Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 — Morning Exercises

Auditory hallucinations, and now normal hallucinations too… did she just kiss me?

Hallucination, definitely a hallucination! Why would she kiss me on her own initiative? The sun doesn’t rise from the west!

Su Yanyi was expressionless, but Qin Jiran had turned red, all the way up to his ears.

However, that light touch, her slightly cool breath, and the close-up of her exquisite face… definitely weren’t hallucinations.

“Y-You kissed me…” At this point, he could care less about the white tiger cub. His mind was stuck on the kiss.

Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow and asked with great arrogance, “What, are you unwilling?”

Of course not. He shook his head. “I don’t mean that.”

“Then what did you mean? You want me to take responsibility, is that it?” Seeing him fumble like this made her want to tease him. Who told him to be so amusing?

He really wanted to say “yes” but thought it would be strange for a man to say that. Therefore, he could only put on a calm expression and stay silent, though in actuality, he looked so conflicted that Su Yanyi couldn’t help but laugh.

Her laughter was crisp and melodious and instantly cleared away his conflicted expression, replacing it with a dumb smile. She looks so beautiful when she’s laughing.

Su Yanyi noticed and asked the System, “He has a dumb smile. Does that count as a secret?”

【……】The System didn’t respond.

Fine. She already knew the answer.

In the end, they didn’t take the tiger home, and it wasn’t because Su Yanyi didn’t want to. The villa just wasn’t suitable for a tiger to live in. She suggested that they send the tiger to the Su family’s private island, where there were special breeders to take care of it.

Qin Jiran agreed. They decided they would visit the tiger if they had a chance in the future.

Two days after their date was the class reunion. Su Yanyi got up early that morning and was in a good mood. Although it wasn’t time for breakfast, she wanted to see Qin Jiran as he cooked. However, when she arrived, he wasn’t in the kitchen. She looked at the time and saw that it was still very early. Maybe he was still asleep?

Expectantly, she headed to his bedroom, but he wasn’t in there either. She asked the System for his location, and the answer was the same as last time: Mr. Qin is in the backyard.

Her eyes brightened.

“He exercises every morning. That counts as a habit, doesn’t it?” she asked confidently.    

Congratulations on accomplishing the task once!

+1 Point.

Progress: 6/10

Total: 16 Points

Please continue working hard!

Then 001 spoke.

【 Master, it’s a good habit to exercise in the mornings. You should accompany him, I’m sure it’ll improve your relationship. 】

She ignored 001 and went to find Qin Jiran, who was in the middle of shadowboxing.

He wanted to stop when he noticed her arrival, but before he could, her delicate fist suddenly flew at his face, filling him with a sense of deja vu. Yanyi wanted to practice with him again.

This time, the duel went smoothly. Although Qin Jiran was still a bit overcautious, his expression was rather serious, and he put some genuine strength behind his blows. Su Yanyi was satisfied.

After more than ten minutes of dueling, she ceased her blows, and he went to make breakfast. Su Yanyi returned to her bedroom to take a shower, and when she came out again, breakfast was done. She happily finished the food and thus began a beautiful day.

“The reunion starts at six o’clock. Should I pick you up at the company?” Qin Jiran asked, a little excited for the evening, stemming from the fact that he and Su Yanyi could finally attend a public event as husband and wife for the first time. He was really looking forward to that.

“Get there early. I’ve already prepared the clothes.” She had told Kang Zhong to prepare when Qin Jiran told her about the date of the reunion. She was also looking forward to it, but unlike Qin Jiran, what she was looking forward to was giving Wang Zhilin a shock.

“Is two hours ahead enough?” He was somewhat surprised that she would prepare clothes for the reunion. It wasn’t a formal event, after all. However, he didn’t mind, and his anticipation grew.

“That’s fine.”

When it was around three in the afternoon, Qin Jiran arrived at the company and greeted Kang Zhong at the door of her office.

“Brother Kang, is she busy?” He had arrived a bit too early and wasn’t sure if she was in the middle of work.

“She is discussing a cooperation with President Ling of the Hua Company. It’s about the Tianhai charity performance. You probably know about it. President Ling has really high expectations and kept picking the busy artists. Right now, she’s finalizing the list with President Su.” Kang Zhong felt helpless. The charity performance was originally his responsibility, but the other party wasn’t satisfied with his choices, and they eventually had to take it to Su Yanyi.

“Then I’ll wait.” There is a resting area outside of the office, so he sat down there.

“I heard from President Su that the two of you will be attending a class reunion this evening?” It wasn’t really a question, of course. After all, he probably understood Su Yanyi’s thought process better than Qin Jiran did.

“Mhm, a class reunion for my university classmates.”

“Just that? I feel like it’s extremely important to President Su. She had me prepare clothes as though the two of you would be going on the red carpet.”

“Wang Zhilin will be there too.” That was the only reason Qin Jiran could think of, and he was right.

Su Yanyi was a very lowkey person, but she was lowkey in a way that everyone knew. She actually sported a competitive streak, as seen when she dueled with Qin Jiran that morning and the fact that she had specifically prepared for the class reunion. He could sense her obvious excitement

“I see.” Kang Zhong did know that Wang Zhilin would also be attending, but he hadn’t thought much of it before. Now that Qin Jiran had pointed it out, Kang Zhong suddenly had a moment of realization. No wonder President Su cared so much; she was going to meet her love rival.

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