Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 91.1

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Chapter 91.1 — Miss You

Edited by: Larkspur

By the time she arrived home, Qin Jiran had already finished cooking dinner and was waiting for her; as was little Su Nuo. One adult and one child sat on the sofa, seemingly looking at a picture book.

“Uncle, is this an alligator? Why is it so ugly and it even has a big mouth?”

“…Perhaps the alligators think they’re very handsome.” Qin Jiran thought about it before answering seriously.

At this exchange, Su Yanyi laughed.

“Or maybe the alligators think they’re the most beautiful ones.” There was a ferocious alligator on the picture book but it didn’t say the gender.

Qin Jiran suddenly turned around to see Su Yanyi standing behind them. Likewise, she said this in a serious tone.

Yanyi’s face was deadpan, nonetheless, Qin Jiran felt like he was teased still.

“Aunty, you’re back. We’re waiting for you to eat dinner. Uncle made a lot of tasty food.” Little Su Nuo also turned around and revealed a huge smile.

“You want to freeload a meal?” Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and asked little Su Nuo who wanted to drool at the sight of food.

Little Su Nuo’s face turned red embarrassed right then. “Father had to attend to some matters and Grandmother said I could eat here. Can I, Aunty?” He said, timidly.

As Little Su Nuo asked, he secretly raised his head to look at Su Yanyi. He was embarrassed but eager at the same time.

“If you can eat by yourself, then it’s ok.” Don’t expect her to feed him!

Little Su Nuo immediately nodded his head and said, “I can eat by myself!” In reality, little Su Nuo ate by himself the majority of the time. Of course, Mother Su and the servants would look after him.

Qin Jiran patted little Su Nuo’s head. This scene, why did it feel like it was a conversation between a strict mother and an obedient son? Although Yanyi acted like she didn’t like kids, she rarely rejected little Su Nuo’s requests. She was gentle, albeit hidden under the cold surface.

While Yanyi wasn’t back, the food was kept warm in pots. Qin Jiran went to the kitchen to bring out the dishes and little Su Nuo looked at Su Yanyi before walking into the kitchen as well.

“Uncle, Nuo Nuo will help you carry the dishes.” Little Nuo Nuo said considerately to the busy Qin Jiran. At this time, Su Yanyi who’d come over as well heard his words. It was unclear what she thought of, but her expression changed. “There’s no need. Go out and sit there.” She said, coldly.

How would little Su Nuo who got rejected dare to say another word? He immediately walked out and obediently sat on his chair. In this house, he was scared of Aunty the most. He didn’t really have the courage to talk back when he saw Aunty’s cold face!

When Su Yanyi saw little Su Nuo sitting down, she carefully picked up the dishes on the counter and brought it out.

Qin Jiran silently laughed at this scene.

Once the dishes were out, the three began to eat. Little Su Nuo tried his best to eat with his spoon. Qin Jiran sat by him and served him some food. Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows at this scene. Her eyes sparkled but didn’t say anything. She wasn’t extreme to the point of being jealous of a little kid!

Little Su Nuo was very obedient and wise. He used the spoon nimbly and hesitated before carefully grabbing a piece of potato and placing it in Su Yanyi’s dish.

“Aunty, eat.” After he gave Su Yanyi a piece of potato, little Su Nuo did the same for Qin Jiran. He smiled widely at him and said, “Uncle, eat too.”

The atmosphere on the dining table suddenly became harmonious and happy. They were like a family of three.

After dinner, little Su Nuo and little white tiger and the little golden turtle went to play. There were only Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi. At this time, Kang Zhong had called to report the development.

When Su Yanyi picked up the phone, Qin Jiran was watching Su Yanyi by the side. He didn’t blink his eyes and Su Yanyi felt this intense gaze on her.

“Do you not have work tonight?” Su Yanyi hung up to see Qin Jiran still standing there. She conveniently asked. After all, Qin Jiran was really busy now. Although he had joined forces with the Su Family to purchase the media companies, she hadn’t intervened in this matter. This was all Qin Jiran’s work and there was also Su Family’s most recent vacation project. Although it was winter and inconvenient to start the construction, there were still interior designs and constructions that Qin Jiran needed to look after.

“I’ll go later. I have to talk to you.” The more he was with Yanyi, the more he hated work. He really wanted to do nothing and just stay with Yanyi, even if it meant just staring at her. He was very satisfied but he knew that this wasn’t reality.

“What?” This man didn’t look well. What exactly happened? Why didn’t she know?

“About three days later, the crew will be going out for location shoots. It will be longer this time, about ten or so days.” Qin Jiran was a bit upset and couldn’t bear to leave Su Yanyi. This made her think of a huge dog drooping its head and tail.

“Ok.” Su Yanyi calmly said ok. She was very unhappy that Qin Jiran would be leaving for this meant that no one would be able to cook for her or that she wouldn’t have a comfortable warm cushion. How could Su Yanyi be happy?!

Seeing Yanyi’s expressionless face, Qin Jiran was clearly disappointed. As expected, did Yanyi not care? Was he the only one who thought leaving for ten days was a very long time?

For a moment, Qin Jiran was even more upset. “I will be shooting scenes in the mountain this time. If there’s snow, they might even seal the mountain. The connection probably isn’t that great either. I might not be able to call you.” He said, gloomily.

It had taken them a long time to decide the setting for the scenes. The setting really suited the concept of the forests. It was also where the criminals would be hiding. Then, he would be chasing after criminals and after overcoming numerous obstacles, he would finally find the criminals. At the same time, there were many fight scenes. These were probably the most tiring scenes in this drama.

“Ok.” Su Yanyi continued to answer with one word. Otherwise, what could she say? Could she say that he can’t go?

Her words turned Qin Jiran’s mood gloomier. She knitted her eyebrows. She thought about it and continued. “Be careful.”

Through Qin Jiran’s description, she knew that there must be a certain amount of danger in this and there was naturally danger in shooting scenes. It was obviously important to ensure safety.

Her words made Qin Jiran feel better. He looked gently at Su Yanyi and said, “I will. You need to take care of yourself too and wait for me to come back.”

Advertisement“Since you know that I’m waiting for you, come back earlier!” Su Yanyi finally couldn’t help but say this coldly.

Right then, Qin Jiran let out a happy laugh. He moved over to kiss the corner of Yanyi’s lips. “I will.”

In the next three days, while being busy with filming, Qin Jiran prepared for the location shoots as well as Qin and Wang Families’ matters.

Qin Zhenyi had been trying to contact Qin Jiran through various means. He even sent people to the set to find Qin Jiran but they were all dismissed by him. He didn’t even give them a chance to see them.

Not sure whether Wang Zhilin was too shameless or she really had no other choice, but she actually called Qin Jiran from the police station. What a pity that the phone wasn’t answered by the man himself, but Jiang Xiaobin, the assistant. Hearing that the other party was Wang Zhilin, Jiang Xiaobin almost immediately hung up the phone. There was no possibility of him turning the call over to Qin Jiran. In the end, he only deigned to reply saying that he would relay the information to Qin Jiran and hurriedly hung up.

When Jiang Xiaobin notified Qin Jiran of this phone call afterward, the latter’s reaction was calm and indifferent. He just hummed and that was it. Jiang Xiaobin understood Qin Jiran and sent a message to Kang Zhong after Qin Jiran left.



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