Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 — Acknowledgment

Su Yanyi put down the little tortoise and went back to her own room, leaving Qin Jiran alone to bask in his reverie.

Although the night was getting dark, the man didn’t feel any drowsiness at all. He picked up the tortoise and flipped it upside on its back. Immediately, the tortoise began to wave its little limbs around, clumsy and completely helpless.

Qin Jiran gently tapped his fingers on the tortoise’s shell and mumbled absentmindedly, “Who let you be so mischievous? Who let you run around so much? Who let you get lost like an idiot all the time? You got sent back here anyway…” and you brought me such a big surprise too.

He really hadn’t thought his confession would be so impromptu, or that the result would be so wonderful—Su Yanyi actually agreed to let him pursue her!

“Little thing, I really should be thanking you for this.” Qin Jiran’s voice began to soften as he stared amusedly at the struggling tortoise. Finally, he reached out and turned it back over.

If it weren’t for this little thing, he probably wouldn’t have gotten an opportunity to confess, which in turn gave him an opportunity to pursue his beloved. He really should be feeling thankful towards this little thing.

He decided that if he succeeded in pursuing Su Yanyi, then he would definitely find a partner for the little tortoise and allow it to also live its days in bliss.


The next day, Su Yanyi woke up to find that breakfast was especially rich. She saw not only her favorite steamed buns but also crystal shrimp dumplings, fish balls, and four types of exquisite desserts.

Off to the side was Qin Jiran, showing an expectant stare that made her want to laugh. She thought that he looked like a big dog wagging its tail and waiting for praise.

“It tastes good,” she said after tasting the dishes.

Qin Jiran immediately revealed a trace of a happy smile and responded softly, “It’s good that you like it.”

Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow and didn’t reply, but her heart was filled with satisfaction.

She’d once asked the System if his exemplary culinary skills could be considered a secret, and the answer was no. Although it was something that very few people knew about, Qin Jiran’s culinary ability was a specialty, not a lifestyle habit.

“Yanyi, I’ll be going to Brother’s company to talk about the business cooperation. Do you want to come with me?” He had just contacted Su Yanmo to set up a time. Since he had made up his mind to agree, he was quick to start up the process.

“I have a meeting to attend, so I can’t.” She wasn’t worried at all about the cooperation. After all, it was between her own family members.


Assistant Jiang Xiaobin accompanied Qin Jiran to the Su family corporation. By the time they arrived, Su Yanmo’s assistant was already waiting for them at the front desk.

“Mr. Qin, President Su (Yanmo) has been expecting you. Please follow me to his office,” the assistant said respectfully.

Qin Jiran didn’t say much. Under the curious and astonished stares of multiple people, he followed the assistant into the elevator.

There was virtually no one who didn’t recognize Qin Jiran or know of his fame, especially after he won the Starlight Award and became a household name. His fans were everywhere, even in the Su family corporation. They’d been expecting Qin Jiran to appear since the news that he was married to Su Yanyi came out.

A few crazy fans had rendered the company’s top executives speechless when they suggested making the year-end welfare reward a photo signed by Qin Jiran.

“Heavens, did I just see the real-life version of Great Qin? Did I go blind, or did my dreams come true?” After the elevator doors slid shut, the receptionist finally couldn’t hold her excitement back anymore.

“That was definitely the real one! Aside from my Great Qin, Those handsome facial features and that kingly aura could only belong to my Great Qin!” another fan exclaimed.

“Didn’t you say President Su was yours yesterday? And now it’s Great Qin? Heh, aren’t you afraid of Queen Su coming to put you in your place?” the pretty receptionist huffed. Why are the all handsome men yours? They’re mine, okay?

“Hey, can you not bring up Queen Su right now? I used to think Su Yanyi was the little princess of the Su family, but over the past few years, she’s been getting more and more impressive. She’s even more well-known than President Su! When I saw her last time, she was emanating a cold aura from head to toe. Just thinking about it makes me shiver, and yet our great and impressive Film Emperor was able to take her as his wife!”

“Well, I don’t think that’s right.”

“How is it not right?”

“Our great Film Emperor is impressive, you’re right, but I think he was the one who surrendered and not the other way around. Queen Su’s skills… tut-tut, one word: unimaginable!”

“Hey, stop. Don’t chat at work, focus!”

Before long, the news that Qin Jiran had made his first visit to the Su family corporation spread. The news attracted the attention of not only the company’s employees but also people outside of the company. When Wang Zhilin caught wind of it, she turned blue in the face and was said to have smashed everything that could be smashed in her room.

That came to show how big of a deal the visit was. It was a form of acknowledgment, and the result was exactly what Su Yanyi, Su Yanmo, and Qin Jiran wanted. Now, no one could deny that Qin Jiran was a part of the Su family.

Inside his office, Su Yanmo told his secretary to prepare a cup of coffee for Qin Jiran. The two men, who were of different temperaments but equally brilliant, began to chat.

They were both very concise and efficient, so it took only half an hour for the negotiations to be finished. With this, the Su family’s newest tourist resort project welcomed its first partner. The SQ Company that Qin Jiran founded now stood on the same front as the Su family corporation.

After the business talk was over, Su Yanmo led the conversation to a more personal territory, with the focus of the conversation being Su Yanyi, or rather, Qin Jiran and his relationship with Su Yanyi.

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