Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 — Ling Tianyue

If Qin Jiran knew what Kang Zhong was thinking, he would definitely deny it because in his mind, Su Yanyi had no reason to see Wang Zhilin as a love rival. Qin Jiran assumed that she was only paying attention to Wang Zhilin because Wang Zhilin was a member of the Wang family.

But Kang Zhong was right. Only a woman who didn’t care for or love a man enough would be able to escape from the claws of jealousy. And Su Yanyi was such a possessive and controlling woman that anyone who coveted her man would instantly be regarded as an enemy to be eliminated.

At around 3:30pm, the office door opened and an imposing woman walked out, followed by an assistant. She seemed to be extremely dignified, but when her casual gaze swept over and fell on Qin Jiran, her eyes lit up. Her 4-inch heels clacked as she made her way over.

Kang Zhong and Qin Jiran stood up. The latter intended to enter the office but was stopped by the woman.

He stood expressionless as she appraised him from head to toe. “Qin Jiran. The new Film Emperor, and President Su’s man. Tut-tut. As expected, President Su has good taste,” the woman complimented appreciatively. 

No matter how annoyed or disgusted he felt, Qin Jiran was used to it and didn’t react. He knew who this woman was—Ling Tianyue, the president of the Ling Company. It was often said that although she and Su Yanyi were of the same age, their circumstances couldn’t be more different.

Su Yanyi was described as a rich young miss who became the Entertainment Queen through her own efforts, while President Ling Tianyue started from scratch and became a business legend through a variety of means. Both were considered legendary figures, and only a handful of people in the upper society could stand side-by-side with them.

However, unlike Su Yanyi, Ling Tianyue was unmarried and fickle with quite a few men pursuing her.

“Hello,” he greeted indifferently.

Ling Tianyue didn’t seem to be surprised by his indifference; as a matter of fact, she wasn’t deterred at all. ”The colder a man seems on the outside, the warmer he is on the inside, especially when he’s with the woman he loves. Film Emperor Qin, I reckon you’re not this cold when you’re with President Su?”

The office door was still open and Ling Tianyue had not lowered her voice, so Su Yanyi was able to hear everything from the inside. She walked out right after Ling Tianyue said that and responded coldly, ”President Ling, that is none of your business.”

The way Ling Tianyue was talking to Qin Jiran made Su Yanyi feel as though her possession was being violated, and that displeased her.

“President Su is still as protective as always. I’m just chatting with him, there’s no need to be so serious.” Ling Tianyue turned back with a smile, but her charm went unappreciated. After all, the rest of them —Kang Zhong, Su Yanyi, and Qin Jiran— were all single-hearted in love and couldn’t relate with her flirtatious tendencies.

“Clearly, you’re chatting with the wrong person. Would you like me to introduce you to someone?” Su Yanyi retorted sharply, but it was only a rhetorical question, and she didn’t try to deny that she had a protective personality.

Qin Jiran was her man, after all. Of course she would protect him.

“Oh, sure, as long as he’s more charming than Film Emperor Qin.” There was a saying that went: A tree without bark would die, but a person without shame was invincible. Ling Tianyue was the kind of woman who didn’t care about anything, and consequently, she could say anything she wanted to say and do anything she wanted to do. In a conversation like this, she was not in a disadvantageous position.

“Then I’m afraid there’s no one,” Su Yanyi retorted again, this time in a rather proud tone.

Ling Tianyue almost wanted to pretend she hadn’t heard. Su Yanyi had always been narcissistic, and now that she had a man, she was even more narcissistic.

As for the man who had just been praised by Su Yanyi as being the most charming, the tips of his ears turned red. Although he knew that she was just bickering with Ling Tianyue, he still felt embarrassed by the blatant praise. However, on the outside, his expression remained the same.

Ling Tianyue’s eyes flashed, and she suddenly turned to him. ”Smiling on the inside, aren’t you? Tut-tut, they say those who publicly display their love will break up sooner. If the two of you ever divorce, you can come find me. I just so happen to be looking for someone to chat with.”

A cold aura wrapped around him as he furrowed his brows and looked at her, tight-lipped without any intention of responding. He didn’t think there was a need to respond because even if he wasn’t with Su Yanyi, his heart would still belong to her. He would never take a fancy to a sly woman like Ling Tianyue.

Su Yanyi’s expression was also unpleasant. She was staring coldly at Ling Tianyue and thinking, ‘This woman doesn’t know how to speak at all, no wonder she’s old and still unmarried.’  

Technically, Ling Tianyue was only twenty-six and couldn’t be considered old at all. Nowadays, it wasn’t uncommon for women to marry when they were in their thirties. Su Yanyi was obviously being petty.

“Hey, Ling Tianyue, isn’t it about time for you to leave? This isn’t the Ling Company.” If she had known that Qin Jiran would arrive so early, she would have chased this woman out already.

But the truth was, Su Yanyi didn’t hate Ling Tianyue. They were both accomplished figures from two different fields, but they were very appreciative of each other. Otherwise, Su Yanyi wouldn’t have spoken so bluntly to her. As a matter of fact, they could be considered not only partners but also friends, and that in itself was very rare.

“Are you embarrassed? And angry?” Ling Tianyue laughed. “Well, that’s a first.” She didn’t mind getting chased away and instead became happier.

“Hmph!” Su Yanyi didn’t refute her. She believed Qin Jiran was the best, and that was that.

“Alright, alright, I’ll stop teasing you now. Film Emperor Qin, are you free on the 5th next month? Are you interested in the Tianhai charity performance?”

The charity performance was being held mainly for the purpose of improving the Ling Company’s reputation, but they were lacking a famous artist to perform. The ones Su Yanyi suggested were not to her liking, but seeing Qin Jiran gave her the idea of inviting him instead.

He looked inquiringly at Su Yanyi, who thought about it and agreed that it was a good idea. ”If you have time, you should go.”

“Okay,” he agreed.

VIN: The length of each chapter nearly quadruples from here, so I’ll be splitting the chapters into three parts from now on. This chapter, chapter 63, is the last full short chapter.

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