Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 84.3

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Chapter 84.3 — The black gift 

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At his father’s response, little Su Nuo was very happy. He revealed a cute smile on his face and nodded his head firmly. “Then Nuo Nuo likes it. Father give it to Nuo Nuo.”

The truth proved that no matter how smart kids were, they could be easily fooled as well!

“Ok.” Seeing how happy the child was, Su Yanmo felt very happy too. He was even considering where to raise the white whale now. He didn’t know if there’s a place in the Su Residence to build an aquarium. If not, maybe they could raise it on one of the small islands that belonged to the Su Family. That place was big enough and contained many precious animals too. He remembered not long ago, Yanyi had sent a small white tiger over. He was unsure if his son would like it.

“Nuo Nuo, do you like animals?” Su Yanmo asked, wanting to see when he could take Nuo Nuo to the island to play. Nuo Nuo would definitely like it.

“I like them!” Little Su Nuo nodded his head firmly. Animals and whatnot were the cutest, especial furry animals. He had always wanted to raise one but he couldn’t take care of it by himself and he didn’t want Mother to be even tired. Therefore, he didn’t say anything.

“Yanyi, give the small white tiger that you are raising to Nuo Nuo, so he can play with it.” Su Yanmo looked at Su Yanyi.

“Jiran has given me that…” Su Yanyi slightly raised her head, a bit proud and arrogant. She seemed to be rejecting him and little Su Nuo felt this too. Although he didn’t know what the small white tiger was, he was a bit disappointed. Though, before that could happen, he heard his Aunt speak again. “But I can raise it in the residence so Nuo Nuo can play with it too.”

Su Yanyi was someone with principles. Of course, she set her own principles just like now. Since Qin Jiran had given her a gift, that was hers. She naturally wouldn’t give it to someone else. Although she knew that Qin Jiran might not mind, she wouldn’t do this. Yet, she could be flexible about the matter. She also didn’t want to see her nephew hanging his head down, dejectedly.

Hearing Su Yanyi saying this, little Su Nuo was extremely delighted. Kids didn’t have a strong desire. As long as he could raise it, it’s fine. Whether it belonged to them or not, it had nothing to do with them.

“Nuo Nuo is willing to play with it. Nuo Nuo likes it.” Although he didn’t know what animal it was, Su Nuo was very eager.

“Then I’ll have people bring it back tomorrow. Nuo Nuo will like it.” Su Yanmo was very satisfied too. He understood his sister’s personality. Seeing that she would do this for little Su Nuo, it was enough to tell how important he was to her and how much she liked him. But Su Yanmo looked at Qin Jiran and felt the importance of this man in his sister’s heart. She even treasured his gift so much. This made him, her brother, jealous in some way. In the past, his sister cared most about him. Now, it was for another man.

Qin Jiran felt Su Yanmo’s gaze on him. Although he had no idea what happened to Elder Brother, he looked straight at him and allowed the other party to look back at him. This was until Su Yanmo gradually shifted his gaze.

The strange atmosphere just continued for a few seconds more and besides the two men who were looking at each other, no one else knew.

The group of people played until the night before they left the amusement park. Jiang Xiaobin and Liuliu left by themselves and the family of four returned to the residence. Grandfather Su and Su parents had gotten home early in the day and were just waiting for the quartetto return.

Little Su Nuo sat with old man Su and held his father’s phone in his hand. There were many pictures and he flipped through each one, showing his great grandfather. Sometimes, he would even explain and his soft voice was extremely adorable.

Father and Mother Su were on one side, looking too. Occasionally, they would comment on how smart and cute their grandson was. This made little Su Nuo’s face flush.

Su Yanmo and Su Yanyi, the pair of siblings, were back in work mode. They clearly had work to handle after playing for the whole day. Of the group, Qin Jiran was the most special one. The moment he arrived, he went to the kitchen, planning to add side dishes to the dinner tonight. Due to this, he garnered many eager looks.

Naturally, Su Family had chefs. Plus, it was a bit late to make dinner for everyone, so Qin Jiran just cooked two dishes and two desserts. One of the desserts was a chocolate pie for little Su Nuo and the other was pine nuts crackers for Yanyi. The dishes were served along with dinner. The other desserts followed duos’.

The feeling was different when everybody ate tonight. They all seemed to have better appetites, especially since there was an extra child. Nonetheless, the atmosphere couldn’t be described as cheerful. Who let all the kids from this to act cold like ice cubes? Who knew who they took after? Plus, even though they had a son-in-law, he didn’t like to talk much either. The older generation was really speechless. Who knew if this counted as people who don’t belong together don’t get to live with each other?

But it was much better now. Little Su Nuo was so cute and clever. As long as they saw him, they were in a happy mood. The atmosphere on the table changed a lot. Although it was warm like before, they were really happy right now.

After Christmas, it was nearing the end of the year. Each year, Resplendent Entertainment held their celebratory banquet around this time. Kang Zhong, as the main planner of this celebratory banquet, had been extremely busy during his period of time. The good thing was that it was about to start so he could sigh in relief.

But the day before the annual celebratory banquet, Kang Zhong went to find Su Yanyi.

“President Su, being the company’s President, you have to give the best actor award. Have you decided on the prize?” Kang Zhong asked formally but Su Yanyi thought there was something strange.

“Don’t you usually prepare the prizes each year? Why do I have to decide this year?” Kang Zhong didn’t need to ask for her opinion on these small matters since he was the chief planner. They were just going through the motions.

“This year is different. Don’t you know that this year’s best actor is Jiran? The report that I sent to you contained this information. It’d look more sincere if you give Jiran something that you prepared yourself.” There was no doubt that the best actor was Qin Jiran. Qin Jiran had received the Starlight Film Emperor Award this year. Not only within the Resplendent Entertainment, but also the entire entertainment circle, he was worthy of becoming the best actor. The Starlight Award was the most influential movie award within the country.

Su Yanyi naturally saw the report but didn’t read it carefully. It was just a celebratory banquet, so she didn’t think it was that important. In the past years, Kang Zhong had arranged it well, so he didn’t need to trouble her. In addition, she placed her attention on her nephew these days, so she really did neglect him.

But, it was expected that Qin Jiran would be voted as the best actor in the company. It wasn’t that shocking.

“Then, what kind of prizes would be good?” Su Yanyi asked seriously and her heart was moved. This had to do with the gift Qin Jiran gave her for Christmas and she’d completely forgotten to prepare any at that time. She insisted upon treating him out, but it didn’t feel that sincere. Of course, it was lacking in romance.

“It’s better if you come up with it yourself.” Kang Zhong didn’t have the intention of helping. Even if he had the heart to, he believed that his President was a bit indifferent and probably wouldn’t think of giving a present – this warm and romantic matter. So, he wanted to take this chance and let the President be romantic. It could even be said that he had placed a lot of thought into this.

Su Yanyi thought about it and something suddenly popped in her mind. Her face instantly changed. That change was too obvious and even Kang Zhong was a bit curious. What did the President think of?

“Go out. I will prepare it.” Su Yanyi told Kang Zhong to leave before she started to think and be a bit conflicted.

These few days, she had been deliberately neglecting a problem. That was the system’s upgrade mission. She really couldn’t imagine how insane the system was. Why would it mention an upgrade mission like this? It was basically a joke!

Personally make black underwear and give it to Qin Jiran!

The moment she thought of this requirement, black lines formed on Su Yanyi’s forehead. She wanted to beat 001 and the system’s voice up. See if they dared to suggest such a stupid mission again!

001, who suggested the system’s mission? Could it be you?

As Su Yanyi asked, 001 felt murderous aura surrounding.

001 shrunk its head. Although it was a virtual figure, it still moved very far away from Su Yanyi. Then, it began to explain in a low voice.

I just assist the system and I definitely didn’t come up with this mission. It’s the system that speculated based on your necessities. I can swear I didn’t come up with it!

001 raised its chubby fingers up, as though it had nothing to do with it.

Su Yanyi humphed, not really believing it. Yet, she didn’t continue to probe. But she became silent and started to ponder over this mission’s feasibility.

Su Yanyi was a very reasonable and real person. She knew that unless she didn’t plan on using this system in the future, she must complete this upgrade mission. Since she must complete it, then she might as well do it now. There was no need in being conflicted and continuing to debate.

Although this mission made her a bit speechless, it wasn’t a difficult thing to do in reality. It was just making a black underwear. How can she be stuck on such a simple matter? But, she just needed to learn how to do so.

Does the system have the function to teach me how to make underwear?

Su Yanyi remembered the system had medical and cooking knowledge but it didn’t seem to have sewing and design skills. She was just trying her luck when she asked. She rarely used the system’s special assisting skills.

Master, the system’s special assisting function can help you make an underwear. Of course, if this is what you requested.

001 appeared really quick this time. It loved system upgrade and whatnot the most!

Hm, then I will learn it.

Su Yanyi answered calmly. Naturally, it was easier to learn from the system about making underwear than finding someone to teach her. It was really hard to imagine someone’s reaction when they found out she was going to learn how to make underwear.

Master, you need to prepare the materials. That way, you can learn while the system teaches you.

001 was very happy and it eagerly reminded.

What do I need to prepare?

The corner of Su Yanyi’s eyes twitched and she decided to ignore 001’s exciting look.

Naturally, the materials to make underwear, as well as a ruler, scissors …

While 001 listed all the materials needed, Su Yanyi called Kang Zhong and told him to prepare it all. The good thing was that these materials didn’t lead to any misunderstandings. At most, he would just be wondering what clothes she wanted to make.

Kang Zhong quickly sent all sorts of tools over then left, a bit unwillingly. Based on Kang Zhong’s cleverness, he naturally could guess the purpose of these things. His President seemed to want to personally make something for Jiran. This was a great idea. It was creative and romantic. Kang Zhong was certain that the President’s EQ must’ve increased!

After Kang Zhong left, Su Yanyi thought about it before finding a remote control and pressing on the button. The office immediately went into lockdown. Unless Su Yanyi decided to open the lock, no one else could come in. This comforted Su Yanyi as she started to learn how to make underwear.

The system’s assisting function was very powerful. From virtual images to teaching by voice, everything that should be there was there. It could even control her body to do some things. It could remind her while teaching her each step and correctly point out the essentials. As a result, Su Yanyi quickly learned how to make underwear.

Although the process of creating the gift wasn’t that difficult, it wasn’t something she would give someone!

Even if it was a pair of socks, it was better than gifting underwear! Su Yanyi thought about it, a bit unwilling. She looked at the underwear she’d made, and the corner of her eyes twitched again.

No matter if it were the celebratory prize or the upgrading mission prize, Su Yanyi had prepared it. She was just waiting to give it.

“Kang Zhong, prepare a gift box for me and bring it to the office.”

“Ok, President Su.” Kang Zhong replied relaxed and a bit eagerly.

Kang Zhong quickly brought the box over. There were three and all of them were in different sizes, yet they were all exquisite. He placed them in front of Su Yanyi and then stood straight.

Su Yanyi looked at Kang Zhong but he pretended to not understand. He continued to stand there.

“Kang Zhong, you can go now.” Su Yanyi was helpless. Why did this assistant like gossip more and more? This was a gift for Qin Jiran. She definitely couldn’t let outsiders see it!

“President Su, I can help you arrange the gift.” He had been the one doing these things for her so he should be doing this now for her too! Why did she start to dislike him now? Isn’t it just a gift she prepared for Mr. Qin? Is she that stingy to not even let him see it?

He couldn’t help but be jealous of Qin Jiran. He had been by Su Yanyi’s side for many years and this was the first time Su Yanyi had treated someone like this. It was this ‘special treatment’ that made him jealous. After all, not only was Su Yanyi his boss but also like a friend and even a close one. Sometimes, he would care for Su Yanyi like his sister. But he rarely had the feeling of being a brother with Yanyi’s overbearingness. Though, that feeling of affection was sincere.

“No need, I can do it myself.” Su Yanyi insisted and in the end, she kicked the curious Kang Zhong out of the room.

It was underwear, so she naturally just needed the smallest box. The box was black with some parts embroidered silver. It matched this pure black underwear.

Su Yanyi held the underwear and carefully placed it inside. Then, she closed the gift box and placed it to aside. She continued to handle work, concentrating on it.

But after a few minutes, Su Yanyi shifted her gaze over. She took the box and opened it, looking at what quietly sat within it. She poked it and said to herself, “If Qin Jiran isn’t satisfied, I will throw you away!”

She’d personally cut out and sew each part. If Qin Jiran didn’t like it, not only would she throw this, she would also throw Qin Jiran away!

Humph! No matter how much she disliked the gift she sent, others couldn’t dislike it!


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