Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 93.3

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Chapter 93.3 — The Romantic Snow

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Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows, clearly not liking the response. “You should be resting,” she said, coldly.

Qin Jiran laughed helplessly. He comforted Su Yanyi. “It’s really no big deal. In another three days, we can go back. I can persist for a bit. Don’t worry.”

“Since you know that I’m worried, you should pay attention to your body.” Su Yanyi didn’t deny the fact that she was worried. But she didn’t really like Qin Jiran’s persistence.

Qin Jiran wanted to kiss the corner of Su Yanyi’s lip. Her concern warmed his heart. But he paused his action. He was sick and although he didn’t know if it was contagious, it’d be better to stay away from Su Yanyi. He didn’t want her to be sick.

“I know. I will really pay attention to this. If I can’t hold on anymore, I’ll ask Director Guo for some time off. Ok?”

Su Yanyi remained silent. She stared straight at Qin Jiran and he gazed back at her, not scared at all.

After a moment, Su Yanyi admitted defeat and nodded her head. “Ok.” But it didn’t feel like she’d actually agreed, instead it had a tint of threatening. Qin Jiran felt hopeless.

Yanyi was unhappy because he was sick. Should he be happy or not?

Today, when they officially began filming, Su Yanyi was by the side staring. Although Qin Jiran wasn’t in great state, his performance still met the standards. He didn’t delay their progress.

However, in the afternoon when Guo Zekai began to explain the scenes to everyone, Su Yanyi’s expression changed.

“…Jiran, you have some dangerous moves in your scene. You have to be careful and when you roll, try your best to keep your body on the ground. You must not land on your head. Although this is the hill, in order to make it more realistic, we haven’t examined it carefully. Do you understand?” Guo Zekai reminded him in detail. But to Su Yanyi’s ears, he was extremely irresponsible.

“Why didn’t you examine it carefully?” This was the first time Su Yanyi had questioned him in front of everyone.

“The snow on the hill hasn’t been trampled upon before. It is very smooth, and we looked through it while coming over. There aren’t a lot of obstacles on the ground, so we didn’t check it again. However, President Su, don’t worry. It should be fine.” Guo Zekai explained further. If someone else had asked him, he wouldn’t have done so!

Actually, Su Yanyi was well aware of this. After all, she was the President of an entertainment company. She had some understanding of filming, but she was worried still. After all, she felt uncomfortable with Qin Jiran rolling down the hill while he was still sick!

Su Yanyi wasn’t someone to endure something unjust but at the same time, she was someone who would endure when it was time to. So she just stared at Qin Jiran and said in an abnormally cold tone, “Be careful!”

Qin Jiran nodded his head in all seriousness and said, “I will. I’ll be done filming it soon. Don’t worry.”

The filming began and Qin Jiran added another layer of clothes for safety. But for it to be appealing, this safety layer was quite weak. Su Yanyi was discomfited.

Su Yanyi stood at a side, staring at Qin Jiran’s every movement. When she saw the redness on his face that couldn’t be concealed even by makeup products, her gaze turned colder and colder.

Because there was a dangerous scene, Guo Zekai had high expectations from the actors. The side actors paid close attention. No one wanted to reenact the scene. Even more, they didn’t want Su Yanyi to see their bad performances. Before they began, Guo Zekai specially sought the actors and explained to them as well as expressing President Su’s concern for this scene. He even threatened them saying that if they wanted to continue in this career, they’d better not upset President Su. These people obviously paid close attention now that he’d said this.

When the scene ended and Guo Zekai yelled ‘pass’, these people all sighed. But Su Yanyi tightly pursed her lips. She wasn’t happy at all. She followed the crew to where Qin Jiran had last rolled down. Her footsteps were unusually quick.

At this time, Qin Jiran had already got up from the ground. He couldn’t attend to the body of snow on him. He walked straight towards Su Yanyi. He wanted her to know that he was really fine and wanted to comfort her.

The two walked closer and closer to each other. Quickly, they were in front of one another. Su Yanyi scrutinized him from top to bottom before she was completely at ease.

Qin Jiran softly hugged Su Yanyi. Because he had a body full of snow, he didn’t hug that hard. Then he smiled warmly at her, comforting Su Yanyi.

The next few scenes weren’t that easy to film either but didn’t have any dangerous parts. Su Yanyi stood on the side and quietly watched. She didn’t intervene but her face didn’t look that good either. People moved far away from her, afraid that they might be implicated.

When the filming ended, Su Yanyi immediately walked towards Qin Jiran. She said nothing but held his hands and walked back with him.

Qin Jiran naturally didn’t resist. He took it as Yanyi being concerned for him. While he walked, he thought about what to cook for Yanyi. However, when they arrived at the house they were temporarily living in, he realized that there were some differences between reality and expectations.

Su Yanyi pressed Qin Jiran against the bed stove. She said coldly, “Strip!”

Qin Jiran’s ears immediately turned red. He widened his eyes at Su Yanyi, as though looking at an alien!

“What are you looking at? Strip. Quickly! Or do you want your cold to worsen?” Su Yanyi was impatient but it was obvious that she was concerned. Qin Jiran realized he was overthinking. He laughed awkwardly and started to strip.

AdvertisementSeeing that Qin Jiran listened to her words, she turned around and walked to the kitchen. Although people normally used the stove, the crew had brought their own induction cooker. Su Yanyi knew how to use it. After she searched through the system, she began to use it.

She boiled the sliced ginger pieces and added sugar to it. When Qin Jiran came over after changing, he saw Su Yanyi standing by the pot with knitted eyebrows. He couldn’t express how adorable she looked.

“What are you cooking? Just tell me. I’ll make it for you.” Though Qin Jiran was shocked that Su Yanyi could cook, he was more worried. To someone who has never cooked before, the kitchen was a bit dangerous.

“Go back. I can do it,” she said, coldly. Seeing that he had only a thin layer of clothes, she was displeased. She scrunched her eyebrows.

Qin Jiran was a bit helpless. Seeing how persistent Su Yanyi was, he knew that she couldn’t be convinced. But he was worried about letting Su Yanyi in the kitchen by herself. It wasn’t important whether the dinner was tasty or not. What was important was Yanyi’s safety!

“I’m fine. I can do this. Um, dinner is very complicated…” Qin Jiran tried his best to say it in a tactful manner. He didn’t want to hurt Yanyi that bad.

Su Yanyi pursed her lips. How did she not understand what he’s trying to say? If it weren’t for the system’s help, she wouldn’t be doing this!

The ginger soup was almost done. She had enough with the nonsense and pulled him back to the bedroom and forced him onto the bed.

“Stay here, do you understand?” Su Yanyi said, seriously to Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran was speechless and helpless. He had no choice but to nod his head. He really couldn’t reject Yanyi when she was like this.

Ginger soup was done quickly and Su Yanyi brought it in carefully. Qin Jiran wanted to help but one cold glare from Su Yanyi, he didn’t dare move.

“Drink it!” She brought the ginger soup to him and he immediately took it from her. He smelled the strong ginger smell and his eyes turned slightly red. He knew that Yanyi liked him a bit and that she cared for him. But he’d never thought that Yanyi would do this for him. She’d actually made him ginger soup. He was deeply touched.

“Thank you!”

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