Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 73.1

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Chapter 73.1 — Old Man Qin

Su Yanyi wanted to scheme against Wang Zhilin. The plotted car accident was just a start. Not only will she attack Wang Zhilin from her body, but she will also irritate her spiritually. As long as she thought about herself in the past life how she ended up as a human vegetable lying on the hospital bed due to the car accident, Su Yanyi turned fierce and harsh.

With this thought in her mind, Su Yanyi already communicated with Su Yanmo during breakfast. Su Yanyi’s subordinates were usually talented people from the business field. If she wanted to find other people, she needed to look for them through Su Yanmo. Family Su had hundreds of years of accumulation and could find any type of people.

After the call, Qin Jiran’s face turned a bit weird who stood by Sun Yanyi’s side.

“How come? Do you think it’s not good enough?” Sun Yanyi didn’t avoid Qin Jiran. Seeing Qin Jiran’s expression, she inquired a bit dangerously.

Su Yanyi’s new scheme was very simple. She could lay out the plan in a couple of sentences. She told Su Yanmo to find two different styles of men over to the hospital. One will be a neighbor with Wang Zhilin, being a patient. The other could be a doctor who will appear by Wang Zhilin’s surroundings often. The two people, one is refined and handsome who could be suitable in being a warm man, and the other is bright and cheerful like a big boy who is suitable to play around with.

As for how these two people would work together, Su Yanyi hadn’t said anything about it. However, it was obvious. This was a trap, making use of the honey trap. Whether Wang Zhilin would take the bait or not, this depended on her personality. This is the so-called those who wanted to will take the bait. Sun Yanyi hadn’t forced them to do anything.

Of course, if this plan didn’t work out, she naturally had other plans. After all, she considered this to be a game in order to pass time. She wasn’t rushing, really not rushing.

Qin Jiran’s thoughts were about the same as Sun Yanyi. It was the so-called those who wanted to will take the bait. The trap, in reality, was like this.
“No, if Wang Zhilin stays within her boundary, she won’t take the bait.” Qin Jiran had his own ethical bottom line too. There are a lot of things that he wouldn’t do but that doesn’t mean he won’t support Su Yanyi to do it. His ethical bottom line, in front of Su Yanyi, was bottomless.

However, Qin Jiran was a little confused. He had the feeling that Yanyi’s hatred towards Wang Zhilin and family Wang wasn’t as simple as it was on the surface. Rather, the two family’s hatred for one another wasn’t that simple. Otherwise, based on Yanyi’s personality, she wouldn’t do these things. Based on his understanding of Yanyi, she was extremely decisive and wasn’t someone who liked to torture her opponent. If they hadn’t really offended her, she wouldn’t do this.

Then what did family Wang or Wang Zhilin do to her? Qin Jiran couldn’t think of this but this was enough for him to hate family Wang and Wang Zhilin!

“Humph, that woman, stay in her boundary? This phrase isn’t used to describe her!” Su Yanyi replied this in disdain. If she had no idea of that woman’s personality then how would she even think of his plan? If in the end, she failed, the biggest possibility is not that Wang Zhilin wasn’t moved but rather the men she sent over wasn’t her taste!

Qin Jiran smiled, not saying anymore. But he considerately pushed the glass of milk in front of Su Yanyi, letting her eat more food.

Su Yanyi saw Qin Jiran’s actions and harshly gulped a mouthful. This led the corner of her lips to have traces of white.

Qin Jiran glanced at the scene and wanted to laugh but was embarrassed to do so. He drew out a couple of napkins, wanting to pass it to Su Yanyi but he noticed that Yanyi already held a steam stuffed bun in her left hand while holding chopsticks in her right hand. She happily ate the food in front of her, not bothering to take notice of him. Therefore, he took the situation in his hand and wiped Su Yanyi’s mouth considerately.

Su Yanyi was frozen for a moment before she continued to eat as though nothing happened. Although she was a little shy from such a detailed and considerate service, she couldn’t express that out loud being a cold Queen!

She liked seeing Qin Jiran’s bashful look not her being bashful for Qin Jiran to see!

After the extremely interesting aura-filled breakfast was done, the two went to work themselves. Su Yanyi went to the company while Qin Jiran went to the crew. The beautiful day started again.

This time, Ling Tianyue came to Su Yanyi’s office with a plan. The two discussed for about two hours. They mainly talked conferred over charity funds. Secondly, there was also the charity show matter. The two people had quite a bit of work recently. After they finished talking about work, Ling Tianyue couldn’t help to say something else.

“I heard that you have a good script for a play in your hands. Do you still need investments?” Ling Tianyue asked in interest.

All the movies that Su Yanyi invested in almost all made a profit every time. She was a businesswoman. Towards earning money, she naturally was interested.

“Family Su doesn’t have a shortage of money.” What family Su lacked is projects but they never lacked funds to invest in projects.

Lian Tianyue held the urge to roll her eyes: “I know family Su doesn’t lack money but can you not act so arrogant? This makes me envious.”

“I usually don’t have control over the investments in movies.” Resplendent Entertainment does invest in movies but in reality, it wasn’t an exclusive investment. They had a collaborating plan. However, she wasn’t in charge of this. In the end, she only signed her name.

“But it’s you who have the final say!” Ling Tianyue refused to take the bait. She doesn’t take responsibility for it doesn’t mean she couldn’t. She knew that the movie Qin Jiran was shooting right now was the exclusive investment of Resplendent Entertainment!

“Okay. You can communicate with He Mingyang.” Su Yanyi didn’t really have the intentions of actually refusing her. She was just teasing Ling Tianyue. She appreciated Ling Tianyue, this woman. She had good taste and courage. She was a pretty good target for collaboration.

“Ok, no problem.” Lin Tianyue walked off, satisfied.

After Ling Tianyue left, Sun Yanyi got in contact with mother Su and father Su. She talked a little about the charity funds and the two people naturally agreed. In reality, Company Su was an extremely famous charity enterprise. Every year, there was a large amount of money donated to charities. Now that Su Yanyi had this project, they naturally supported her.

In the afternoon, the higher ranks of Resplendent Entertainment had a small meeting. The vice president He Mingyang, head of financial affairs Cao Yawen and the person in charge of the human resources Zhang Tianze, were all Su Yanyi’s trusted aides and friends. They were also people who knew about the plan to purchase family Wang. After this period of hard work, Su Yanyi held 7% of the shares within Company Wang. Although the shares weren’t that much, the most important part was that they had done this in top-secret. The people within family Wang hadn’t taken notice still.

“Continue to purchase. I’m giving you guys half a month before we are going to start the second step of the plan to suppress.” There are shares that are easy to purchase. There are also small stockholders within the company. As long as they gave money, it was enough. But there are also some shares not that easy to purchase. Plus, she didn’t want to obtain the shares at a high price. She didn’t want to give family Wang too many funds. However, even if they had money, it was no big deal. She had thought of a way to let family Wang lose everything. She just needed to complete this step by step.

“No problem. Don’t worry, President Su. We will reach your conditions.” He Mingyang promised with confidence. He enjoyed playing the game of cat chasing mouse too. Slowly swallowing family Wang led people to have the feeling of accomplishment.

In the afternoon, Qin Jiran rushed home after finish his scenes. He planned to cook food for Yanyi. He drove his own car and because it wasn’t time to be off work, there wasn’t that much traffic on the road. There weren’t a lot of surrounding cars as well. Therefore, Qin Jiran quickly noticed a car which had been following him. This led Qin Jiran to immediately be alarmed. He pressed down on the accelerator, speeding u.

When Qin Jiran sped up, the car behind as expected followed suit too. Qin Jiran’s eyes turned slightly cold. He had no intentions of returning home. He was unsure of the people’s backgrounds and he won’t bring home danger. However, he was a little curious about these people’s motives. Did they want to kidnap him under broad daylight!

At this time, a tiny car suddenly rushed out from the left side of the road. It directly blocked Qin Jiran’s direction and forced him to stop his car.

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