time?

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but think of Grandfather Su. He was a kind and carefree old man. The way he looked at him was how an actual elder would at its younger generations.

“If you just want to criticize me, there’s no need to continue talking.” Qin Jiran’s tone became icier. Qin Zhenyi wanted to move him, but he had used the wrong method. Qin Jiran despised the Qin Family’s actions. In the past, they had heartlessly abandoned him and now they dared to talk about him about relationships. They were indeed shameless!

“…What do you want to do? Or, what do you want from me? If your target is the Qin Family, perhaps, we can cooperate.” After a moment’s silence, Qin Zhenyi had finally stated his motive.

Qin Jiran wanted to laugh even more now. If Qin Zhenyi really felt outraged for old man Qin, even if he felt shameful, he would’ve been patient. Yet, when he heard the words, he was impatient.

“Cooperate? Are you going to gift the entire Qin Family to me?” Qin Jiran asked, mockingly.

“Humph, don’t be too greedy. You really take the Qin Family to be a pushover or the Su Family to be invincible?” Qin Zhenyi’s tone became sarcastic as well. Hearing the response, he clearly thought he’d found out what Qin Jiran’s motive was. Because of that, he believed he would be able to negotiate with Qin Jiran.

You’re not a businessman if you aren’t sneaky and you won’t profit from being late. There aren’t forever enemies, only forever profits. He didn’t believe that Qin Jiran didn’t care about Qin Family’s properties! As long as Qin Jiran cared about it, the best choice was to cooperate with him. After all, they were father and son!

As long as he had Qin Jiran and Su Family’s help, controlling the Qin Company would be a piece of cake. When the time comes, how he’d handle Qin Jiran and Su Family…

Humph! The Qin Family was his. No one can steal it from him!

“You don’t need to worry about how greedy I am.” Qin Jiran continued to act indifferently. He felt like he would never on the same page as this person.

Needless to say, this conversation ended on an unhappy note. But through this call, Qin Jiran suddenly thought of another problem.

In the beginning, Su Yanyi had acted like she was forced to retaliate after taking up a challenge. In other words, if the Qin Family made a move on him, Su Yanyi, naturally on his side, would attack the Qin Family. Up until the old man Qin passed away, that had always been the case. But now that Qin Jiran thought about it, it didn’t seem to be what’s happening.

Take for instance the manipulation of the news — it was under Su Yanyi’s complete control. How could someone as smart as Su Yanyi not know what the consequences would be? The Qin Family would definitely retaliate and might join forces to attack him or do something they shouldn’t… Su Yanyi was deliberately infuriating the Qin Family so that they would retaliate!

As long as the Qin Family made a move, they could retaliate in public. When the time comes, how could the Qin Family be Yanyi’s opponent?!

Qin Jiran didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When had Yanyi ever intended to let the Qin Family off? She basically wanted them to bring themselves to their own deaths.

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but pick his phone and call Su Yanyi. She quickly picked up.

“What’s the matter?” Su Yanyi was a tad indifferent.

“Qin Zhenyi called me.” Qin Jiran first reported the situation.

“Then? Is there something you want to say?” Su Yanyi keenly felt like Qin Jiran had left his words unfinished. As she sensed this, Su Yanyi placed the documents down and focused on handling the situation at hand.

“I just suddenly thought of something. You never intended on letting the Qin Family go. I have caused you trouble again.” Qin Jiran cared a whit about Su Yanyi’s schemes. He didn’t care whether she was plotting against other people or even him. All he was concerned about was whether Yanyi would be tired or exhausted from doing all of this for him.

“You noticed.” Su Yanyi didn’t deny it but rather admitted to it openly. Ever since the Qin Family appeared in Qin Jiran’s life, she’d despised the family a lot. Su Yanyi’s decision to handle the Qin Family came after old man Qin decided to plot against Qin Jiran. Now, with the old man Qin gone, it was time for the Qin Family to repay their debts!

To simply put it in a more domineering way, even if the Qin Family didn’t owe Qin Jiran anything, she would still teach them a lesson. Who let them offend and upset her?

“You didn’t even plan on concealing it, making it all too obvious.” Qin Jiran could never guess Su Yanyi’s actions. Many times he’d made it clear that he was confused and curious. Whatever Yanyi said, he concurred. Of course, he believed that it was because Yanyi didn’t hide things from him, otherwise, how hard was it to keep things from him?!

“I don’t need to conceal it. I think that it’s better now than never. Those people will never stop.” Perhaps, the Qin Family were fighting internally, which was why they hadn’t thought of Qin Jiran yet. But her instincts told her that these people wouldn’t let Qin Jiran be at peace. Especially Qin Zhenyi, who was Qin Jiran’s father by blood. If he failed in the battle for an inheritance, he would definitely think of Qin Jiran. It was precise because of this instinct that Su Yanyi had decided to make the first move!

Su Yanyi’s was of a very domineering and dominant persona. She could turn her back on everybody, but no one was allowed to turn their back against her.

“What do you want me to do? The problem began because of me and I don’t want you to take responsibility for everything.” Although he was touched and happy that Yanyi was defending him, as a man, he was ashamed of being defended by a woman. To him, it was his fault for letting Yanyi go through the trouble for him.

“When I need you, I will clearly find you. You just need to focus on shooting.” Su Yanyi didn’t directly reject Qin Jiran. Even though she was domineering, that didn’t mean she would do everything by herself. If she needed Qin Jiran to do something, obviously, she wouldn’t turn down his help.

“Ok, I will focus on shooting scenes. What do you want to eat tonight? I can go home earlier today.” Qin Jiran didn’t persist in participating in her plan because he knew Yanyi’s personality. Yanyi was someone who kept her words. Since she didn’t need him right now, when she did, she would tell him.

However, since he couldn’t do anything about the Qin Family right now, he would do other things.

“How about sautéed Crab in the hot spicy sauce? I haven’t eaten it in a while.” Su Yanyi’s voice went up a tone, clearly enjoying this subject more.

Qin Jiran laughed silently and his face turned gentle. “Once am done here, I will buy crab and cook sautéed Crab in hot spicy sauce and Shui zhu fish as well, ok? I like spicy food.”

“Ok! I will head home earlier too!”

“Ok, I will cook and wait for you!”

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