Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 67.3

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Chapter 67.3 — More PDA

Qin Jiran also understood the old master’s kind intentions, but despite the benefits he would receive, he wanted to refuse. Although he was happy to have gained the Su family’s acknowledgment, he didn’t wish to take advantage of it. Being able to work with the Su Company was already a great privilege, and any more would be inappropriate, as he didn’t want others to assume he was with Su Yanyi for a selfish reason.

But before he could open his mouth to say no, Su Yanyi took his hand and said, “Jiran will try his best.”

She was agreeing for him. He looked at her and was able to sense her unwavering persistence, so he gave in. “Then thank you, Grandpa. I will do my best.”

Afterward, the family talked about how they were going to deal with the Wang and Qin families and briefly touched on the upcoming birthday banquet. When the discussions were over, they all retired to their respective rooms, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran included. They had decided to stay for the night.

Although they had already slept together once, Qin Jiran felt even more nervous than the first time. The first time, he had been ignorant about Su Yanyi’s dishonest sleeping posture, but this time, he wasn’t. It would be impossible for him to remain indifferent.

After finishing her bath, Su Yanyi took a towel and handed it to Qin Jiran, who quietly accepted it and took a seat behind her. As he wiped her hair, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end he closed it. What he wanted to say was that maybe he should sleep on the sofa? But when he remembered how she reacted the last time he asked, he had no choice but to swallow back the suggestion.

Then his attention fell on the blanket on the bed, and he once again thought of the classic joke about a boundary and a beast. Ah… He didn’t want to be a beast, but he didn’t want to be worse than a beast either!

His expression became strange as his mind wandered, and his movements slowed down. Noticing the change, Su Yanyi turned around and caught sight of his strange expression. Immediately, she laughed.  

“What are you thinking of, with that kind of expression on your face?” she asked curiously.

The tips of the man’s ears turned red in an instant. Obviously, he wasn’t going to tell her that he was struggling over whether or not to be a beast, but he knew she would keep persisting if he didn’t give an answer of some sort.

“Um, would it be appropriate for me to help out Big Brother and Father-in-law?”

“Of course. You call them ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Father-in-law’ for a reason.”  In the past, Qin Jinran did not address her father and older brother so intimately.

After a moment of silence, he nodded very seriously. Since the Su family trusted him, he would do his best to not let them down.

The Su family was one of the city’s four great families. Among them, the Su family was relatively lowkey and independent. Besides the Su Company, they dabbled in a variety of other fields, such as Mother Su’s media company and Su Yanyi’s entertainment company, and now, Qin Jiran’s SQ Company had joined their ranks.

But those were only their forces on the surface. The Su family possessed intelligence networks around the world and was definitely many times stronger than they showed on the surface.

As the oldest elder of the Su family, Grandpa Su’s birthday was of great importance. The Su family actually didn’t like to hold big banquets, but their guests were too enthusiastic and forceful for them not to.

The next morning, a large group of guests arrived before the banquet started. The majority of them were old seniors, and the most distinctive thing about the group was that it consisted of both Chinese natives and foreigners, each flocked by a superfluous number of bodyguards.

In the living room, Su Yanyi stared at the guests with a strange expression on her face.

A certain man was sitting beside the old master of the house, and the old man was introducing him to everyone who approached to pay their greetings; clearly, this new member of the Su family was not to be taken lightly.

Actually, the fact that Old Master Su had gained a new grandson-in-law was old news to most of the guests. They’d learned about it three years ago and even seen him on some occasions. However, only now was he being introduced and accepted officially into the Su family.

On the sofa, Qin Jiran was sitting up tall and straight. He listened more than he spoke, and the more he listened, the more shocked he became.  

Just who were these people? Why did their conversations make him feel like they were from a different world?

Private airplanes, islands, and luxury cuisines, those were still normal. The Su family was outrageously wealthy, after all. He knew that the Su family dealt in the underworld, so he wasn’t too surprised either when he heard things about smuggling, munitions, and narcotics.

But international intelligence, mercenaries, and warfare? Although he knew that there were still countries around the world in the midst of war, what did any of that have to do with the Su family?

What left Qin Jiran even more speechless was the luxurious gifts mentioned in the conversations.

“Sir, my old man is being watched by the international police right now, so he is unable to attend this banquet. We hope you don’t mind. Please accept this gift from my father.”  Currently, the person speaking was a mixed Chinese-American youth said to be the heir of an underground auction house. He handed Old Master Su a box.

“Kori, I watched your father grow up. You don’t need to be so polite with me. Tell him to be more careful and not be too greedy. Having enough money to spend is enough.” Old Master Su motioned for Qin Jiran to open the box, revealing a document and a golden card.

Qin Jiran glanced at the document and saw that it contained information about an oil tanker, most likely Old Master Su’s birthday gift. As for the golden card, he had no idea what it was for.

“Yes, I will tell my father. He also says that often, but some things take time.” Kori clearly agreed with Old Master Su, as he nodded vigorously, making him seem very formal and traditional, unlike other mixed-blooded children who grew up abroad.

“That’s good. I’ll accept the gift,” Old Master Su said, chuckling. “Your father is a conscientious person, knowing to pass gifts to the younger generation through me. Jiran, take this oil tanker to play. You and Yanyi should take some time off work and know to relax and have fun once in a while. Kori, you’re also around their age. Why don’t the three of you hang out sometime?” The old man handed the document to Qin Jiran, looked at the golden card, and said, “Take this invitation card too. Grandpa is old now, I’ll leave these novelties for you youngsters to enjoy.”

That was when Qin Jiran realized the golden card was actually an invitation card. He accepted it, though he didn’t know what kind of party it was for. A moment later, Kori turned his attention to Qin Jiran. With fierce, prying eyes, he scrutinized Qin Jiran, who remained impervious and cold-faced.

Finally, Kori withdrew his gaze and returned to his usual reserved expression. Using a respectful tone, he said to Old Master Su, “Little sister Yanyi has always had a good eye. It’s a pity I couldn’t attend her wedding ceremony.”

Old Master Su laughed. “Wait until they have their first child, then you and your family can come for the full moon ceremony.” The old man said with a glance at Qin Jiran, as though telling him to hurry up and give him a grandson already.

“Alright, I’ll remember,” Kori said seriously. He even motioned for his assistant, who was standing at the side, to write it down.

As he watched, the tips of Qin Jiran’s ears reddened. He was still in the pursuit stage, so obviously he hadn’t considered having a child yet! Su Yanyi, who was watching them from afar, couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Children already? And this Kori, telling his assistant to write it down… tch, what an old-fashioned and unlikeable person!

Old Master Su had actually called her to sit with them too, but she was uninterested. Mother, Father, and Brother Su were all busy receiving their respective friends and business partners, leading conversations that involved a wide range of fields. No wonder Grandpa Su said that the Su family members were busy—already, Qin Jiran was beginning to realize just how powerful the Su family really was.

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