Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 83.2

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Chapter 83.2 — Father and son meet

Edited by: Larkspur

Oh, this wasn’t right! Now, that slow-witted person had learned to secretly kiss her from time to time. He was a bit smart but who knew when he would take it to the next level? Don’t mention having kids.

“You haven’t and Jiran hasn’t either? I think he likes kids a lot and after the New Year, he will be 29. When men reach 30, they become independent. Would he want a child?” Mother Su said seriously but she was really worried about Yanyi. Of course, she had a selfish motive too. She really liked the little bun.

“I haven’t asked him.” But her thoughts were probably the same as Mother Su’s. Qin Jiran probably wanted a kid.

“Even if you haven’t asked, you should know what he’s thinking.” Mother Su’s tone turned sterner. From her perspective, Su Yanyi knew that Qin Jiran liked kids but she wasn’t willing. This would definitely influence the married couple’s love.

Although Mother Su was on Su Yanyi’s side, she knew the personality of women in this family. In the marital life of these two, Qin Jiran clearly excused Yanyi more often. But there should be a certain limit to it. How could he support Yanyi’s stance on everything? Especially regarding children!

It couldn’t help but be said that Mother Su’s thoughts, according to common sense, was very accurate. But when this was applied on Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, it was a bit too serious. When Su Yanyi was considering Qin Jiran’s thoughts, she was a bit off.

To Qin Jiran, no matter how much he wanted kids, he would definitely, by no means force Su Yanyi if she was disinclined. To him, nothing was more important than Yanyi. Not even kids!

“Mother, I will handle the matters between Jiran and me.”

Su Yanyi didn’t want to explain anything and although she had some confusions in her heart, she wasn’t that worried in reality. Like what Mother said, she understood Qin Jiran and that man’s feelings toward her. He definitely wouldn’t be angry with her because of this.

However, she was confused here. It was precise because the man cared too much about her and always considered her perspective that Su Yanyi ended up being more and more considerate of him. She was in a bit of a dilemma regarding having a child. If Qin Jiran wasn’t a man who placed her foremost, she wouldn’t even need to consider his opinions on a matter she was clearly unwilling since she wouldn’t change her thoughts, whatsoever.

“Aii, only Jiran would follow you no matter what. Just your attitude…” Noting the stubborn look on Su Yanyi, Mother Su knew that there was no use in continuing. She sighed, laden with feeling.

When Su Yanyi returned to her room, Qin Jiran was sitting on the bed and looking through the files. Having showered already, he wore pajamas that revealed half his chest. His bronze-colored skin made him look sexy and Su Yanyi squinted her eyes at the first sight of it.

Advertisement“You’re back.” Qin Jiran placed his files down and greeted her. His attentive gaze noticed that Yanyi didn’t look too good. His heart felt cold and he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Because of you, I was scolded.”

There wasn’t much change in Su Yanyi’s tone so, he couldn’t tell how she felt. But just the words were enough to give a scare.

What happened? How come she was scolded because of him?

“What did I do wrong?”

Qin Jiran’s first reaction was that he had somehow erred and upset the Mother-in-Law.


If it were Qin Jiran who had done something wrong, why would her mom scold her? She would naturally scold Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran wanted to feel out the situation from Su Yanyi’s expression but in the end, failed. Probably, this matter had something to do with him.

“What did I do wrong? As long as you say it, I will definitely change it.” Qin Jiran got off the bed and walked to Su Yanyi’s side. He softly held one of her hands.

“Humph, who said you did something wrong?!” Su Yanyi reluctantly explained but didn’t have the intention of explaining clearly. She couldn’t outrightly just say that because she didn’t like kids and her mother was worried that he liked them too much, she was scolded, right? She would be losing her face.

“Then why were you scolded because of me?” Qin Jiran didn’t understand and was a bit distressed.

Su Yanyi cast him a profound gaze before heading to the bathroom. If you don’t understand, then keep thinking about it. She had already been chided so she must let this man feel distressed for a while.

After her shower, she conveniently passed the towel to Qin Jiran and he naturally started to dry her hair. This seemed to be one of his jobs. Who let him be good at servicing her?

“Yanyi, is it comfortable?” Qin Jiran asked in a bid to appease her.

Su Yanyi didn’t look at him and just ‘hmmed’ in reply.

Qin Jiran rubbed a few more times before offering, “Yanyi, let me massage your head. It will be more comfortable.”


Su Yanyi didn’t reject him and leaned against his body. But she didn’t feel comfortable so she moved around a bit, before lying on his thigh. She closed her eyes, lazily waiting to be serviced.

Qin Jiran laughed and started massaging Su Yanyi’s temple which made her slightly sigh in relief.

About three minutes, Su Yanyi almost fell asleep and Qin Jiran massaged softly. Yet, he suddenly asked, “Yanyi, what did mother-in-law ask you?”

When she heard his question, Su Yanyi suddenly opened her eyes to see the man over her. They looked at each other momentarily before Su Yanyi said, “Mother wants me to have a child with you.”

Qin Jiran paused his hands momentarily before he continued massaging. He said in a gentle voice, “Mother cares about us. If you really don’t like it, you just don’t need to heed to it.”

“Then you don’t want kids?” Su Yanyi was happy about how Qin Jiran was on her side. She was relaxed but didn’t intend on ending this topic. She probed.

Qin Jiran thought about it before replying seriously, “Since you don’t like them, I don’t like them either.”

He liked children and very much wanted a kid that belonged to him and Yanyi. But compared to Su Yanyi’s unwillingness, this meant nothing! If he hadn’t met Su Yanyi, then he probably wouldn’t have wanted a child his whole life. Therefore, he just wanted a child with Yanyi under the precondition that Yanyi also wanted a kid and wasn’t forced at all!

“Do you really not want? Even if I might not like kids my whole life? Then you won’t have kids your whole life either?!” Su Yanyi stared directly into Qin Jiran’s eyes, wanting to see through something.

Qin Jiran’s eyes contained only gentleness and pampering, even a bit of happiness. He said seriously, “Does this mean that you’re willing to be with me forever?”

Even if they wouldn’t have kids their whole lives, it’s still their whole lives together. Although he knew that Yanyi was just giving an example, Qin Jiran took this to heart. No matter what type of life he would have with her, he would still be with her. He was satisfied.

Su Yanyi looked seriously at Qin Jiran for a while before she said in a certain tone, “You’re stupid!”

If this man wasn’t stupid, how could he not understand the meaning of her words? Only he would place these thoughts and expectations in his heart at all times, which was why he was that eager when she said this. Even if she didn’t mean it.

Loving to the deepest without regret was probably this.

“As long as you like me, I can do whatever you want.” Qin Jiran lowered his head as he said this, planting a tender kiss on Su Yanyi’s forehead. It’s his biggest blessing to be able to be with Su Yanyi.

In the end, she laughed silently. It was clear though and she was satisfied.

“I’m not against having a child with you. But we need to wait a few years.”

Some people are stubborn and if you fight with them, they will fight back. But if you take a step back, they would do so too.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi with gratitude. Yanyi actually said that she was willing to have a child with him. At that moment, Qin Jiran drowned in his happiness. He had no idea how to react so he looked at Su Yanyi in gratitude.

“Yanyi… Yanyi, thank you.” After a while, Qin Jiran said in a trembling voice.

Thank you for being willing to bear a child for me, willing to be by my side, and thank you for being willing to love me. Thank you for giving me this life!

Sneak peek: 

A kid… a kid that belonged to him.

In his heart, Su Yanmo felt fantastic. He walked determinedly to the room that the servant had pointed at. He gently pushed the door open and saw the small figure lying on the huge bed, under the moonlight. If he hadn’t been paying much attention, he would’ve failed to notice him. So tiny… but the child was his!

Su Yanmo walked in slowly and silently, as though he was afraid of disturbing the treasure who was deep asleep. At that moment, he clearly felt his heart softening.

His rough fingers slid softly down little Su Nuo’s face. Then, everything turned peaceful.

He will take care of his child!

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