Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 71.3

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Chapter 71.3 — This is Love

“Yanyi, wake up. As long as you wake up, I will listen to you no matter what…”

“Yanyi, are you still not willing to wake up? As long as you are willing to wake up, even if you don’t want to see me anymore, I will be willing to do so…”

Time after time, day after day, and year after year, she heard similar words numerous times for a span of three whole years. When it first happened, she was confused then slowly she was moved. In the end, she even started to believe it was a little frightening that she heard his voice for an entire three years!

How come she believed it was frightening? Because she really couldn’t imagine a person who loved another, just under what profound situation would they do something like that? That they would be willing to lose themselves.

Su Yanyi wasn’t able to comprehend this type of feeling. Therefore, she felt it was terrifying. It was terrifying for a person to love another and in the process, lose themselves. But Qin Jiran was willing to do so for her. This had genuinely moved her. It led her cold and detached heart to return back to the warmness a normal person should have.

Su Yanyi really wanted to say to Qin Jiran that he didn’t need to change anything of her or listen to her. They are different people so they should have different opinions and thoughts. It is not necessary for one person to definitely listen to another!

But, Su Yanyi was unable to say this because she knew that the only reason she was willing to live together with this man was due to the past life that she trusted him but also due to this man’s original personality which led her to be satisfied. Whether it’s that he tolerated her or complied with her but in short, this man listened to her words and she felt really relaxed when she spends her time with him. Otherwise, even with the past life’s cause and effect, she would only protect this man in secret and let him obtain power but not necessarily live with him.

Therefore, when she just rebirthed, she declared they will ‘temporarily not divorce’ and not ‘won’t divorce.’ If it weren’t for the time spent together that made her felt comfortable with this man, she might’ve chosen to divorce still.

Su Yanyi was never someone who would force herself. There were many ways to repay back a favor. She didn’t need to insist on devoting her life to him. Therefore, it could be exclaimed that more or less, she liked this man.

But right now, she was willing to interact with this man and enjoyed his embraces as well as the intimate kisses. She even started to like this man’s odor. She believed that this might be the so-called love. No, she should exclaim this in definite confidence that this is love!

“Jiran…” Su Yanyi imitated Qin Jiran and said his name by his ears. Then, she watched as the tips of Qin Jiran’s eyes slowly turned red. This man was bashful again.

“Hm?” Qin Jiran stepped back a bit and looked at Su Yanyi in question as though to ask what happened.

The corner of Su Yanyi’s mouth held a soft smile. Each word was declared with extreme seriousness: “In the future, let’s spend our days together.”

In the past, Su Yanyi also exclaimed that she wanted to try being together and even wanted to attempt to be a good wife. But the promise during that time and the meaning of the sentence right now was extremely different. At that time, it was the promise towards responsibility for her life. But right now, it was based on her acknowledgment of her feelings.

It could be considered that in the past if Su Yanyi wanted to just pass by each day then right now, the extended meaning of the words were for the two of them to lovingly live each day with one another.

Qin Jiran’s eyes were filled with warmness. Although he wasn’t sure if the hidden meaning in Su Yanyi’s words was love towards him, yet he loved these words of living together. He and Yanyi will be together and spend the days together. Such simple words but it were the words that moved him the most.

“Okay, we will pass our days together!” Qin Jiran cautiously nodded his head. He hugged Su Yanyi tighter after applying more strength to his hands. The woman in his arms is the woman who he cared more about his life. He will definitely treasure her and stay by this woman’s side forever.

After they soaked in the hot spring that emitted the sweet scent, it was about time for dinner. When they returned back to the crew, the film studio was already taken apart. It was exchanged for some tools for barbeque and everyone within the crew all hurried around, preparing the dinner. Although it was a little cold outside, everyone was in high spirits. They all held faces of delight and expectations.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi walked over to Guo Zekai. This was the small table which was specially prepared for a couple of boss rank type of figures. On top, food had already been arranged. Guo Zekai and Fang Linger had been drooling over looking at the food.

“You guys are finally here. Quickly come eat. We are all waiting for the two of you guys.” Guo Zekai greeted the two people, making it seem urgent. Because these two people weren’t here, he didn’t have the nerve to start eating.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi weren’t polite about it either. The moment they sat down, they began to eat. Their strengths were drained from soaking in the hot spring and now they were quite famished.

Su Yanyi enjoyed eating chicken wings and roasted beef. Therefore, Qin Jiran ate while bringing her some. When he saw that there wasn’t that much within the plate, he began to roast.

Many people within the crew had seen this scene and they believed even more that these two people’s relationship was really good. Women, especially, turned jealous and envied Su Yanyi. They all really looked forward to being closely taken care of by such a handsome man.

Within these people, there were quite a few people who secretly took pictures of them. Su Yanyi didn’t mind. Many people started to know her since she was relying on Qin Jiran’s fame. On the internet and the newspapers, a lot of it held reports on her. Although she stayed low-profile, as long as the reports were positive, she didn’t mind that much.

Plus, Su Yanyi kind of enjoyed making a public display of affection because whenever she thought of Wang Zhilin who would faint from anger due to seeing these pictures, she felt delightful. Therefore, she paid no attention to these people who secretly took pictures of her and Qin Jiran and posted them online.

In reality, Wang Zhilin’s situation was just as expected by Su Yanyi. Although it wasn’t exaggerated to the state where she fainted over in anger, every time she watched as people claimed them to be in love and visually attractive, she was extremely furious. She wanted to let the doctor restrict her from receiving these types of messages otherwise it wouldn’t be beneficial in recovering. Plus, although there weren’t that many configurations in the ward, it still costed money. Even if you guys would pay for the damages after smashing these items but in the end, someone needed to go buy them!

Ever since Wang Zhilin occupied this ward, the configurations within the ward changed set after set. Who lets this wealthy young miss, Wang Zhilin’s attitude to worsen?

“President Su, let’s drink some beer. It’s only tasty when you have roast meat with beer.” Guo Zekai poured a glass of wine for Su Yanyi, kissing up to her. This is his head boss so he definitely needed to serve upon her good.

“Do you want to drink wine? Or drink some white wine. After warming the white wine, it won’t be cold anymore. Beer is too cold.” When Qin Jiran saw that Su Yanyi had the intentions of drinking, he advised her by the side. It is a little not suitable for drinking beer now that the weather was cold. It’s better to drink white wine.

Naturally, Qin Jiran considered Su Yanyi’s body first. But no one knew what Guo Zekai thought of that he turned cheerful. He eagerly exclaimed: “Yes, drink white wine. White wine is good.”

AdvertisementAs Guo Zekai exclaimed this, he moved the beer away. He then kissed up to Su Yanyi, pouring another glass of white wine for her.

Su Yanyi hadn’t seen Guo Zekai’s looks but she felt that the warm white wine was much better than beer so she casually started drinking.

Su Yanyi’s capacity for liquor was quite good. She was able to drink white wine, beer, and grape wine so she hadn’t thought much about it. She just kept drinking.

“Jiran, President Su is already drinking. You should also drink with her. We haven’t been drinking wine together for a while.” Guo Zekai believed this was a chance. He stared at the two people’s drunk expressions then he took a couple of pictures and left some to recall back to this moment in the future. How lovely is that?

In reality, the idea of drinking wine wasn’t thought by just Guo Zekai but rather many people by the side who had suggested this. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran both belonged to the stern type of people. There were a lot of people who wanted to see them change faces.

Qin Jiran glanced at Guo Zekai and finally understood that this man held no good intentions but he didn’t reject it either. As Guo Zekai claimed, Yanyi already drank so he naturally needed to stay by her side.

Qin Jiran poured a glass of white wine for himself and slowly drank from it with Su Yanyi. When the two made eye contact, with extreme mutual understanding, their glasses touched together. This led to the surrounding atmosphere between the two of them to be warm.

Fang Linger secretly held a plate of roast meat and quietly left here. She was unsure why but she had the feeling of danger approaching so it was the better option to leave first.

Guo Zekai wanted to inebriate the two of them so he found a topic to talk about while drinking with the two of them. In the beginning, Su Yanyi hadn’t noticed but after she drank two glasses, she realized Guo Zekai’s intention. Right then, she felt it was quite amusing.

“Yanyi, don’t drink too much. Director Guo could drink 1,000 glasses without getting drunk.” Qin Jiran reminded. It’s beneficial to drinking but if they drank too much, it would be bad for the body. He didn’t wish for Yanyi to be drunk because he remembered the last time she was drunk and the second day she will definitely feel bad.

Thousand glasses and not drunk, these words really reminded Su Yanyi. She suddenly thought of the stored liquid medicine that dissipated the effects of alcohol within the system’s storage. Should she find a chance to drink it and then let Director Guo who claimed to be “thousand glasses and not drunk” taste what it’s like to be drunk?

A trace of mischievousness flashed within Su Yanyi’s eyes. She took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and drank the liquid medicine. After that, she confronted Guo Zekai.

On one side, Qin Jiran tried to persuade her but it evidently didn’t obtain the effect he wanted to. Therefore, he thought of blocking the glasses of wine for Su Yanyi yet he was rejected. Helplessly, he proposed toast after toast to Guo Zekai. He thought of getting him drunk so that Yanyi wouldn’t drink anymore but when he proposed a toast, he needed to drink as well. After that, they kept on drinking. While Su Yanyi was fine, but at the same time Guo Zekai fell down, Qin Jiran was also a little dizzy.

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