Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 64.2

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Chapter 64.2 — The Class Reunion

“How about taking a picture? I have my equipment ready,” Liu Liu said. From figure to and clothing to temperament, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were perfectly matched.

Su Yanyi responded by moving next to Qin Jiran, who subconsciously straightened his back a little. He had naturally been the star of numerous photoshoots and films before, but when his partner was Su Yanyi, he suddenly felt nervous.

Liu Liu took out a camera and adjusted it, but he was somewhat unsatisfied and instructed, “It’s okay if the two of you move closer. You’re husband and wife.”

Su Yanyi blinked, glanced at Qin Jiran, and moved closer until their bodies were touching.

However, Liu Liu was still unsatisfied. “Film Emperor Qin, don’t be so cold. Take the initiative and put your right hand on President Su’s waist. Laugh gently to show elegance and love. This is not the time for you to act cold.”

Qin Jiran wanted to explain that he wasn’t trying to act cool—he was just stiff, alright? Stiff!

Nonetheless, he complied and reached for her waist, but he dared not put it down. His hand hovered there in the air.

Film Emperor Qin would like to say: I would never use the excuse of a taking a photo to eat tofu!

Su Yanyi noticed, of course, and couldn’t help but frown. She turned to look at him and asked, “Tired yet?”

At first he was a little confused, but when he felt her pull his hand to land on her waist, his entire body instantly froze, and the tips of his ears turned red.

When Su Yanyi saw this, her previous dissatisfaction changed into amusement. Ah, this man. Wasn’t he a little too pure, getting shy from something like this?

Liu Liu quickly pressed the shutter and captured the scene.

The man was talented and handsome, but unlike usual, he looked a little flustered… and somehow, it was cute.

The woman was arrogant, beautiful, and cold, but at the moment her eyes contained a trace of amusement that made her seem like a warmer person. Standing together, they made for a strangely harmonious sight.

Although the photo lacked a feeling of strong love, it held a bit of warmth and contagious joy.

“Tut-tut, this could make the headlines. And it can be used as a magazine cover too.” Liu Liu was very satisfied with his handiwork, and the rest of them also nodded approvingly when they saw the photo.

“Don’t publish it yet. Wait until the reunion is over, then you can do whatever you’d like with it.”  Queen Su was determined to show off her man with public displays of affection. She understood how the internet, the media, and the public worked all too well, and she didn’t mind taking advantage of them.

“Mhm, I understand!” Liu Liu nodded with shining eyes, fully aware of her intentions. A public display of affection? He definitely understood!


The class reunion was taking place within a commercial villa area in the suburbs. The villas were often rented for purposes such as holding small banquets or parties. Evidently, the standards for the class reunion were pretty high.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran arrived right on time and saw a lot of cars parked outside of the villa, among which were quite a few luxury ones. However, the majority consisted of ordinary everyday cars. The assortment also reflected the types of guests attending the reunion.

Considering his status, Qin Jiran’s car was lowkey. It was a simple BMW that cost around two million RMB1, which truthfully didn’t seem very “simple”, but compared to the other luxury cars in the parking lot, it was. Those cars were at least quintuple the price of his.

Su Yanyi swept her gaze over the villa and was able to grasp a rough understanding of the event. Qin Jiran opened the door for her. After she got out of the car, she hesitated a little before taking the initiative to hold his arm.

“Stand close, understand?” Su Yanyi had entered the battle mode.

Qin Jiran was still expressionless, but his heart was leaping. Ah, he felt so happy.

“Understood. I will cooperate well.” He teased her for once, leaning down to whisper in her ear. Her ear instantly heated up, and she felt that there was something wrong with her body.

Ah, what was that one trendy saying again? That this man’s voice was so charming, just listening to it could make one’s ears pregnant…

By now several groups had gathered inside the villa, among which the most notable was the group centered around Wang Zhilin. They were talking noisily about something.

“Zhilin, it’s been years since I last saw you. You’ve gotten more beautiful. I don’t know if you have a boyfriend, but if you don’t, could you consider me? I’ve liked you for a long time.” The man talking to her was trying his very best, but what he got in return was an extremely disdainful glance from her.

However, before she could strike him down, another girl did it for her. “Tch, do you think someone of your level is worthy of chasing Wang Zhilin?”

“Lingling, don’t say that. We’re all classmates, he’s just playing around.” Wang Zhilin hid her disdain and began to act like a white lotus flower. All the while her eyes darted in the direction of the door, her gaze darkening from time to time.

She was probably the first one to notice when Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran appeared at the villa entrance. She suddenly stood up, immediately drawing the attention of her peers. The couple soon became the focus of attention.

Cries of surprise rose one after another.

“Look, it’s Qin Jiran!”

“Qin Jiran is finally here! I’ve been waiting the entire night!”

“Ah, Film Emperor Qin looks even better in real life! He really came!”

“Look, a beauty! A super beauty!”

“Why are beautiful women always taken? Even though it’s Film Emperor Qin, it’s still unfair! Is he purposely trying to make us envy him?”

The men looked at the woman, and the women looked at the man. The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful. Standing together, they looked like a match made in heaven. Wang Zhilin felt her eyes burn as she stared at them.

How could that woman stand next to Qin Jiran? That position belonged to her!

She puffed up her chest and approached them, followed by a group of people. Some were there to support her, while others merely watched.

“Jiran, you’re here. We’ve been waiting for a long time,” Wang Zhilin greeted Qin Jiran warmly and ignored Su Yanyi. She wanted to infuriate Su Yanyi, who was essentially a stranger to everyone at the class reunion.

Right as she said that, Qin Jiran lowered his head and said to Su Yanyi, “It’s a bit warm in here, you should take off your jacket.” Was it a coincidence or was it deliberate? Wang Zhilin couldn’t tell.

Wang Zhilin ignored Su Yanyi, so Qin Jiran ignored Wang Zhilin. No matter what Wang Zhilin was planning, he had made up his mind to just ignore this annoying woman whenever he could. Plus, he had promised Su Yanyi that he would stay far away from Wang Zhilin.

Su Yanyi’s eyes flashed with contentment. She nodded and took off her coat. He held her coat in one hand and her hand in the other as they walked into the villa, leaving the black-faced Wang Zhilin in their wake.

The way Wang Zhilin had ignored Su Yanyi could be considered discreet, but the way Qin Jiran ignored Wang Zhilin was glaringly obvious. Several people couldn’t help but laugh.

Although Wang Zhilin had a good family background, she actually wasn’t very popular among her classmates. The girls disliked her quite a bit, some because of envy and others because of disdain. They just weren’t very fond of her. Therefore, they were more than happy to see her get ignored.

As for the men in Wang Zhilin’s support group, almost all of them rebelled the moment they saw Su Yanyi.

Beauty came in many forms. Wang Zhilin may seem beautiful on her own, but when compared to Su Yanyi, the disparity couldn’t be more obvious. The latter’s beauty was reflected in not only her appearance but also her unique temperament.

Although she was doing nothing but standing there, even that made them feel as though she was a lofty queen. In comparison, Wang Zhilin—no, no, no. There was nothing to compare. A commoner could never compare with a queen.

At the moment, Wang Zhilin was actually feeling more surprised than embarrassed and angered.

Qin Jiran’s attitude toward her was cold before, but he wasn’t rude and wouldn’t have put her in this embarrassing position. However, his attitude had clearly changed. Why?

Wang Zhilin thought about it and concluded that Su Yanyi must’ve said something bad about her to Qin Jiran!

With this thought in mind, her eyes filled with malice as she turned to look at Su Yanyi.

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