Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 70.3

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Chapter 70.3 — Outdoor Date

The shooting for the first scene took less than ten seconds from start to finish, which was truly an impressive feat.

After the scene was shot, Qin Jiran first looked at Guo Zekai, who nodded in approval, before turning expectantly to Su Yanyi.

She took note of his sparkling eyes and gave him a thumbs-up, indicating “You did great!” He immediately revealed a smile, nearly blinding their audience.

Film Emperor Qin’s smile was way too beautiful. Several of the quick-witted crew members whipped out their phones, snapped a picture, and ran over to ask Guo Zekai if they could release said pictures. The director said no, leaving them to walk back dejectedly, but before they got far, they saw him pull out his own phone and take a picture. Then, Film Emperor Qin’s beautiful smile appeared as a new post on Director Guo’s Weibo.

‘… This hateful director!’

Then, under Guo Zekai’s teasing gaze, Qin Jiran proceeded on to the next scene. It was a fighting scene between the protagonist and the criminal after the former was found in the latter’s residence. The criminal was undoubtedly skilled, as he was a well-known underground boxer and experienced killer.

The actor playing the role of the criminal was professionally trained in combat, and the script called for a fierce and gripping battle. The actor had intended to go easy on Qin Jiran, but when they started fighting, even the martial arts instructors couldn’t help but show a big thumbs-up.

The shooting finished quickly, concluding Qin Jiran’s work for the day. Guo Zekai snuck a glance at his Weibo.

The picture he posted had not only indignated the crew members, but also annoyed the fans who saw it. Why? Because below the picture, the caption read: Want to know why Film Emperor Qin was smiling so brightly? Hehe, too bad!


Film Emperor Qin’s influence was great, so great that some of his seasoned fans soon hacked into Guo Zekai’s Weibo and left behind ten giant words on his page:

[ Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist! ]

Guo Zekai looked at the sentence and felt like crying. All he did was play a little prank! Why so many hackers? Qin Jiran’s fans were too violent!

Protest! He looked around for Qin Jiran to protest for him, only to realize that Qin Jiran had already left the site and entered his own little world with Su Yanyi.


Qin Jiran took the initiative to hold Su Yanyi’s hand. They gave off the impression of a campus couple1; their love pure and silly, they were satisfied just by the act of holding hands, swinging back and forth as they walked with the sun above them.

Because the construction for Tianxiu Villa had just finished and was not officially revealed to the public yet, there were very few people on the estate. As the couple made their way down a cobblestone pathway, nobody approached nor disturbed them. The walk remained quiet and tranquil.“When I’m old, it would be nice to retire in a place like this,” Qin Jiran remarked. Actually, it wasn’t the location that was important, but the companion. He couldn’t help but look at Su Yanyi.

“Yanyi, do you like it?” he asked expectantly, tightening his hold on her hand.

AdvertisementLike it? Su Yanyi looked around, taking in the quiet scenery. Was this what Qin Jiran liked?

“It’s acceptable, albeit barely,” she answered truthfully. She wasn’t the type of woman to understand romance or sweet talk, but she felt that since she had decided to be with Qin Jiran, she should not lie to him. For a couple to stay together, they needed to bare their true feelings and opinions to each other. Telling lies to please the other would only hurt their relationship in the long run.

However, she added, “But we can visit often if you like this place.”

What she said first had disheartened him, but her following words cheered him up immediately.

“I’m happy with anywhere as long as you’re with me,” he said.

【 System, do you think that counts as a secret? That he likes being with me? 】She asked the System, desperate because she hadn’t been able to find any new secrets lately.

【 Master, no. Everyone knows that Mr. Master likes being with you. Mr. Master likes you, kissing you, waiting on you, being close to you and so on, as long as it’s related to you, it doesn’t count. Because everyone knows. 】001 said all in one breath.

The corners of Su Yanyi’s corners twitched. She hadn’t even thought of all that, alright?

IMPORTANT: This might seem sudden to some, but I’ve been thinking and talking about dropping the novel for a while now. As I’ve already explained to the people in my server, I’m dropping RFEBW because I’m not very interested in the novel anymore. That means the translation quality is lower because I don’t care as much, and the release frequency is only going to get worse due to the lack of motivation. I don’t want to hog it from a potential translator who will treat the project better. My workload right now and for the rest of the year will only allow me to handle one project at a time, and I’m choosing my other one, The Lover’s Prattle, because I still have interest in it. If I continue trying to work on two at the same time, it’ll only bring me more stress and hinder my progress on both projects. RFEBW is the first project I’ve translated this far, but sadly, I won’t be finishing it. I might quit the translation scene altogether by next year, as the combination of my mental state, health, and workload is already wearing me out every day.

RFEBW is one of, if not the most popular novels on ISO rn, which means it won’t be long before someone picks it up again, so don’t worry about waiting long for a new translator to come along. I think. Anyways, you can find me in the ISO Discord server or The Lover’s Prattle. Thank you all for the love and support(???? wao cringe, I’m not one for sentimental things like this sorry) you’ve given me so far.

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