Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 76.2

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Chapter 76.2 — Support of the Fan Squad 

Edited by: Larkspur

While Qin Jiran was shooting his scenes, Liuliu kept on refreshing his Weibo and browsed through the comments. He couldn’t resist letting out a wicked laugh. His slightly squinted red phoenix eyes¹ reminded one of a fox’s laughs.

At the same time, Kang Zhong was sorting through the files in his office. A variety of communication devices hung on his laptop. One of them blinked and rang. A took a glance and initially didn’t think much about it. However, as he continued to look at it, his expressions turned weird. He didn’t know whether to laugh or not as he looked at Liuliu’s Weibo.

Should he tell President Su about it? In reality, President Su should know. It was such a clear mark, by the corner of the lip. Heh, who knew? Who knew ‽

However, as he wrapped up his report, Kang Zhong reminded her, “…Liuliu’s uploaded a picture of Qin Jiran on his Weibo. It is very interesting. President Su can take a look when you have time.”

His job was done. Whether President Su was going to take a look or not had nothing to do with him anymore.

Kang Zhong’s task was to follow all news concerning Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. He’d hired many water armies ² to manage this. Whatever they gathered, important or problematic, would be reported to him. In fact, it didn’t matter whether Liuliu uploaded the picture or not. It was fine. In the end, Kang Zhong had reported this with the intention of ‘watching a scene’.

He had no idea how President Su would respond when she found out that there was a sea of curious souls in the virtual world who cared about her and Qin Jiran’s kiss. Would she be angry?

Kang Zhong, this black-bellied person, had yet to witness a bashful President Su! However, dear Kang Zhong, you probably won’t ever see this in your lifetime. Who let that be Film Emperor Qin’s exclusive?

Su Yanyi checked Liuliu’s Weibo on her ride home. She naturally understood the meaning of the photo. What she found interesting were the comments. There were many discussions over her and Qin Jiran. Many had addressed her as ‘the Queen’ and Qin Jiran ‘the Film Emperor’. She was unsure why, but she thought it was quite fitting.

“Why do they call me Queen?” Su Yanyi asked and the person who responded was naturally Kang Zhong who was driving her home. She’d actually wanted to ask Qin Jiran, but he wasn’t here.

Kang Zhong felt that there was no need to answer the question. The title suited Su Yanyi perfectly. In his heart, he’d often call Su Yanyi this. When she was young, she was called ‘Princess’ and when she grew up, she was called the ‘Queen’. Who let Su Yanyi’s temperament be valiant ‽ No wonder the people picked the moniker.

Kang Zhong thought that perhaps Qin Jiran, in this Film Emperor’s heart, he called President Su the same too. Film Emperor’s matched with the Queen. There’s a lot of love!

Advertisement“It’s very appropriate.” Although his thoughts ran afar, Kang Zhong chose a simple reply. Black-bellied people are like this.

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows but didn’t press on.

Queen, huh?

It did seem suitable. After all, this wasn’t the first time someone had called her so. After she’d taken the reins of Resplendent Entertainment, those who’d sensed her power had gradually started calling her the same as well. This was their way of endorsing her. She didn’t object.

After a while, Su Yanyi suddenly thought of something. “Do I have a Weibo or something?”

Kang Zhong wanted to laugh but he answered nonchalantly, “No.” He
didn’t dare to laugh at his own Boss. He never forgot how uptight President Su

“Then create one for me too. A simple one is fine.”

On her own turf, a public display of affection and whatnot was a requisite. How could this be achieved through someone else’s Weibo? He had no choice but to say that Su Yanyi’s possessiveness was ablaze again.

“Ok. I will create one immediately after I return home. By this evening, I will send you the id and password. Do you have any other instructions?”

Kang Zhong was looking forward to it. What will the Queen write on her Weibo? Hopefully, she won’t make me handle it! There would be no meaning to it otherwise.

“No, just create one.” What should she write on the Weibo? Should she take some pictures with Qin Jiran and upload them? They didn’t seem to have any pictures of them kissing. Should she take one? By the time Wang Zhiling would see this, she’d probably die of anger. That would save her the time of handling her!

Qin Jiran called Su Yanyi to tell her that he would be shooting scenes that evening and wouldn’t be back for dinner. So, Su Yanyi had to eat what her help Sister Wang cooked. Although there was a table full of dishes, she felt tasted normal. She didn’t feel like eating by herself. As soon as she was more than halfway full, she didn’t want to eat anymore. She sighed in secret. She was now picky about her food because of Qin Jiran’s cooking.

“Your master isn’t back yet, so you don’t get to eat either.” Su Yanyi was about to leave when she saw the small golden turtle lying miserably on her slippers. The small eyes spun around.

Although the small turtle looked miserable, Su Yanyi wasn’t sympathetic at all. This small thing loved to act cute.

The small turtle couldn’t talk so no one would know even if it decided to protest. But it was able to understand words. So now, it could only miserably crawl off; crawling three steps and turning his head back on the fourth one.

[Mr. Master hasn’t returned, and Master isn’t cute at all. She won’t give me food. What should I do? Online waiting!]

The next couple of mornings saw Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi exercising. Su Yanyi was getting better and better. Thanks to her rapid improvement in agility, now Qin Jiran was wary of her attacks. Every now and then, he’d suffer a punch. However, he was happy. To Qin Jiran, to be punched by Su Yanyi was a type of happiness!

However, in order to augment Su Yanyi’s training, Qin Jiran spent a lot of time on her diet. Unless he had no time to come back and cook, and as long as he was the chef, the dishes would be rich in nutrients. For one, including foods that helped improve blood circulation. This was what being careful and considerate meant.

However, it was only a few peaceful days before the Wang family started making appearances. To be exact, the Wang family started causing problems again.

Star King Entertainment, which was under the Wangs, could reluctantly be considered as Resplendent Entertainment’s enemy. In fact, it was much worse than Resplendent Entertainment. There were only a few popular artists under their banner. No one knew what the Wangs were thinking when they actually allowed their artists to steal roles from Resplendent Entertainment’s artists. What incurred the people’s ire was that Star King was actually successful in stealing a couple of roles that were assured for Resplendent Entertainment’s artists. This caught Resplendent Entertainment off guard.

Indeed, within the entertainment circle, it was quite common to steal one another’s role. This was the so-called ‘the eight immortals crossed the sea with their own personal and unique abilities’. Whoever had the ability would grab the role. But despite their methods, fair or foul, this was all done covertly. Yet, what the Wang family did was contrary. They stole the roles in public, using any and all means. They even started showing off once they’d snatched it. At one point, this had several people discussing the matter. Many people were looking forward to seeing the battle between these two companies.

By the time Su Yanyi found out, there were already three artists who’d had their roles stolen. The Wangs had employed base tactics. It boiled down to just two things: money and power. If they could obtain the role through money, they paid. If they could obtain through power, they threatened. If they could gift them, women or men, they would. In short, they offered whatever was desired. As such, a couple of directors and investors were hand in hand with them.

“President Su, although Star King has stolen a few roles, those roles are all B-grade. It won’t affect the company’s few big works. Their methods are despicable and many are second guessing about it.” A flustered Kang Zhong reported. He was clearly angry.

Su Yanyi looked at the files in her hand. Not only was she not angry, but the more she thought about it the happier she was. This Wang family was looking to die.

“Let them go ahead. Tell the people downstairs that the company will take responsibility for compensating those who’ve had their roles stolen. With regards to the Wang family, have people pay attention to them. No matter what they do, I want to know. Plus, I need evidence!” As they say, ‘no zuo no die.’ ³ This Wang family was looking for death. They dared to even do this openly and without fear. How was this a retaliation against Resplendent Entertainment? They’re basically telling everyone to spot their mistake! It was stupidly funny.

Kang Zhong nodded his head in seriousness, “I understand. I will arrange everything!”

The master and servant’s thoughts were aligned. The more the Wang family transgressed, the quicker they’d die. The pieces of evidence they had plus this was enough to deal with the Wangs that fatal blow!

Kang Zhong left the office and coincidentally met Qin Jiran. There was another week to go before the Heavenly Sea Charity Show. Qin Jiran, who was the special guest needed to perform. In the end, he’d chosen the song that Su Yanyi had picked for him. Qin Jiran rarely sang but he had a great voice. Kang Zhong had invited two advisors over to take a look at Qin Jiran.

“Let’s go to the recording studio. The two teachers are waiting.” When Kang Zhong looked at the time, he saw that it’s almost the time agreed upon.


It was a pity that Qin Jiran was unable to see Su Yanyi. He looked longingly in the direction of the office.

Coincidentally, this didn’t slip past Kang Zhong. With a teasing laugh, he said, “I’ll give you five minutes to say goodbye to President Su?”

Being both an assistant and the manager, he was naturally fair and reasonable. He believed that it was ok for him to take five minutes and talk with one another.

“There is no need.” Qin Jiran stared at Kang Zhong, knowing well
he was waiting to watch a scene again. Now that their interactions had increased, he’d begun to notice that though he seemed astute and rational on the surface, in actuality he was black-bellied. He schemed a lot and had the potential to gossip, but he was careful and attentive. He was a very capable and talented person who’d assist others. With him handling matters for Yanyi, it saved her a lot of time and effort. Hence, Qin Jiran was rather respectful to Kang Zhong.

However, being respectful was being respectful. He didn’t have the intention of letting anyone watch a play in vain. Although he wanted to see Yanyi, he didn’t want
her to delay her matters because of his own private matters.

Kang Zhong stopped persuading him. The two of them went to the recording studio downstairs. The music world’s two mightiest were, as expected, here.

One was an incredibly famous music producer, Qu Yao. The other a wizard of music, Tian Xiao. They were all Resplendent’s exclusive music advisors, having numerous classic songs to their credit.

“Thanks for your trouble, Brother Qu and Professor Tian.”

Considering the way Qin Jiran addressed the two, he was clearly closer to Qu Yao. The two had collaborated before and it was Qu Yao who’d produced the opening title song as well as the end credits song for a few of Qin Jiran’s movies. On the other hand, he was unfamiliar with Tian Xiao. It was a widely held view that he’s highly talented in music and full of personality. Once a powerful singer and a rage for a while, due to a chain of events was pushed to behind the scenes.


1. Red phoenix eyes – Eyes where the outer corners are inclined upwards.
2. Water armies – Individual/groups paid to comment on the internet
(often hired by companies to slander their competitors.)
3. Downstairs – Referring to people working under the company and upstairs as those working in higher positions/management of the company.
3. No zuo no die – Making trouble out of nothing and having to face the
consequences for what they have done.

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