Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 67.2

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Chapter 67.2 — More PDA

“Do you need something, mom?” she asked upon answering.

“What, I can’t call just to call? Have you ever called your mom when you don’t need something? Calling just to chat is okay, you know!” Mother Su grumbled, feeling that her daughter was too inconsiderate. Wasn’t there a saying that went, “A daughter is the mother’s cotton-padded jacket”? How come hers was a freezer? It was so disappointing.

“Mom, don’t beat around the bush.” Su Yanyi was used to her mother’s nagging and didn’t mind. After being called out, Mother Su got to the point, “It’s almost your grandpa’s birthday. You haven’t forgotten, right?” Earlier, when she saw the pictures of her daughter and son-in-law together, Mother Su thought that her daughter had gotten cuter. But looking at it now, she was clearly a lost cause.

“No. I already have my gift prepared.” Grandpa Su’s birthday was in three days, of course she hadn’t forgotten.

“Gift? The gift your grandpa wants the most is probably a grandchild, one from you and one from your brother, but the two of you let him down every year. It’s about time you considered having a child, you know? In the past, I didn’t rush you because your relationship with Jiran was unstable, but now your relationship is good—great, even. Don’t delay anymore,” Mother Su said with great emphasis. She had wanted to become a grandmother for a long time already, but her two children were too uncooperative.

“… I’ll consider it.” A child? Maybe in another ten or twenty years!

She didn’t even like small animals, let alone small children. Furthermore, her and Qin Jiran were still far, far from the stage of making children.

“It’s fine as long as you consider it. Oh, and remember to come early.”

“I know.”

After hanging up, Su Yanyi looked somewhat helplessly at Qin Jiran.

“Grandpa’s birthday? Do we need to prepare anything?” Every year, the Su family would hold a banquet to celebrate Grandpa Su’s birthday. He was aware of this.

“I’ve already prepared a gift, so we just need to make sure we arrive early.”


. . .

When Wang Zhilin regained consciousness again, the Wang family was there. The nurse had told them about Su Yanyi’s visit, so they were all wearing ugly expressions on their faces.

“Zhilin, I’ve arranged for two bodyguards to protect you here. From now on, no one from the Su family will be allowed to come in,” Wang Pinde told her solemnly. He felt like he had been negligent, but he had been too busy dealing with problems in the company.

“So what if they can’t come in? Would that make me happy? Su Yanyi, that bitch! I won’t let her off!” Wang Zhilin’s complexion was terrible and paired with her resentful expression, she could easily pass as Zhenzi1 without having to use any makeup.

“Zhilin, don’t be mad. Heh, what does the Su family count for? I’ve talked with Qin Zhenren and Qin Chu. The Qin family will take out a large amount of funds to cooperate with us, and with that money, we’ll be able to acquire the Su Company. Without the Su family’s protection, Su Yanyi will be no different from a dog without its owner. Then, you can exact your revenge.”

“Fine, then I’ll wait. I definitely won’t let her off!”

The Wang family and Qin family were planning to attack the Su family by means of acquisition. But unfortunately for them, with the Su family’s immense network, their plan was found out very quickly by Su Yanmo. Not to mention, he had been keeping an eye on the Wang family from the start.

Su Yanmo was currently abroad. When he learned of the scheme, he immediately gave Su Yanyi a call.

“The Wang family and Qin family have joined hands and plan to secretly acquire our family’s company. What are you going to do?”

“Acquire our family’s company? They’re dreaming, right? With the number of shares the Su Company holds right now, how could they possibly have enough money to acquire the company? Ridiculous.” Su Yanyi acted like she had been told a joke. The acquisition was not as simple as the two families made it out to be; without sufficient funds and detailed planning, it would be impossible to succeed.

“Of course they don’t have enough money, but in order to acquire the Su Company, both families have pledged shares to banks. Altogether, they’ve gathered over 10 billion yuan.” Su Yanmo spoke disdainfully.

“Oh? Share pledging? That means if they’re unable to acquire the company and fail to pay back the loans, the shares would no longer belong to them?” From her tone, it was obvious that she had thought of a plan.

“Exactly.” As expected of my sister, even our thought processes are the same.

“Looks like it’s time for us to make a move again.” She was also happy that she shared such great tacit understanding with her brother.

“Mhm. We’ll talk about it when I get back. I’ll be back before Grandpa’s birthday.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

“Bring Jiran along too. He’s also a part of the Su family, so it’s about time he learned about some of our secrets.”

“Mhm, alright.”

. . .

On the day before Grandpa Su’s birthday banquet, Su Yanmo returned to the country and Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran to the manor. The family of six sat together for dinner and began to talk.

Qin Jiran felt both nervous and expectant, but more so expectant. Although he had never attended a meeting like this before, he knew that it was basically a stamp of recognition for him.

“Jiran, did you know that the Wang family and Qin family are working together now?” Su Yanmo got straight to the point. Qin Jiran’s connection to the Qin family was completely unexpected, but fortunately, Qin Jiran was not close to that family. It would be troublesome if he was.

“Yanyi already told me. Big brother, the Qin family has nothing to do with me. No matter what you guys do, I’ll always be on the Su family’s side,” Qin Jiran promised solemnly.

Su Yanmo shot him a look of admiration before turning to ask Grandpa Su, “Grandpa, you and that old man Qin could be considered old friends. Do you want to save him some face?”

Grandpa Su smiled, his eyes curving into crescents. He sat with his back as straight as a ramrod and didn’t get mad at his grandson’s inquiry. “Old man Qin is very ill, let’s wait a while if possible,” was all he said in response.

“Well, I’m afraid the Wang family and Qin family won’t be able to.” Su Yanmo was unmoved. Instead of saying more about the issue, Grandpa Su turned to Qin Jiran and advised him kindly, “Jiran, I know you don’t want to get involved with the Qin family, but they’ll try to get you involved. You have to be prepared.”

If the Su family really did end up having to deal with the Qin family, then the Qin family would most likely try to use Qin Jiran as a lifeline. They might even pull pressure from the public to force him to help them. The one in trouble then would be Qin Jiran.

“Thank you for your concern, Grandpa. I understand, and I don’t mind.”

Grandpa Su laughed. “Alright. Don’t worry though—it’ll be troublesome, but you are a member of the Su family. We’ll help you no matter how troublesome it is. Zheng Tian, Xiao Mo, Jiran is also a member of our family. The two of you have too much work on your hands, so why don’t you each pick out a few things and hand them to Jiran?” He was evidently very satisfied with Qin Jiran’s response. When he turned the topic of conversation to business, it was an obvious sign that he was giving Qin Jiran permission to partake in the Su family’s core business affairs.

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