Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 72.1

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Chapter 72.1 — The Eighteenth Point

Guo Zekai’s capacity for alcohol was indeed good. If it weren’t for Su Yanyi who shared a part of the burden, Qin Jiran would probably be down by this point.

“Are you okay?” Su Yanyi inquired, thinking it was a little funny. She wants to get Guo Zekai drunk but she had never thought of getting Qin Jiran drunk.

“I’m fine.” Qin Jiran shook his head and attempted to act calmly. In reality, how many of those who were drunk would say that something is wrong with them?

Su Yanyi pursed her lips, obviously not believing in the man’s words. She declared to Jiang Xiaobin by the side: “Help me support him back.”

Jiang Xiaobin had been waiting for Su Yanyi to say this. He immediately came over, wanting to lift Qin Jiran up but he refused.
“There really is nothing wrong with me. I will go back and rest. You can stay and relax some more.” After he finished his words, he straightened his back and left. Plus, he walked quite steadily and didn’t seem like he had drunk too much. However, Su Yanyi noticed the bewilderedness in his eyes and felt it was amusing. Yet, she followed him back out of worry still.

Qin Jiran really drank too much. But it was good that they were going to live amongst the cast and crew for two days. The rooms were already ordered. After Qin Jiran returned to his own room, he directly laid on the bed didn’t even take off his clothes.

Su Yanyi followed behind Qin Jiran and saw this scene. The corner of her eyes twitched. She felt that the man was a good drinker. Even when he was drunk, he was able to find his own room to rest. He hadn’t made a tantrum or scene about it. It was quite nice.

It’s just that she hadn’t finished complimenting him when the person on bed violently sat up. First, his eyes looked around his surroundings a little lost then when his eyes landed on Su Yanyi, it brightened. He immediately revealed an extremely dazzling smile. That smile almost dazzled Su Yanyi’s eyes. This was the first time she had seen this man smiled so brilliant and brightly. He was so pure like a child, without any feeling of impurity.

Su Yanyi felt as though she was defeated once again by Qin Jiran’s handsome looks. She couldn’t help to go over and stare directly at him.
“Yanyi…” The soft and deep voice was a little sexy but more so, the feeling of acting like a spoiled child.
Su Yanyi felt unwell. Otherwise, how come her face wanted to turn red when she had seen this type of Qin Jiran? Being bashful or shy wasn’t the rhythm a cold and indifferent Queen should have!

Su Yanyi was a little furious. She lifted her slender lily-white hands, patting Qin Jiran’s head. Who let you act like a spoiled child, let you be cute, let you use your looks against me? See if this hurts!

The pressure Su Yanyi placed on her hand wasn’t that soft. Qin Jiran also felt the pain. He clutched his head with his hand, looking at Su Yanyi miserably and not knowing why she had done this.

“Yanyi, you dislike me.” Qin Jiran’s hoarse voice contained complaint, as though a little puppy who had been disliked by its owner.
The corner of Su Yanyi’s lips started to twitch. How come the drunk Qin Jiran was like this? Was it really suitable for him to act cute and like a spoiled child?

“Go to sleep!” Su Yanyi’s face was cold, clenching the words out of her teeth. She wasn’t mad at Qin Jiran but rather herself. How come she knew that Qin Jiran was trying to act cute and spoiled given the opportunity he was drunk but yet she still felt that it was really cute?
If this was the Qin Jiran that was awake right now then naturally he would do whatever Su Yanyi asked of him. But the problem is that this was the drunk Qin Jiran so he had no intentions of sleeping.

Qin Jiran pulled on Su Yanyi’s hands and used his face to rub against the back of her hands. Then, he raised his head to smile extremely brightly at Su Yanyi: “Yanyi, I like you!”

Su Yanyi held an icy face, unable to see through her expression. But overall, it gave people a blank feeling.
“Go to sleep!” She emphasized the two words. Su Yanyi wanted to pull her hands out from Qin Jiran’s but she noticed that he clutched them tightly. She was unable to take them out.

“Yanyi, I like you. I like you a lot.” Qin Jiran continued to smile dazzlingly, squinting his eyes. He also continued to use his hoarse and deep voice to express his love. She felt that there was a huge contrast. He was deeply in love and cute.

Su Yanyi really didn’t feel okay right now. What did she need to do with this type of Qin Jiran? Should she punch him so that he is unconscious?

“Yanyi, I like you. Yanyi, I like you…” Time after time, Qin Jiran declared this unceasingly. He seemed to be expressing his love but also pleasing Su Yanyi. That grin finally led Su Yanyi to helplessly sigh.

[001, does this count as a private habit that he turns like this after he is drunk?]

Su Yanyi inquired the system. She felt like only she had probably seen this side of Qin Jiran. If this doesn’t count as a secret then she had no idea what would count.

[Master, this, you need to say this male master’s special place. Otherwise, the system won’t give you the point since it’s too stubborn and old-fashioned.]

001’s soft voice appeared. Whilst acting cute, it also betrayed the system.

[Prohibition of attacking someone verbally.]

Before Su Yanyi could react, the system showed up and the old-fashioned voice not only didn’t sound like it was retorting against but rather verifying 001’s words.

Su Yanyi was unsure whether to laugh or cry right now. However, the most important task right now was to find Qin Jiran’s special place.
Su Yanyi began to seriously observe Qin Jiran. He continued to brightly smile, squinting his eyes while doing so. He mumbled words of love.

[After he is drunk, he will squint his eyes and smile brightly?]

Su Yanyi tested the system.

[Congratulations host for completing the second class mission once. You receive one point. Right now, at the present stage, you have eighteen points. Please keep trying your best, host!]

Su Yanyi was satisfied. She didn’t even mind the drunk Qin Jiran. She touched Qin Jiran’s hair in an extremely great mood. Even the tone of her voice wasn’t so indifferent anymore, “Okay, you have been acting like a spoiled child for a while now. Go to sleep. If you keep on tormenting me, I will be angry.”

It was unsure if Qin Jiran really understood Su Yanyi’s words but he closed his mouth, hesitating. He finally laid on the bed but still held onto Su Yanyi’s hands, not letting go. Within his eyes, he held a look of request to Su Yanyi. The meaning seemed to be obvious, wishing that Su Yanyi wouldn’t let. He also hoped for her to sleep with him.

Su Yanyi took in the roast beef smell and thought of her habit in taking a shower before sleeping. She thought of the safety problems of sleeping in a bed with a drunk person…

Su Yanyi pondered over a lot but in the end, she didn’t let go to Qin Jiran’s hands. She finally laid on the bed, resting with Qin Jiran.
She closed her eyes and her mind was filled with images of Qin Jiran’s bright smile. Then she couldn’t help to think that sometimes it was a fine idea for Qin Jiran to drink some more wine.

Oh, next time she needed to remember to prepare the equipment for videotaping in order to record the scene of Qin Jiran acting cute and spoiled as well as his brilliant smile. She will let Qin Jiran have a good look at it when he is awake.

When Su Yanyi thought of that situation, she felt quite delightful. Until she fell asleep, the corner of her lips still held a joyful grin. She believed she will definitely have a good dream. It’s just that she had no idea if she will end up dreaming of Film Emperor Qin’s splendid laugh.

Early the next day in the morning, Su Yanyi woke up first. Not unexpectedly, she was on top of Qin Jiran again. Her lips twitched then after, she calmly got out of bed.

Human-sized pillows were obviously useful. Although before she slept, she had a lot of worries, this was an extremely comfortable sleep this time. Su Yanyi was in a pretty good mood. She quickly rinsed and brushed her teeth. After that, she returned back to bed.
Qin Jiran probably had too many drinks last night. He who usually woke up early had no intentions of waking up still. This led Su Yanyi to see the rare looks of him sleeping. The abstruse five sense organs distinctly turned more gentle, a feeling of warmness.
Su Yanyi stared at him for a while before realizing how foolish she was. She really shouldn’t have been so fascinated by the looks of a man in sleep.

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