Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 71.2

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Chapter 71.2 — This is Love

Su Yanyi watched as the man held a very nervous look but tried to act casually and couldn’t help but to have the urge to laugh. How can this man be so cute? He acted so pure and innocent, inviting her to soak in the hot spring with her. Or was it that this man was thinking about something he shouldn’t be right now?

Su Yanyi peered at Qin Jiran’s gaze which included a trace of examination. Qin Jiran detected Su Yanye’s gaze and he felt uncomfortable throughout his whole body. He awkwardly grinned and the smile he revealed was quite stupid.

Right then, Su Yanyi laughed when she saw Qin Jiran’s performance. The anxious atmosphere vanished and disappeared. Qin Jiran also secretly relaxed a breath. As it turned out, besides acting cute which was easy to use, it was also good to act stupid.

“Let’s go and satisfy your little thought.” Su Yanyi agreed. At the same time, she couldn’t help but to tease Qin Jiran. Who let this man’s reaction to be that interesting?

The tip of Qin Jiran’s ears turned red uncontrollably.

Although it wasn’t released to the public, there were still service people around. After the two people went inside, someone walked over to guide and introduce along the way. Then, they brought the two people separately to change their clothes.

Qin Jiran wore swim trunks and when he draped the bath towel on him, Su Yanyi didn’t finish changing yet. This led Qin Jiran to have some small expectations towards soaking in the hot spring with Yanyi. Seeing Yanyi wear her swimsuit, how much this look will move him emotionally. Don’t you think so?!

Qin Jiran first came to the hot spring. Then he stared at the direction of the entrance without moving his eyes anywhere else. The look in his eyes deepened.

When Si Yanyi came out, she saw this scene in front of her. She raised her eyebrows, slowly walking over towards Qin Jiran. She kept walking straight to Qin Jiran, overlooking him.

From Qin Jiran’s angle looking over, the snow white jade feet emitted a sparkling and translucent ray of light which led people to have the urge to touch it.

He gulped the saliva which did not exist. Qin Jiran suddenly felt that his body tightened and extremely restrained himself, wanting to move his gaze away. But he noticed that this pair of eyes seemed to be a little out of control, wandering around Su Yanyi’s body.

Under the water, he harshly pinched himself then Qin Jiran shut his eyes firmly. He blocked the beautiful scenery in front of him otherwise he was quite afraid that he might pounce on her uncontrollably.

Qin Jiran noticed that he seemed to be lacking in self-control recently and at the same time, Su Yanyi’s attraction to him was growing stronger.

“Does it look good?” Su Yanyi bent his body down and her eyes turned a little seducing too. She inquired in a teasing tone.

Qin Jiran wanted to nod his head but he was a little embarrassed. The tip of his eyes were red and he looked at Su Yanyi, thinking it’s better for him to not speak at all. Otherwise, the hoarse voice will give away his emotions. At this time, no matter what he said, it was not right.

Su Yanyi hadn’t forced him either. Between her eyes, it was full of smile. The fingers moved to the band of the bathrobe. She softly untied it and that action contained a type of scenery which couldn’t be explained. However, Su Yanyi’s eyes were trained on Qin Jiran. She really didn’t admit that she was seducing this man. She just thought that this man’s reaction was too funny and wanted to play with him.

Qin Jiran really wanted to move his gaze away but no matter how harshly he pinched himself, he was unable to shift his glance to another direction.

The bathrobe dropped down and the swimsuit that Su Yanyi wore was extremely suitable in showing off her figure. Qi Jiran felt the urge to have a nosebleed after he saw this so he immediately covered his nose.

At this time, Su Yanyi really couldn’t hold it in anymore. She started to laugh and the soft laughter led Qin Jiran’s entire face to turn red.

A cornered dog will jump the wall and when a rabbit is anxious, it will also bite someone. Moreover, there was a phrase called flying into a rage out of humiliation. Even if Qin Jiran was quite well-behaved, after being teased like this, he also thought about retaliating. He stared at Su Yanyi’s brilliant smile by the hot spring and suddenly he had some courage. He raised her to pull Su Yanyi who had her guard down closer to the hot spring.

“Ah!” Su Yanyi was frightened after she abruptly felt the warmth. The entire person fell into Qin Jiran’s arms uncontrollably. It was hard and warm. As it turned out, this was the type of feeling.

The feeling was pretty good but the problem obviously wasn’t this. This man had a lot of courage. He dared to sneak attack her!

After Su Yanyi stood up straight, although the entire person was still in Qin Jiran’s arms, she gradually recovered her imposing manner. Her eyes was rather harsh, staring at Qin Jiran. This led Qin Jiran to be nervous.

“Don’t be mad. If you don’t like it, next time I definitely won’t!” Before his brain definitely turned warm and made an impulsive urge. Otherwise, how dared he to have that much courage to tease the Queen. It’s not like he didn’t want his life!

Qin Jiran held a bitter face. He felt as though the person before definitely wasn’t himself. Maybe it’s his second personality which popped up. If not, how could such a well-behaved person like him do something like that? It indeed was not scientific!

“Then how about this time?” Su Yanyi asked with a cold voice as though she was very angry. But in reality, she just wanted to play with Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran peered at the woman in his arms. He wasn’t sure if it was because the water was too warm or because she was angry, the delicate face was a lot rosier. The pinkish feeling was extremely adorable, making people have the urge to bite on it.

He wasn’t sure what book he had seen on about how to coax a woman when they were angry. But at this time, Qin Jiran suddenly thought of it then he embraced Su Yanyi, kissing her!

This type’s kiss wasn’t like the kiss where they softly tasted one another before stopping. Rather, it was the kiss where both were extremely serious about it, emitting an extremely sweet scent. Su Yanyi suddenly widened her eyes. She was beautiful like the stars in the sky, brilliant, bright, and dazzling. Inside her eyes, it completely belonged to Qin Jiran’s reflection. As well as in Qin Jiran’s eyes, there was only Su Yanyi’s existence.

The anger within Su Yanyi’s eyes already vanished. Inside her eyes, there was a trace brilliant lights and vibrant colors hidden deep. She smiled and the two hands gradually hugged Qin Jiran back, devoting herself into this kiss seriously.

After the kiss was finished, Qin Jiran revealed a reluctant expression. With some sort of hoarse voice: “Don’t be angry. Whatever you say is what I will do. Is that okay?”

That type of sexy voice in which the ears couldn’t bear much of it as well as that gentle tone which led the whole body to feel numb and a hint of pampering made Su Yanyi suddenly feel that her whole body was unwell!

Did this man try to use his looks to get what he wanted? It indeed was, indeed was too effective!

From the start, Su Yanyi wasn’t mad. Now, she couldn’t even be mad even if she wanted to. She felt very soft, not wanting to loosen her arms from the man who hugged her in his arms.

In the past Su Yanyi thought that she was quite cold and had mysophobia, not liking to touch other people and disliked it even more when others touched her. But when these problems arrived to Qin Jiran, she realized that this was not the matter at all. Whatever coldness, whatever mysophobia, whatever disliking others touching her, all vanished and disappeared. She practically was desperately enthusiastic!

Su Yanyi, all the more, felt the attraction of the man towards herself and the man’s expectations.

“You are learning to be bad.” Su Yanyi’s voice was a little hoarse. Although she meant to scold him but it was more of a coquettish tone.

Between Qin Jiran’s eyebrows, it was full of deep smiles. He hugged Su Yanyi, not letting go either. He innocently explained: “How is this learning to be bad? This is something I can’t restrain.”

Advertisement“Humph!” Su Yanyi coldly humphed but emotion wise, the component of arrogance was more. This led Qin Jiran to think she was quite adorable.

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but kiss Su Yanyi once again. The meticulous kiss softly landed all around the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips, extremely gentle.

“Yanyi, don’t be mad. I will listen to you. I will listen to you entirely.” By Su Yanyi’s ears, Qin Jiran repeated this sentence over and over. He was a little bit slow, not knowing how to express his love to Su Yanyi. He even had no idea how to go on a date or be romantic. However, it was no big deal. He had an extremely genuine heart to give to her. He would do anything for her.

Qin Jiran murmured this in her ears. Not only did her ears turned warm but the whole body felt like it was turning numb. Plus, this type of feeling resulted in Su Yanyi vaguely thinking of the past life. During that period of time, she laid on the hospital bed and wasn’t able to move any part of her body at all. Only her conscious was awake and this man seemed to be using this type of voice, speaking by her ears time after time.

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