Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 80.2

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Chapter 80.2 — The Christmas Date

Edited by: Larkspur

QOTC: I will take care of her.” – QJR

Although it ruined the mood somewhat, Qin Jiran still liked the sound of it. He agreed, “I’ll cook for you next time. It definitely won’t be worse than this.”

Qin Jiran was ecstatic because he and Su Yanyi had similar thoughts. He too felt that the food here didn’t taste as good as his own.

Then, the two started discussing the dishes. Although Su Yanyi didn’t know how to cook them, she knew how to eat! She was very familiar with ordering dishes and Qin Jiran made a mental note of each one with utter sincerity.

As they ate, Qin Jiran realized that Yanyi had yet to open the gift. He was unsure if she would like it. Hence, he kept shooting uneasy glances in the direction of the gift.

Su Yanyi was quick to notice and looked at the extremely exquisite box on the side. She picked it up and gently opened it. A pair of small but delicate and sparkling diamond stud earrings lay within.

This pair of stud earrings were very small and exquisite, but it did have some color. It wasn’t as inferior as the normal stud earrings.

Usually, Su Yanyi didn’t personally buy accessories much. Her outfits and accessories were managed by her assistant. From time to time, the trendiest and latest styles from brands would be sent over. Therefore, this was the first time that someone had gifted her this type of personal jewelry besides Mother Su, who had given her a few once she was an adult.

“It’s pretty nice. Help me wear it.” As Su Yanyi said this, she took off the earrings she wore and motioned for Qin Jiran to help her.

Naturally, Qin Jiran was happy. He walked over very carefully and gently helped Su Yanyi wear it. Although he wasn’t as skilled, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Su Yanyi slightly raised her eyebrows, with their closeness she could feel his breathing on her. This man’s influence on her grew bigger and bigger.

In the beginning, she didn’t think much about the two sleeping on the same bed. But now, she was a bit immersed in this simple touch. She had started to develop a fondness for this man’s scent.

Su Yanyi suspected that, in the days to come, she’d be unable to restrain herself from pouncing on the man.

Thinking up to here, she thought of something she had been neglecting. She and Qin Jiran were married. But up until now, they slept in separate rooms. Although she’d mentioned it once, Qin Jiran had refused. Of course, she’d accepted his reasoning and she knew that this man really cared about their relationship.

But now, she had admitted to liking Qin Jiran in her heart, though she didn’t want to confess this to Qin Jiran yet. She wanted him to gradually discover this himself. Moreover, this man was still trying to pursue her. Although he wasn’t as enthusiastic when pursuing her, in reality, it was to her taste. She liked relationships that worked out little by little.

Since that was what she expected, some things just had to go with the flow. Actually, sleeping in different rooms had a type of appeal. She wasn’t anxious, really not anxious.

Though she wasn’t anxious about this, she was anxious about something else. It was the system’s mission. This was the last second-level mission, but she couldn’t figure out no matter what. Now, she was really anxious.

By this time, Qin Jiran had finished helping Su Yanyi. “It’s really beautiful,” he moved a step back and took a careful look, before exclaiming in satisfaction.

“Thank you.” Although she couldn’t see it, she was naturally beautiful so it’d look good on her.

Qin Jiran returned to his seat and was in a great mood.

This pair of stud earrings was delicate and elegant but special enough. He had deliberated for a long time before deciding on this pair in the end. It indeed suited Yanyi well. He had quite a discerning taste. As to the other gifts, Qin Jiran wanted to go back and pick some more. If there were chances, he would naturally gift them to Yanyi.

Giving gifts to beloved who liked them in return, was a really good feeling. He then got into the habit of gifting Su Yanyi whenever there was a holiday. So much so, that he gave her a bonsai on National Tree Planting Day! She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the gifts she received.

“Yanyi, what should we do after we finish eating?” Qin Jiran asked casually, only to receive a weird look in return.

“Shouldn’t you be deciding this?” Why was he asking her what to do on a date? How would she know‽

Qin Jiran was speechless. Should he really be deciding this? Or did she not need to think about this?

Of course, these thoughts were strictly in his heart. He definitely didn’t dare to say it aloud!

“Cough, are we still going to the theater?” Qin Jiran spoke slowly before Yanyi immediately rolled her eyes at him.

“It’s ok if we are going to a film review.” She had no intention of going twice. But if it was Qin Jiran’s new movie, she could go watch it.

Qin Jiran felt a bit awkward, and bumbled, “I don’t know how to talk.”

Su Yanyi almost laughed. Why did this man instantly act like a little wife? Was she such an evil tyrant that he didn’t want to speak?

“Then I rather go by myself than go on a date with a slow-witted person who doesn’t know how to talk.” Su Yanyi said in distaste.

Qin Jiran was a bit discouraged. He, as expected, was disliked by Yanyi.

[On Christmas, honey wants to rather go by herself than on a date. What should I do? I’m anxious and waiting right now.]

“Let’s go! It doesn’t matter we go!”

Although Yanyi disliked him, obviously, he couldn’t possibly let her go by herself. Qin Jiran was rarely unyieldingly. He looked at Su Yanyi, determined.

Su Yanyi was surprised. This seemed to be the first time that Qin Jiran had used such a tone, extremely determined. He even acted tough, as if nothing could change his decision.

Su Yanyi had a personality of her own. She most certainly didn’t like people talking to her in such an unyielding tone. Or at least this was what she’d thought before She believed that the man’s submissive personality suited her taste. She liked how they were gentle, considerate, willing, and would never argue. If she was tough, Qin Jiran was soft. They complemented each other, thus she’s content.

When Qin Jiran first revealed his tough side before her, Su Yanyi, strangely discovered that she wasn’t averse. On the contrary, she was attracted to it! Oh, saying ‘attracted’ wasn’t accurate. Perhaps, she didn’t describe it fully. To put it correctly, she was a bit moved!

A manly Qin Jiran was quite handsome too!

Su Yanyi couldn’t help but think back to a moment from her past life; it’s immensely profound yet she’d somehow managed to ignore it.

The doctor had declared her a human vegetable and her family was grieving. She lay on the hospital bed and mysteriously, she heard many voices. During that time, Qin Jiran who had been divorced for a year walked into the ward bringing along an arctic aura.

It felt like she saw him but at the same time, it felt like she only heard his voice, or maybe what that man said to her family in a deep and serious voice, “I will take care of her.”

He was unflinching; nothing could change his decision. Qin Jiran had held a more imposing manner then than he did right now and the vibe of protectiveness emanating had been more prominent.

Perhaps, it was his tenacity that got him her family’s consent. In the end, he’d taken care of her for two years; until Wang Zhilin killed her.

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