Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 87.2

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Chapter 87.2  — A Certain Room 

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She knew that the man was too excited and hence this behaviour. She also knew his reason for being excited — he was overly happy. Hey, this stupid man! She’d agreed even to the sensual matters, but he was the one to turn it down. Now, he was being overly happy with something like this? He really was a bit stupid.

But she knew that this man’s stupidity was her own doing. He’d turned her down because he cared about their relationship too much. His happiness right now was also because he cared about her. This was a testimony to the fact that no matter what this man did, he would always consider her first.

“Jiran, your things…” Are you done arranging it? Su Yanmo swallowed the last few words. This married couple, did they need to flaunt their love?! They were even hugging when arranging the room?!

On hearing the voice, an embarrassed Qin Jiran let go of Su Yanyi. He still pretended to be calm. “Elder Brother, what’s the problem?”

“Nothing. I just came to take a look. You guys continue doing what you were doing.” He left as soon as he came and even considerately closed the door behind him.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi looked at each other, then at the servants who were around, helping them arrange their clothes. The servants cast awkward glances at one another and silently turned around. They seemed to be telling them to act as if they were non-existent.

It was a busy afternoon at the Su residence as they settled the moving matters. Later, the whole family gathered over a warm dinner. After dinner, they sat together for a chat and teased little Su Nuo before returning to their own rooms.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran didn’t live in the residence. After walking for a minute, they returned to their house. The servants in the building were all brought back from the villa and understood the two master’s habits. They made themselves scarce.

The two returned to the bedroom on the second floor. They were greeted by a room with red adornments giving a rather festive feeling. If one didn’t know better, this set up would easily bring in thoughts of ‘bridal chambers’, ‘wedding night’ and such. These thoughts appeared in Qin Jiran’s mind as well.

“I will take a shower.” Neither did Su Yanyi feel uncomfortable nor did she dwell too much on it. She took her pajamas into the bathroom.

When Su Yanyi came out of the shower, she saw Qin Jiran looking through the scripts. She had given Qin Jiran a pile of scripts before and Qin Jiran would take a look whenever he had time. As expected, the standard of these scripts was pretty high. Qin Jiran loved them all and a lot too.

Su Yanyi looked at the scripts and her eyes sparkled. She couldn’t help but think of the system’s mission. The system had upgraded and there was now a new mission. She needed to personally make gifts for Qin Jiran and whatnot. It was indeed problematic. How about she personally make ten more underwear for Qin Jiran? She could just change the colors but she wasn’t sure if Qin Jiran would like them.

But right after, Su Yanyi thought of the return gifts. Not only did she need to give him gifts in this mission, but it also actually required Qin Jiran to give presents back. But if she gifted him underwears…

Cough, cough. Never mind. She would give him other things.

“Let me dry your hair.” He raised his head to see Su Yanyi holding a towel and her hair dripping with water when she walked out. Qin Jiran immediately took the towel and started to dry Su Yanyi’s hair.

Su Yanyi debated on using this time to discuss about the mission.

“Do you like the gift I gave you?” Su Yanyi asked, suddenly.

Qin Jiran pondered a bit before recollecting what the gift was. He was under the impression that Su Yanyi would be unwilling to mention it again. Why else would she fiercely make him shut up? But then again, Yanyi had already given it so why wouldn’t she want to mention it?

“I like it.” Therefore, Qin Jiran could only answer with uncertainty. He naturally liked it but he felt embarrassed to say so.

“Then are you happy?” Su Yanyi thought of the last part of the system’s requirements. About the ‘sending a gift in return’, although she couldn’t say it out loud, she could give him hints.

“…Happy!” He was happy to the extent he didn’t know how to express his feelings.

“If I were to receive gifts, then I would be very happy too!” Before she even gave him a present, she made it clear that she wanted one in return as well. Of course, the gift she mentioned was the mission that the system required her to complete.

But to Qin Jiran, that wasn’t the meaning. She was clearly asking for him to give her gifts!

“Um, I bought some things a few days ago but I’m not sure if you would like it. Do you want me to bring it over now?” Two days ago, in order to give her a Christmas present, he had bought a ton of things. But in the end, he gave her just one of them and the rest of the things were brought over when they were moving. It was all hidden in his closet.

Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened and wanted to agree, but she shook her head right after. “Cough, cough. Give me the gift in a few days. I’ll prepare yours.”

Right! The system’s requirement was for her to first give the gift then for Qin Jiran to give her one in return. Naturally, she needed to prepare the gift. But what should she give him this time?

She needed to personally make it and be involved in over 50% of the process…Su Yanyi thought about it and felt it was too cliché to gift underwear. After all, she had given one already. How about giving Qin Jiran a pair of socks? If the system could teach her how to make underwear, how different would socks be!?

When she thought of socks, Su Yanyi felt a brand-new door for ideas open. Instantly, her mood turned cheerful. She believed that after socks, she could give him shirts, pants, and even shoes. Uh, she had no idea if shoes might be too difficult to make. But even if she can’t make socks, she could give him insoles, right? That was easy to make!

Thinking up to here, Su Yanyi became restless. She immediately stood up and started to look through the things next to the closet.

“What are you looking for? Let me help you.” Qin Jiran held the towel and looked helplessly at Yanyi. Why did he feel like she was acting strange? He’s the one giving her a gift but why was she preparing for it? What is she preparing for?

“Ruler, tape measure.” Su Yanyi responded without looking back.

When packing up things, it was clear that Qin Jiran was invested in it than Su Yanyi. As soon as he heard the response, he immediately found the tape measure from a side of a small drawer.

Su Yanyi wasted no time. She took it and started to measure Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran didn’t know how to respond. He stood there rigidly. “Yanyi, what are you doing?” he asked, curiously.

“You’ll find out in a while.” Su Yanyi thought about it and decided not to tell Qin Jiran her plan. There wouldn’t be any surprise if she revealed ahead of time. She wasn’t someone that didn’t know romance! Although this was the system’s requirement, but she could use this chance to let Qin Jiran see the meticulous and romantic side of her. That would be incredibly great as well.

Hey. Qin Jiran sighed. He guessed Yanyi was going to make some sort of clothes for him since he had just received a well-made brief. This was really a surprise to him but at the same time, he hoped that Yanyi wasn’t going to give him something strange. Otherwise, he would turn scarlet again.

When his shoulders and arms were being measured, Qin Jiran didn’t think much about it. Qin Jiran was familiar with the scent of Su Yanyi after she had just showered. Although he was a bit moved, he could control it.

When it came to the waist, Qin Jiran was a bit uncomfortable. Qin Jiran really wanted to return the hug as Su Yanyi wrapped her slender arms around his waist. However, Su Yanyi was really quick. Before he could do anything, she was ready for the next measurement.

After measuring his two long legs, Su Yanyi squatted in front of Qin Jiran. He slightly lowered his head while his ears turned red. From this angle…

Cough, cough. Yanyi, can you not casually squat in front of me when you’re wearing pajamas? He had to exert great amount of will-power to control himself to not react to the sight.

Qin Jiran walked a few steps back and reluctantly averted his gaze from Su Yanyi.

“Why are you backing? Come here quickly. Step on the ruler and let me see.” Su Yanyi didn’t notice anything strange. She raised her head and looked at Qin Jiran, indicating for him to cooperate with her.

Qin Jiran let out a heavy sigh in his heart. It was more of torture when she subconsciously seduced him.

Qin Jiran walked over and stepped on the tape measure. But this type of measurement was a bit incorrect. Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows and wanted to shift the ruler, but Qin Jiran had stepped solidly on it. She patted the back of Qin Jiran’s feet.

“Move forward a bit.”

Qin Jiran wore a peculiar gaze, nonetheless, cooperated and moved. Once Su Yanyi had the measurements, she let Qin Jiran go and noted them down r on paper.

While Su Yanyi was busy, Qin Jiran lowered his head and looked at the back of his feet. He had endured the feeling of shock.

When Su Yanyi was done, she turned around to see Qin Jiran staring at the back of his feet blankly. She had no idea what this man was thinking about.

“What are you thinking about?” Su Yanyi walked to Qin Jiran. The wet hair messily scattered down her shoulders. Qin Jiran looked at it and picked up the towel on the side, drying it for Su Yanyi again.

Su Yanyi touched the half-dried hair and obediently sat down. The feeling of someone servicing her was pretty good.

Seeing Yanyi quietly sitting down, Qin Jiran’s heart melted. He quickly dried Su Yanyi’s hair and held her in his arms, pressing her down on the bed.

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