Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 102.1

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Chapter 102.1 — The Playmates

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The Su Family went on the trip together. They sat in the same car that had been especially customized for them. It was bulletproof and extremely good at ensuring its performance and safety for the riders. The interior of the car was very comfortable, emanating a low-key luxuriousness. There was everything that was needed but didn’t seem to be special. However, each item was the best. This was Mother Su’s favorite car. She didn’t care about the car’s value but its function. They would only ride in this car when the majority of the Su Family went out.

Old Man Su was carrying little Su Nuo and they sat together. Qin Jiran delivered the pastries and crackers he’d prepared for everyone to eat. He’d personally made all of this and they tasted pretty good. They all ate pretty much, especially little Su Nuo. He enjoyed eating.

The car drove for about 40 minutes before they arrived at their destination, the Guangyuan Temple. It was an ancient temple that had about 300 years of history. The Buddhist Abbot, Great Master Shan Yuan, was the oldest Great Master within the country. It was rumored that he was over a century old.

After everybody got out of the car, they walked up the steps. On their way, they met a lot of Buddhist worshippers who’re visiting the temple with joss sticks. It seemed like almost everyone was here with their family. The entire temple was decorated and was bustling with people.

After they entered the temple, Su Yanyi didn’t go with Mother Su to worship Buddha. Instead, she went the incense stick and at the center of the temple for the censer. She and Qin Jiran joined hands and stuck the incense stick in.

The incense stick was about a meter tall. When it was lit, Su Yanyi slightly raised her head and she looked around. She started to speak in her heart. “I don’t know how I was able to relive this life but I am very grateful for whoever gave me this chance to. Perhaps it was you guys, then perhaps it wasn’t. I don’t know what I should believe in but I know what I should do. I should treasure this life and try my best to do whatever I should do. I won’t let myself live this life in regret!”

After a short pause, Su Yanyi continued in her heart. “If the Heavens can really hear me, then I pray for my family to have a healthy life and for everything to go as planned. If there is karma in this world, I hope that my enemies will be tortured endlessly. If I can be immortal, I am willing to protect this man forever!”

While Su Yanyi was praying, Qin Jiran silently stood behind her. He concentrated on looking at her, acting like a shadow and forever guarding her.

If there were gods in this world, he prayed for Yanyi to have a peaceful, healthy, and blessed life forever!

If he could have another wish, then he hoped to be with Yanyi forever!

Little Su Nuo and Su Yanmo walked in the temple together. They looked around, very curious. Little Su Nuo was exquisite and cute attracting many gazes. There were young women who took pictures of the father and son holding hands. Su Yanmo slightly knitted his eyebrows but he didn’t do much. After all, families like theirs had to be used to all sorts of gazes on them.

While the father and son were walking, they arrived at the hall of Buddha. Seeing that many people were kneeling down and worshiping Buddha, little Su Nuo curiously knelt too.

“Grandfather Buddha, you have to bless Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Aunty, and Uncle. I want them all to be healthy and happy. Nuo Nuo will be good and listen to them. Hopefully, mommy will be happy in Heaven. Nuo Nuo misses you a lot and you have to bless little white and make sure he grows up happily. You have to pray that I won’t be as lazy anymore. Oh, I hope that Aunty and Father can laugh often. When Aunty laughs, she’s the most beautiful woman…”

Little Su Nuo’s soft voice was very pleasing and cute. He spoke as he thought. The content of his prayer touched people silly. Perhaps this belonged to the purest and sincere side of children. It was beautiful and a few were even ashamed.

After they’d worshipped Buddha and made their wishes, they ate in the temple before turning to the residence. Right now, people paid them a visit in succession. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran welcomed many guests. It wasn’t until the afternoon when they finally had some time to themselves. They returned to their building after.

On the third day after New Year, the Su Family had a gathering. To be accurate, it was the secret forces of the Su Family gathering together. There were all sorts of people in charge of the Su Family’s powers from all around the world, as well as elite members. They all came to A City to attend the Su Family’s annual gathering.

Not all members of the Su Family were required to attend this gathering. Just like Su Yanyi who hadn’t attended for the past few years. Meanwhile, it was only this year that Qin Jiran had found out about the gathering. The person in charge was Father Su and Elder Brother Su assisted him in welcoming the members.

The location of the gathering was the private guildhall that Su Yanyi had brought Qin Jiran to in the past. There was a lot of space there and it was rather private. Not only would it not attract a lot of people’s attention by having a gathering there, but also ensure that the members could enjoy their time and even spar with one another. One needed to know that these members belonged to the secret forces. Normally, they would combat in battles. Each one’s skills were better than the previous one. When they gathered together, it was hard to suppress the urge to spar.

Su Yanyi had trained for a while so that she could attend this gathering. There were a few companions she had grown up with and they belonged to the group of members who were warlike. Of course, the same went for Su Yanyi.

“There are a few annoying people in there. You don’t need to bother with them.” Before entering, Su Yanyi solemnly reminded Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran was a bit curious. Although Yanyi said she found them annoying, it didn’t seem like the case through her expression. Instead, it seemed like she was eager to spar. Qin Jiran was very interested.

Su Yanmo looked back at the two others and interjected. “Don’t battle too fiercely.”

Su Yanyi didn’t intend on answering her brother at all. She didn’t even look at him, but Qin Jiran immediately understood. He helplessly looked at Su Yanyi. No wonder Yanyi acted a bit strangely when she woke up this morning. Ever since she’d arrived here, she was excited. So it had to do with sparring. Hopefully, they would stop when it was time to. He didn’t want her to be injured.

Qin Jiran had never attended such a gathering and didn’t know how things would be carried on. Although he was a bit worried, he didn’t say much. Albeit, he prepared to follow Su Yanyi wherever. No matter what, he would protect her.

Today’s guildhall had already stopped its business for the day. All the receiving staff was their own members. Seeing that the Su Family’s people were here, they immediately stood up straight and bowed to them. They were extremely respectful. Amongst those who were allowed to attend, almost all had direct relations to the Sus. Many were adopted by them. Towards the Su Family, they were gratified and respectful.

The Su Family arrived at the sparring arena behind the guildhall. Hundreds of people sporting all sorts of attires were gathered there. They started chatting in groups. Seeing the presence of the Su Family, they immediately stopped what they were doing and quickly stood straight. They all looked respectfully at the Su Family.

“Ok, you guys don’t need to be so proper. I called you guys back so we can celebrate New Year’s. Just act normal.” Father Su didn’t need to use a loudspeaker since his voice was loud enough to resonate among the people.

“Yes!” Everybody spoke in unison, but there was no attempt to relax or anything.

Qin Jiran looked at the scene and found it familiar. It was like a military review. When he thought more about it, he believed that these people must’ve gone through militarization. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have reacted like this.

“Ok, I know you guys won’t feel at ease with me around. I’m not going to talk nonsense anymore. I’ve already prepared this year’s red envelopes for you guys. It’s in the box and the rules are still the same. You guys can come up and pick one if you guys win the spar. Now, let’s begin.” Father Su waved his hands and immediately, someone carried a huge box over. There were hundreds of red envelopes in there and compared to the people present, there seemed to be even more. It felt like he was really going to give out envelopes. Though, it was unsure what was inside the envelopes.

Normally, the red envelopes would contain money. But Qin Jiran didn’t think it would be money. After all, amongst the people present, no one lacked money. Plus, the Su Family was always doing things out of people’s expectations. Therefore, Qin Jiran looked curiously at Su Yanyi and asked, “Yanyi, what’s inside the envelope?”

“There are all sorts of things.” Although Su Yanyi was responding to Qin Jiran, her sharp gaze swept over the people, seemingly searching for someone. Then she slowly locked her gazes on them. The people looked back at her and they had enthusiastic gazes, similar to Su Yanyi.

Qin Jiran followed Su Yanyi’s line of sight and looked at them too. They all seemed to be around Yanyi’s age. Men and women.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you over to get to know a few friends.” After confirming their position, Su Yanyi pulled on Qin Jiran’s hands and they walked over. Those people also slowly made their way over too. There were about five people and they quickly met up with Yanyi and Qin Jiran.

“Elder Miss! Long time so see!” The oldest man of the group calmly greeted her. When his eyes swept over Qin Jiran, he paused slightly then said, “This must be Mr. Qin. Hello, I am Pang Zhongwen. Very happy to meet you.”

“Hello, I am Qin Jiran. Very nice to meet you too.” Qin Jiran responded in a friendly way. In reality, he wasn’t very used to this man’s attitude towards him. It was overly respectful. It was more serious than a boss-employee relationship. However, he didn’t give much thought to it because he knew this belonged to the Su Family’s pride.

Although this wasn’t the first time he’d walked amongst or interacted with the Su Family’s powers, this time Qin Jiran felt a special feeling. It seemed like, this time around, he’d finally gotten to understand the Su Family for real. Nonetheless, this was the most superficial start.

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