Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 95.2

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Chapter 95.2 — Licking the Screen

Edited by: Larkspur

The pictures on Qin Jiran’s Weibo were naturally posted by Jiang Xiaobin. Then he eagerly sent the pictures to Kang Zhong as well. He selected a few and posted it on Su Yanyi’s Weibo. Besides the duo, many within the crew as well as Jiang Xiaobin and Liu Liu’s Weibos, or in their personal spaces, uploaded similar pictures. Many fans frantically forwarded these pictures and it took over many websites and forums. Not long after, these pictures started trending on forums and websites.

These pictures also made their way to the Wang Zhilin who had already been released for medical treatment. Her face which had aged due to Wang Family’s matters immediately turned cruel and sinister, akin to the devil coming out of hell. She smashed the entire ward again.

“Linlin, what’s the matter? Why are you suddenly furious? Who angered you? Tell me and I’ll make them suffer!” At this time, a handsome man suddenly walked in, carrying some food. He looked at the situation in the room and his eyes flickered. He immediately revealed a worried look. He walked to the bed and held Wang Zhilin in his arms, comforting her.

“Lin Mu, they’re all bullying me. You need to help me!” Wang Zhilin tightly held onto the man’s wrist, as though grabbing onto a life-saving straw. She looked at the man with eyes full of trust, of course, scheming too. Even though she tried her best to conceal it, the man could see it as clear as day.

A flash of disdain flickered in his eyes but he quickly masked it with concern. In an incomparably gentle tone he said, “I will naturally help you. Don’t be angry. Tell me slowly. What do you want me to do for you?”

“Assassin! Hire an assassin for me. I want to kill that woman. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have landed in such a tragic plight today. You have to help me…”

The next morning the sun shone brightly, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran returned home. In reality, however, it was very cold. However, the two who had acclimatized themselves with the conditions of Northeast found this the apt temperature. During their morning training, they were happier than usual. Su Yanmo joined the spar without a word. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi teamed up to fight against him. While battling Su Yanmo, they weren’t at a disadvantage either.

The rest of the Su Family came to watch them. At this time, two servants were hiding not far from there, wanting to come over but hesitating.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing the servants’ expressions, Mother Su waved them over.

“Lady, we came to notify Young Miss that her plant in the backyard has sprouted. It seems…to be growing adequately…” When the servant said the last few words, they clearly hesitated. There was obviously a problem.

This was the first time Mother Su had heard the news. She didn’t ask for the specifics and called Su Yanyi over.

“Yanyi, what did you plant in the backyard? Even Third Aunt came to look for you,” Mother Su asked. Third Aunt was the gardener who’d notified her before. She was in her forties and all the plants and flowers in the Su Residence were tended to by her. She was a seasoned green thumb.

Su Yanyi turned around and left the sparring circle. She walked over to Third Aunt and asked, “What happened to the plant?” In the days she was away, she’d almost forgotten that she had planted something that she had no clue about.

“I don’t know what type of plant this was but it has been growing fairly quickly. In the few days you’re away, it has already sprouted and grown about a meter tall. This feels strange. I have never seen a plant like this.” By this plant, which she was clueless about, Third Aunt was surprised and puzzled. She especially went to check for information on this plant but hadn’t found any that fitted this plant’s description. Third Aunt felt a headache rising from just thinking about this.

Third Aunt had even considered calling her teacher abroad. Suffice it to say, she who had graduated from a well known university of horticulture had never faced this type of problem before.

Of course, the Su Family was a place where many individuals were geniuses in disguise. Even a mere servant held such a high educational background.

“A friend gave me this plant. Let’s go take a look.” Su Yanyi explained in a simple way. She understood Third Aunt. If she didn’t explain, Third Aunt would probably keep probing this issue.

Actually, many of the servants in the Su Family were especially trained by Old Man Su, during his generation. Most of them were adopted orphans from all around the world, like retainers. They were all trustworthy. This held true for Third Aunt. The reason why she’d chosen to be a gardener was because of her excessive love for the flora.

Generation after generation of training and generation after generation of talented people constituted the Su Family’s core strength. This was also the real power of the affluent family possessing ancient traditions.

The morning training in the Su Family was originally casual anyway. After hearing Su Yanyi’s words, everyone walked over in curiosity. When they arrived at the backyard, they could see the protruding area of tender green on the lawn. Although it wasn’t thriving as much and seemed a bit weak, it emanated vitality and strength. It seemed to be telling everyone that it would turn into a giant tree of great height one day.

Old Man Su shook his head and he stared strangely at the sapling. He murmured to himself, “What is this? It looks very strange.”

Su Yanyi had the same thoughts but didn’t find anything peculiar. The existence of the system was already bizarre. This was just a sapling. She could accept this.

As everybody made their way to the sapling, a gust of cold breeze blew over. The sapling trembled, but it didn’t seem to be cold. Instead, it seemed happy. The leaves trembled as though greeting everyone.

“This sapling is lively. Yanyi, where did you get this plant from? Are there more? You can plant some more.” Mother Su liked this sapling a lot. Since it was very lively in the winter she could consider planting more of this.

“There’s only one of this. Let’s see after it grows. It should be able to grow bigger.” Su Yanyi said, meaningfully. Her instinct told her that this thing would grow into a giant. Hopefully, everyone wouldn’t be too shocked by this.

At this time, 001 secretly popped up.

<blockquote> Master, this magical plant is very magical. It will grow to be very big in the future and can cover the entire garden.</blockquote> 001 said in a proud tone and with a tint of eagerness.

However, at this information, Su Yanyi felt her head hurting. She believed 001’s words but if it was the entire garden…

Su Yanyi glanced around the entire garden. She remembered how her Grandfather enjoyed basking in the sun in the garden. It seemed like he needed to change his place in the future.

In the morning on the way to the company, Su Yanyi received an unexpected call. It was from the Bai Family’s young master, Bai Qing, her pursuer in the past, who had something wrong in his brain.

“Bai Qing?” Su Yanyi asked, doubtfully.

“Yes.” It was still the stuffy and somewhat reserved voice. It wasn’t because she was a stranger to him or that he was embarrassed, but it was his nature.

Of the A City’s four affluent families, the Su Family was on top. The Qin and Wang Family were a part of it too. Only the Bai Family was out of the loop. It was very hard for Su Yanyi to guess why Bai Qing had called her.

“Is there a matter?” Su Yanyi didn’t want to waste time with Bai Qing and cut to the chase.

At this time, Qin Jiran who was in charge of driving Su Yanyi to work, deepened his gaze. He secretly kept his ears glued to the conversation. His memory of Bai Qing, his love rival, was still fresh. He disliked him.

“Do you and Ling Tianyue have a good relationship?” Bai Qing was clearly suppressing his feelings.

The moment Su Yanyi heard the words, she froze. Then she was delighted. She really didn’t think Bai Qing would ask her this question.

“We’re ok.” A naughty Su Yanyi gave an ambiguous response.

Bai Qing on the other side became silent. Then he asked, “What do you mean by ok?”

Su Yanyi wanted to laugh at the words. She was right for saying that Bai Qing’s brain didn’t function well. He was clearly slow.

“Why are you asking this?” Actually, Su Yanyi had guessed why Bai Qing would’ve asked her this. But this didn’t stop her from asking.

“…” Bai Qing remained silent, as though not really wanting to answer this question.

“If you’re not going to talk, I’m going to hang up.” After all, she’s not the one looking for him. She didn’t have time to play along with him. Didn’t he see that her man kept on looking at her through the corner of his eyes?

Bai Qing clearly felt threatened. He stopped debating and unhappily said, “I don’t like her.”

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